Thursday, May 30, 2013


This blog is seriously in need of an update.  It has been so long.

And because it's been so long I've decided to write a few things about me.  So here goes:

All About Me

I don't like chocolate.  No kind of chocolate.  Not white chocolate, or chocolate pie, or chocolate cake or chocolate candy.  Nothing chocolate.

Now that we got that out of the way, on with the interview with myself.

I can be irritatingly detailed.  I really enjoy details.  I like to know step by step.

I am tidy and organized and ordered.  I think in numbers and shapes.  My clothes hang in the closet by color.  The colors are in order of the rainbow.  My accessories are by color beginning with solid black all the way to geometric multicolored print.  My shoes......... well, you get the picture.

My favorite two television shows:  Dog the Bounty Hunger and Tabatha Takes Over!
I also like Parenthood and Roseanne.  Crazy

I am a prekindergarten teacher who likes to update her interest centers weekly.  Of course if it's been popular I will leave a center another few days.  If it's not working and causing lots of problems I'll shut that sucker down in one day!

I do not enjoy loud women.

If I'm in the right hand lane and am stopped by a red light, I'll automatically make a right turn just so I won't block the car behind me who has their right blinker on.  Then I'll just make a U-Turn and get back on the main highway.  I'm also a "let-er out-er"  I'll slow and let anybody out.

I do not like to talk on the telephone

I vacuum every day.   Sometimes just one room.

I collect Donny Osmond memorabilia.

I have a coupon binder that I update weekly.  I keep my expenses on an excel sheet.  So I know I usually save 22% a week on groceries.  I save 50% on CVS purchases.  Now CVS - play "the game" and they will just about pay you to shop there.

On my DVR:  

North America -  National Geographic Channel
Home For Dinner - Food Network
Call The Midwife - PBS

School is out for the summer.  Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!

Tell me a little about you.