Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Okay Wednesday

It's Okay Wednesday.

Here we go.

It's okay that I feel great.  I'm not kidding.  I called today for my yearly appointment.  Scheduled it for June 21.  Later I honestly thought, I feel so much better now than I did last year when I went to see the doctor.   (doesn't really fit the "it's okay" thread.  I just wanted to tell somebody)  Also while I"m off subject, I've been vegan since Saturday.  That's 4 days.   My skin is clear, my energy is up, my clothes are loose, and my feet don't ache.  Coincidence?  )

It's okay that Ironman did not order the exact salad I requested.  I ate it anyway.

It's okay that The Engineer never gets in a hurry.  And I mean NEVER gets in a hurry.   He should be an orthodontist.  Slow and steady wins the race

It's O.K. that I.T. girl is turning 18 TOMORROW.   Woop Woop

It's also O.K. that the Nook I ordered for her has not arrived.  I special ordered the Nook Simple with Glow Light from the B&M Barnes and Noble.  They said they were expecting a shipment on Tuesday.  Today is Wednesday.  Still no shipment.

It's O.K. that Dancer Girl does not want to go with us this weekend to Dallas. She's going to stay home with Ironman.

It's O.K. that I bought myself a new tote handbag this afternoon.  Why did I treat myself?




Goodnight Everybody

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's what I call A DEAL!

The grocery store is a chore.  Hey, that rhymes!

I perform this grocery shopping chore more than twice a week.  That is partly because having a plant based diet means you have to keep buying fresh.  But it's also because I shop loss leaders and I will make a trip just for a deal. ( Not always, but most of the time.)

This afternoon after work I zipped on up to the store.  First of all, the parking lot was sparse.  That's a good sign.   It's challenging enough to read labels and compare prices and remember everything on your list.   Having to weave and dodge and elbow people wait for people to get out of your way just makes it worse.

Look at the deals I discovered.

Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Strawberries.  PERFECT for smoothies.  Ironman and Dancer Girl both enjoy strawberries frozen.  Crazy kids.  Scroll down and check out that price!!

I KNOW!!!  Isn't that incredible?  I was shocked.  In fact, I stood there and matched the UPC code just to make positively sure this was the right price.  I bought 8 packages.  I did not clear the shelf. There were probably 20 more left in the freezer case.  

In the same freezer case, boxes of Van's whole grain organic waffles were also .25.  I didn't take a photo of those for some reason.  By the way, sorry for the iPhone photos.  It was all I had.

On to the next deal.  Do you know how many times I run my dishwasher a day?  I know at the very least once.  But on the weekends when all 3 kids are home plus Ironman?  It's easy to run it 3 times.  That's a lot of dishwasher detergent.  This mega pack of 
60 finish tabs was in the clearance rack at the end of the aisle way back by the juices.  Check out the price below

Woop Woop!  Drop a $1.00 coupon on top of this price and you get yourself a sweet deal!  I think it was marked down because the box was torn.  Like I care about a torn box.   Geez

I love a good deal.

These deals made paying full price for a few other things I bought a little easier.

In other news, today was my last full day of school.  The walls are bare, chairs are stacked.  I cleaned and sorted today.  I had seven children arrive and they were quiet and content.  All in all it was a good day.

Tomorrow school dismisses at noon.  It will be the final day of classes for students.
Thursday is a teacher inservice day until noon.  I am hoping to be finished with all required work and able to leave at least a few minutes early.  It's I.T.'s girl's 18th birthday.  She asked for a cheesecake and a few new items from J. Crew.  We are ready to celebrate!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Got a question for ya

I've been thinking about email and texting etiquette.  I need your opinion.

When you text someone, when do you expect a reply?  Or do you even expect one?
Yes, I realize it depends on who you texted.

If I text my husband - I expect a text back QUICK
If I text my child - I expect a text back IMMEDIATELY  (unless they are driving but I pretty much know where they are and what they are doing by looking at the clock so.....)

The Engineer and I had this discussion.  Many, many times he does not reply to my texts.  I told him I really need him to reply.  Even if it's just "okay"  You know?

When I text my hairdresser for an appointment I expect a reply within a day.  Or two.

When I text a friend, I expect a reply within a day or two.  But honestly?  I'd like a quicker reply.  Especially because the friends I text absolutely have their cell phone with them ALL THE TIME.

I have one friend who never replies to texts.  N.E.V.E.R.  Why do I text her?  That is a very good question.  I don't anymore.

My other question is part two of the first question.  What do you expect from email?  I don't really mean work email.  I work at a paperless school and we email often, answer questions by email, communicate online, etc.  I've never had a problem or a delay in having a question answered, etc. at work.

But in my "real" life, I have a big problem.  Let's just say this: I emailed an old friend upon learning that her son graduated from high school last week.  No reply.

I emailed a friend who now works at another school at her school email addy.  No reply.

I'm beginning to get a complex!

When I receive an email, I reply within a day.  I'm an early riser.  Every morning I get up super early while everyone else is sleeping, grab a cup of something warm, sit in front of the computer and read.  I read emails, I read blogs, I check the weather, etc.

What is the rule of thumb when it comes to electronic communication?

Place in an Empty Dishwasher....

Yesterday I was in a busy mood.  Does that happen to you?  Days when you can NOT sit still?  Well, that happens to me.  I usually say there are a few days a month where I feel as if I can lift up my house, sweep and mop underneath, and set it back down on it's foundation.  And then there are the days when I'm so tired I barely have the energy to open my eyes.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I felt ambitious and energized.  Having a 3-day weekend is a good thing.

I cleaned, I laundered, I windexed and I COOKED!  WOO HOO


That's right.  Pizza from Scratch.  VEGAN PIZZA.

I've attempted to make pizza dough in the past and failed miserably.  It was either too tough or too "doughy" or just plain tasteless.  But like I said, I had energy and was feeling adventurous.

Let's get this party started.  I followed the recipe in my recently discovered cookbook  purchased with a gift card.  Woop Woop for gift cards!

Organic all purpose flour
Organic whole wheat flour
organic sugar
olive oil
kosher salt

Proof the yeast.  This is the sticky part for me.  I feel as if this is the step that I've failed to perform properly in the past.  So I was holding my breath, standing on one leg, and facing north as I did this.

Just so you know.

On to the next step.  I got out my handy dandy trustworthy kitchen aide mixer.  

Mixed the flours, salt, poured in the proofed yeast mixture, olive oil............ and yes it began to form dough.  The recipe said to knead with the dough hook for 5 minutes so I set the oven timer.  Five minutes is a long, long time when you are just standing there watching something spin.

YIPPEE!  It formed dough!  I was feeling confident now.  The dough was not sticky, not dry, not rubbery.  It was perfect.  I wanted to taste it. But raw pizza crust dough?  Uh, no.  It probably wouldn't be a good test of the finished product.  

Now here's the funny part.  The recipe said to place this dough into a gallon sized ziploc bag and set in a warm place for 1 1/2 hours.  The chef/author states that "I always place mine inside an empty dishwasher"  

Empty dishwasher?  What is that?  I NEVER have an empty dishwasher.  EVER.   He is a funny, funny guy. 

I placed mine on a rack in the top oven.  The bottom oven was on for my peach dessert (more about that to come ) 

Onward, ho.

I cut the dough into 3 chunks.  Rolled them each out.  Picked out some toppings and baked them.  My entire house smelled delicious.  People came from miles around.  Okay, people came from bedrooms, game rooms and garages to see what was cooking that smelled so delicious.  

Pizza #1:  Store bought sauce, vegan cheese and a few pineapple chunks because The Engineer enjoys pineapple on his pizza.  

Pizza #2:  Just a little of the sauce, red onion, celery and black olive

Pizza #3 and my favorite:  No sauce.  Thinly slice tomatoes, red onion and a sprinkle of olive oil  Everyone agreed this one was the best.  

And just like that the pizzas were all gone.  Poof!

Ironman had brought home a couple of pounds of fresh peaches a day or so ago and I knew I needed to use them before they turned that sad brown color.  So I found a recipe in my new favorite cookbook for peach crisp.  Why not?  

I did not even have time to take a photo.  Look what happened to my recipe:

 Spoons came from out of nowhere and I heard things like "I want to taste it"  "Wow this smells good"  "What's in this?"  And before you knew it, POOF this dessert was gone.  


When is the last time you've tried a new recipe?  I'm so glad I did.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ain't Technology Grand?

What did I do before texting?  Forget that, what did I do before cell phones?   I'm sure there are a few people out there who wish things were like they were in the old days but I am not one of them. Oh no.  I like the technology.

I remember years ago Ironman and I became separated in New Orleans during the Crescent City Classic, a 5K road race.  We knew we wouldn't stay together.  I knew Ironman would leave me.  He is way too competitive to stay back and enjoy it TOGETHER. Not that I'm still bitter.   Besides, I had I.T. girl who was still stroller age.  I was going to be in the pink group - adults pushing strollers - and we would be the last to cross the starting line.  Ironman and I agreed to meet at the end.  When I got to the finish line there was a party. And the party filled City Park.  There were several hundred people but no husband.  If we had cell phones, the argument that ensued when we finally did find each other would have never happened.

Oh, the rest of the story? Okay I'll tell you.  Then I'll get back to my first point.
I know I searched for over 2 hours.  Pushing an ever irritable baby in a stroller.  On a warm day.  In New Orleans.  Finally by an honest to goodness miracle I found our car.  To this day I don't know how I remembered where we parked as we had parked on the street.  Not in a parking lot.  I drove back to the hotel  steaming mad.   Exiting the elevator on our hotel floor, there was Ironman sitting waiting.  He had run all the way from the finish line back to the hotel.   He was frustrated.  I was spitting bullets.

Oh how cell phone communication could have saved the day.

Now where was I.  Oh yes, how I love technology.

I love being able to google an address and up pops a map complete with driving directions.  I love having a GPS in the car and the confidence it gives me that even if I miss a turn, good ole Teckna will get me back on track.  Yes, we named our GPS after one of the fairies on   Winx Club.  "I'll catch you on the download"                

  What is your GPS's name?

I love pinterest.  I love entering the name of a dessert I'd like to bake and having dozens of recipes at my fingertips instantly.  I love being able to send an email.  Oh, I almost forgot. Guess how I make my hair appointments now?  TEXT.  Yes, I just text Miracle Maker and she texts me back when she has time.  So EASY.    And how about that refill your prescription app.  LOVE IT.  I must admit that ridiculous commercial with the mountain climbers in the snow using their app to refill a prescription.  Okay, that's ridiculous.  Who would do that?  The climber says "It'll bother me if I don't do it"  Uh............. okay dude.  Whatever.

All these rainbows and butterflies about technology brings us to this evening.   The Engineer has an internship this summer.  It begins next week in Houston.  He forwarded me his itinerary via email.  As I read through it I noticed very specific instructions about what to wear.    He must DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  "Business Casual"  I began to wonder if The Engineer was prepared wardrobe wise.

This afternoon he headed to JCrew in Dallas with our credit card.  I'm glad we were able to provide for him and I'm not overly concerned about the money.  We can swing it.  I was shopping in Kroger and I began to get text after text after text from him.  Just like the fashion blogs I enjoy, he tried on clothes and texted me a photo of him from the fitting room.  Three hours apart but we were shopping together just like old times.  He did have a young man on the JCrew payroll helping him make wise choices.  So it's all coming together.  You can find some good stuff at JCrew.  And if you are wise you can find affordable stuff.

Meanwhile I realized I had forgotten my grocery list.  So I texted Dancer Girl.  She took a photo of my list and texted it to me.

I recently found a new app. FIND MY CAR.

It's free.  Tap on the app when you park.  It remembers the GPS coordinates.  Hours later when you are ready to return to your car, tap on the app icon again and it'll give you step by step directions so you can go home.  Love it.

Ahhh  Technology is grand.

I do not want to go back.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday. The Best Day of the Week

I made it through another week.  It was like climbing a mountain  or maybe running a marathon.    And so many last minute details thrown on my desk.   But then the halls were quiet.  The school tends to clear quicker on Fridays.  I'm glad.  Do I even have to tell you why?

I stopped by Barnes and Noble on the way home.  I.T. girl told me a month ago she wants a Nook Simple with Glowlight.  (Simple Nook?  Nook Simple?  Which is it?  I'm too tired to google it)  Ironman had gone by earlier in the week and they were sold out.  The Engineer checked several places in Dallas. All sold out.  So today I returned and reserved one.  The assistant told me they were expecting a shipment on Tuesday.  Let's hope they do and there are enough to fulfill all requests.  Because her birthday is Thursday and that's what she's getting!

While I was there realized I was not ready to go home.  As tired as I am and as frazzled as I've felt this week, I just wanted some quiet time.  Fifteen minutes alone.  Is that asking too much people?  So I wandered around the store.   Before too long I found myself looking at Home Decor books.  I'd pull one out, flip through the pages, return it to the shelf.  They were all filled with beautiful photography but none of them caught my fancy until I saw this one.

 The photography is beautiful.  The details are perfect.  This was probably the 10th book I pulled from the shelf and I stood in the store and looked at every page.
 Something about the photos and the "soft and easy" stories about each room made me feel right at home.  I don't know Mary Carol, but thank you.  I needed something pretty to enjoy today.

And then I wandered over to the cookbooks.  I had heard about this book several times through different avenues and so I flipped through it in the store.
   This is the first recipe I opened to as I held the book:  SOLD!

Makes me hungry just looking at the picture.

I checked the prices on both books and quickly remembered I have gift cards.  In fact, I have three gift cards.  I can get BOTH BOOKS.  This must be how Oprah feels when she's shopping!!

I have a three day weekend to enjoy.  I'm going to read and sleep and cook a new recipe from my new cookbook.  Maybe I'll even try these waffles.  I'm hungry enough right now to make waffles.

What are you cooking this weekend?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

J Crew

Hello.  My name is Patti and I'm a JCrewaholic.

Hello Patti (they all said)

I used to be a Gapaholic.    Now I'm just a social Gapper.

Yes, I made up that word.

Dear J Crew,

I love you.


The Girl Who Loves Red Shoes

Tonight on CNBC they are airing a special on JCrew and it's remarkable comeback story.

I can't wait to watch it.

WOO HOO I have 4 more days of school.

This is what tired feels like

I have never been this tired.   I remember the good ole days when I'd get out of bed at 4:30, have the house clean and shiny by 6.   Meet my neighborhood walking buddy, Cindy, and we'd have walking therapy.  Walk and talk.  Walk and talk.  Oh yes, the good ole days.

This morning I could barely open my eyes when the alarm annoyingly worked.  Why does that thing always work?  Even then I didn't get out of bed.  I just turned it off, rolled over, and tried to talk myself into getting up.  It doesn't help that the weather is warm and muggy and I have nothing comfortable to wear  (see yesterday.  Read and repeat)

Someone at work yesterday told me that your body is designed for sprints, not marathons.   Teachers sign up for a marathon.  There is no stopping until the end.  I went to college for this?

Two more days this week and three days next week.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

In other news, how about that Phillip Phillips last night on American Idol.  He's a cutie for sure.  I wonder what makes parents name their child a name like that.  In high school I knew a boy named Patrick Patrick.

The Engineer called out American History study guide questions to I.T. girl last night.  As I listened to them I marveled at so many things that I missed in the 90s.  And the U.S. Presidents?  She can list them and their running mates PLUS the candidates that ran against them.  More than once I found myself thinking, "oh yea, I remember that guy."
Now where did I put my glasses?

We ran out of coffee yesterday.  So I went through the Starbucks drive thru to buy a pound.  I used a gift card.  Is that lazy?  Just so I wouldn't be too, too embarrassed at my own slothness I ordered a strawberry and creme frappuccino for Dancer Girl. Delicious.  And, I'm sure, a zillion billion calories.

Ironman and I.T. girl drove to Arkansas yesterday for passports.   They are joining a group from our church this summer traveling to Guatemala for the grand opening of a summer camp for children.   The passport facility there is able to expedite the issuance of passports.  They needed them by May 31.

And so another day begins.  I shared my secret with another teacher a few days ago.  And yesterday she told me she had crossed over to the dark side.  Here it is:  I only have to make it for the next 20 minutes.  I can do it.  

I always make it.  Then I take a deep breath and begin the next 20 minute block.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I have nothing to wear

And I mean n.o.t...a...thing.

The weather is warm.  Hot, really.    This isn't the first summer that the weather heats up overnight and leaves me staring at the clothes in my closet.  I have jeans, sweaters, scarves, tunics, leggings, boots........... those clothes seems to last through several winters.  Summer clothes do not.  I may have a t-shirt or two that I've had for several summers but for the most part I need a whole new summer wardrobe.

Have you ever needed to dress a certain way for an event and time just slipped up on you and whammo........ it's THE day and you can't go naked.  So you have to wear clothes.  But what clothes are available?

It's hot.   And the party is outside.  In the heat.(no jeans)  And there will be sprinklers.  And water tables.  And garden hoses.(no long pants or sandals)   And as the ground and grass become saturated and get sorry, ants will float to the top.  (no flip flops)

Yes, I could wear shorts.  If I had some nice ones.  Because this party is at school.  And I don't want to look like I've been doing heavy labor.  I still want to look tidy, pulled together and fresh.  You know?

I pull out the shorts I have from last summer.  These are too tight.  These are too faded.  These seem too short.  I have 2 pair of capris but one is jean fabric and a few minutes after I slip them on I'm feeling hot and bothered.   Crud.  I haven't even stepped out of my bedroom!  These things are going back on a hanger.  The other pair of capris are lightweight khaki but let me just say it.  They are TOO TIGHT.  Ugh, too tight.

Then I remember the cupcakes and the enchiladas, the strawberry pie and the chips and dip.  I ate myself through winter.  And we didn't even have that much cold weather!  I shudder to think what would have happened if I'd been snowed in for a few days.

Finally I just picked out a sleeveless Gap Tshirt and some jeans.  Yes, jeans.   It was all I had.  That's what I wore.   I didn't sweat too much.

It's happened to me before.
My friend, Piccadilly Girl, was the honoree at a bridal shower.  Her second marriage.  I had just had my third baby.  What do I have to wear?  I tried on everything in my closet.  I had nothing.   The law says I can't go naked.  So I wore the ugliest dress you can imagine.  I hate thinking about it.

Years ago Ironman and I were attending his high school reunion.  Obviously I would not know a soul.  What do I wear?  I finally found a dress that looked "fine".  Or so I thought.  Until we arrived at the venue.  And wow was I ever underdressed!

I've come a long way since then, but I still find myself fretting over what to wear.  And what not to wear.

This May:
I will buy a few new presentable summer items.
I will push away from the dessert table.
I will walk a few miles every evening.  And as soon as school is out for the summer I can walk in the mornings as I much enjoy early mornings.

I've found myself looking at fashion blogs lately.  Stopping by,, more often than usual.

What do you do when you have nothing to wear?  HELP ME

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Wonder of a Monday

Dear Teachers with whom I work:

We have 5 more days.  Let's just try to make it.  Thank you.

Dear Children in my class:

I'm tired, too.  Let's enjoy the last few days.

That is all.

See you tomorrow.

My summer plans

The countdown is on.  I have 8 more days of school.  EIGHT MORE DAYS.  Five days this week, then Monday is a holiday for Memorial Day, then Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday is a teacher work day.  We will depart with joy at noon.  (Btw, who in the WORLD filled out this school calendar.  Nobody wants to return after a 3 day weekend for just 2 days.  Seriously?)

Yesterday Ironman and I got out the summer calendar.
June:  Vacation Bible School
            Family Vacation
            I.T. girl is taking an A.C.T. preparation course
            Ironman has to travel for a few days during this month

July:  Girls attend Music Camp in Nashville
           Ironman and I are going away for a few days ALONE.
           Dancer Girl attends church camp for a week

August:  The Engineer finishes his internship and will be moving into an apartment off campus.  Yes, we will be there for a day or two just to do what parents do. And make sure he has clean sheets and food in the refrigerator.

Faculty returns to school August 10.

I need to schedule a doctor's appointment which is what prompted me to examine our summer schedule in the first place.  Dear lady who will schedule one for me, please be patient.  I have a tight summer schedule.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday in my shoes

I always have big plans for Saturday.  I'm going to do this and that, finish that over there, make decisions about the thingamajig.  And take a nap.  Oh yes, the big plans are always in my mind.

Step into my Saturday shoes.  I took my iPhone camera along for the ride.  Most of the time I remembered to take a photo.

The day started early.   And so did the laundry.  See for yourself.

 This is my "regular laundry"
This laundry is from The Engineer.  He moved home from the dorm last week.  He had several duffle bags full of clothes.  He TOLD me the clothes in the 2 blue bags were clean.  I had such a busy weekend last weekend with mother's day and all, I just set the heavy bags in the closet.  This morning I unzipped them.  WHEW!  OH MY GOSH!!  There was no way I could sort the clean from the stinky.  Because it ALL stunk.  Or stank.  Stinked?  You know what I mean.  I just dumped it all in the hall and prepared for battle.  How many jugs of detergent will it take?

Speaking of Mother's Day take a look at this card I saw at the store.  I enjoyed it so much that I snapped a photo with my phone. (sorry for the cruddy photo)

I know!  It made me laugh, too.  Which is why I snapped the photo and texted it to my buddy Lisa.  Happy Mother's Day Lisa.

But back to my day.

Please continue reading with the sound of a washer and dryer in the background to get the full effect as that is what I heard all day.  Thank you.

Errand time.

First stop: World Market. I like stores like this.  Stores were you can wander around.  Look at stuff.  Pick it up.  Change your mind and put it back.  Criss cross the place.  It's like a treasure hunt.  I like to be able to THINK while I'm thinking.  And shopping.  You know what I mean?  Translation:  No annoying sales people asking me if I need help shopping.  Me.  Need help.  Shopping.  BAHAHAHA

Anyway I saw this dresser.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It was part of a bedroom set .  That's the footboard leaning in front of it.  I'm going to watch this set for a sale.
They had so many cute beach things.  It was hard for resist a shopping spree.

 Next stop:  Kroger.   I don't make it a habit grocery shopping on a Saturday but it just couldn't be avoided.  I did wait until after the Saturday morning rush.   You know that feeling you get when you see a family boarding a plane with a baby in tow?  And  you immediately begin to cross your fingers  and chant "Don't sit by me.  Don't sit by me"

I got that look from a couple at Kroger when they saw my coupon binder.  And I passed them more than once.  Oh gosh did I EVER want to snap their photo.
Unloaded the groceries.
Started supper
Menu:  Cod filet, stir fry broccoli and garlic, brown rice.

Cooked and cleaned.  Watched a YouTube video on how to clean my stainless steel cookware.  You can learn just about anything on YouTube.  Follows the suggestions.  Pots and pans are shiny as new.

Did I tell you about the time I learned how to remove a security tag from I.T. girl's dress?  We had 30 minutes to get to her piano recital.  She had a new dress  complete with the security tag.   What to do?  I watched a video on YouTube.  Took me 2 tries and the tag released.  No damage to the dress and we were on our way.

Gosh I get off the subject often.

Where was I.  Oh yes.  I printed out labels for the bins in the garage and laminated them.  LOVE LOVE the laminator.  Bought it at Target several years ago.   I don't know what I did without it.  I never put it away.

 I think I'm going to sit down and find something on television to watch.  I'd like to relax and not think about anything for a while.

As I was uploading the photos from my iPhone I saw this one I snapped Wednesday morning at the dermatologist's  office.   This was a poster on the wall in the treatment room.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments

Welcome to my first every edition of Friday Fragments.  I'm pretty excited about it myself.   Mostly because I have a lot of little things to tell you and I just can't wait. And because I'm totally exhausted.

Saddle up your horses and hang on.

**  had a boy bring a tube of toothpaste to school today in his tote bag.  All the print was in Arabic.  Color?  Brown.  Smell?  Old School Listerine.   I've never seen anything like it.  I asked him where he got it and he said, "Walgreens" .  See?  I do learn something new every day.

** Also at school we were interviewing the children individually about their experiences this year in preschool.    Got a little surprise that went like this;

me:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
jack:  I like to play with my Woody.

Me:  How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Carol:  I have one big sister and 2 baby brothers
Me:  I am excited that you have 2 baby brothers.  Do you know what they call it when one Mommy had 2 babies at the very same time?
Carol:  yes, "twins"
Me:  What do you do to help Mommy with the twins?
Carol: (with much seriousness and thought)  I make sure they don't get stung by wasps.

Seriously, we laughed and laughed.    Have I mentioned that we are all so tired?  Anything is funny.

**I bought 2 decorative prints at Pier One today.  I paid full price.  That never happens.

**I was surprised Jessica made it to the finals on American Idol.   I thought it was going to be the 2 guys.

**Speaking of American Idol, my boy Clay Aiken is in the finals on Celebrity Apprentice.  I'm totally excited about the finale.  I've never watched this show from beginning to end before.  Arsenio or Clay? Who will be The Next Apprentice?  ba ba ba baaaaa

I showed I.T. the ideas for my blog.  She is going to help me.  Yippee!

Ironman the vegetarian has lost so much weight.  How much can I lose before we go on vacation?

Took the dog to the vet today.   He has an ear infection.

This weekend:  laundry, laundry and more laundry.  And grocery shopping.  And hitting a sale at The Loft.

You are welcome.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Idol and other wonders


That's how I feel about American Idol this season.  Maybe the contestants are too ordinary.  The music is too familiar.   JLo talks too much.   (And I can't look at her without thinking of Ben Affleck.  And P. Diddy .  That can be quite distracting)

The only thing that'll get me to watch even for a few minutes is Steven Tyler.  Most of the time I'm saying, "uh........ what does that mean?"  Tonight he told Jessica she was like a train pulling into the station but then going on through............ something like that.  He talks in riddles.  Like Dr Seuss.

I've lost interest in the show.   This season we've watched the elimination show more than the competition night.

Today I read online that Dancing With The Stars is planning an All-Star Season.  Isn't that redundant since every season was supposed to be star filled?  It seems the producers want  to bring back the most popular stars from seasons past to jive once more for the mirror ball trophy.

Have you seen the new reality show Meet Mrs Eastwood?  I watched about 4 minutes of it before I fell asleep.  ZZZZZ

Other new reality shows I've seen  (some of them for just a few minutes)

Celebrity House Hunters  I watched Greg Brady shop for a new house in Malibu.  Beautiful properties.  I also went house hunting with Debbie Gibson in one episode and Shannen Doherty in the next.  The houses they tour are gorgeous.  So even if you don't know the celebrity, the real estate is fun to see.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis - Okay, I love this show.  I love Jeff Lewis. His dry humor and tell it like it is attitude makes me laugh.   And his assistants?  Great.  I just love it.  He moves in with a client for 5 days and completely remodels/redesigns/redecorates a room in their house.  Sometimes 2 or 3 rooms.  In the end it is as beautiful as a magazine.

Giuliana and Bill This is not a new show. It's the second season. Or maybe the 3rd. At first - I admit - I just knew Giuliana would be obnoxious.  I mean look at her.  Beautiful, blond, Hollywood............ but I absolutely love her.  She's down to earth, funny, loving, generous.  We could totally be friends.  And Bill's a good guy.  Yep, Love this show.

Do you have any favorite reality shows?  or reality shows that are too bizarre to watch?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If it's Tuesday. it's okay

Welcome to the 2nd installment of "It's Okay Tuesday"  On second thought, maybe it should be the first installment because last week I did "It's Okay" on Wednesday.  So today's blog is the first one for a Tuesday.

Never Mind.

Moving right along...

***It's okay that I am bored with ancestry.  I don't know why it bores me.  I guess because I don't care to whom my great great grandfather was  married and how many children they had.   I'm sorry.

***It's okay that I turn on the lights inside my house in the middle of a sunny afternoon.  I like things bright and shiny.

***it's okay that I've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Or Desperate Housewives, Friends, C.S.I., Will & Grace or The Real Housewives of Anywhere.  Or The Montel Williams Show.

***it's okay that I do watch MTV's Teen Mom.  I don't know why I watch it.  Maybe because I have 2 teenage daughters and I need to know how NOT to parent.

***it's okay that I ate too many points today.  I can use my weekly allowance

***it's okay that I couldn't figure out our new gas grill.  I was so frustrated!

***it's okay that I don't like chocolate. Have I mentioned that before?  Sorry

Linking up to Whispering Writer at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time

Monday, May 14, 2012

Calorie Count from a long weekend

Hello everyone.  Did you make it safely through the weekend?  I did, but just barely.  Oh it wasn't that bad.   This morning, however, I had to use a crane to get my exhausted self up and out of the bed and onward toward evening.

Where do I begin?  Thursday night:

Thursday night was opening night for the middle school's production of Alice in Wonderland, Jr.  The "Jr." part indicates that it'll be just over 60 minutes.  The story is the same story that you are familiar with, just a little condensed.  But the characters are all there - Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The March Hare, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and The Cheshire Cat played by my daughter.

I agree it's not the best photo.  But no flash photography was allowed.

Friday was a busy, busy day at work. Lunch was catered for the faculty.  Full Chinese Buffet.  Oh my.  And at the end:  red velvet cake.  Double oh my.  Cake Count:  1 small slice of cake.   I had company coming and decided to ask The Engineer and I.T. girl to attend Friday night's production so that I could stay home and clean the house.  Which I did, kind of.  I kept getting distracted.  I mean who wants to scrub the bathrooms on a Friday night?

Saturday morning I arose earlier than normal, visited Kroger before 9am.  Ladies and Gentlemen I have discovered the time of the week Kroger is NOT busy.  7:30 on a Saturday morning you will have the place to yourself.  You are welcome.

On the way home I saw that awful red light at Krispy Kreme.

Before I knew it, 2 dozen glazed hot donuts jumped in my car.  Well, hello hot doughnuts!  Doughnut Count:  2

I expected company to arrive at 4pm.  They arrived at 1:30.  WOOPS!  Ironman had been out of town (how convenient) and had just barely arrived home when family descended upon us.

Now, don't get all offended.  We love our family.  Still I find myself stressing over every single detail.  I worry about the table setting, the bathroom mirrors and the menu.  Oh the menu.  I know why I stress.  It's a long story.   I'll spare you.  Maybe next time.

We went to eat at a restaurant Saturday night before the 3rd night of the show.  I chose this particular restaurant because I knew the service was lightening fast, the food was warm and homey and they have world famous PIES.  It was delicious.  I began to relax.  Pie eaten:  zero. Yes, I skipped the pie.  They gave it to me in a go box.

After the show Saturday night we all had cupcakes from Buttercups Bakery. Cupcake Count:  1 vanilla cream.  Oh my.  Delicious

Sunday morning after church we sat down to our family Mother's Day dinner.  It was delicious.  Especially since I didn't cook one THING.
Pie Count:  1 slice of strawberry pie that was DELICIOUS!!  Oh my gosh, delicious

Sunday night when family was all on their way home around 6pm I decided it was time for pie.  Pie Count:  1 slice of strawberry pie.  1 taste of the chocolate pie.  I don't even enjoy chocolate and that pie was ................. oh my............... what a pie!

Grand Total:

2 Hot Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
2 slices strawberry pie
1 slice red velvet cake.  It was small, but at this point that doesn't matter
1 vanilla cream cupcake
1 taste of chocolate pie

And that's just the desserts.

Nope.  Not going to list the other stuff I ate.

Today is Monday.  Back on the old wagon.  I have a sweet potato roasting in the oven. I have streamed broccoli and cauliflower in the steamer.  I had whole grains and veggies for lunch.  Fruit and oatmeal for breakfast.  I feel better all ready.

We leave for vacation in 31 days.  Let the countdown begin!!

What did you eat for Mother's Day???

Friday, May 11, 2012


I made it.  Whew.  This was a long, long week.   It began busy and ended busier.  But I made it.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week.   End of the year teacher gift ideas are popping up everywhere.  Many of them make me cringe.  Listen, somebody has GOT to tell the truth.

So I compiled a list of things teachers enjoy and appreciate.  And added a few things that............ honestly, save your money.
  #1 gift of all time:  A thank you note.  To make it even more special write from the parent's point of view.  Thank you notes are priceless.  Teachers save them.  They hang them up.  They REMEMBER them.  And oh,  how they are appreciated. I have cried over a thank you note.  

But if you MUST buy a gift here are a few do's and don'ts:

Gift cards to Target.  Always welcome.
Gift cards to Amazon.  Yes, please.
Restaurant Gift Cards are very nice ONLY if you are positively sure Mrs. Educator eats there.  For instance, Ironman is a vegetarian and quickly becoming vegan.  I don't want to eat alone.  So a gift card to Billy Bob's Meat-O-Rama will go unused.  (I'll never tell you, though.  Because I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  And because I have manners)

Don'ts (or The One type of gift card I've received and never used or gave away):

Gift certificates to salons.  I don't want to go to a new salon.  I'm very loyal to "my girl"  So if you pay for my girl to color my roots, wow.  Thanks.  Otherwise........... I'm going to give it away.  Same for manicures and pedicures.

If you want to buy something "personal" them make it as neutral as possible.  Don't choose to give a large bright orange and green striped vase unless  you are positively sure orange and green stripes would be a good fit.  You know what I mean.

Food. Now, here's a tricky one.  I so appreciate the time and effort it takes to bake.  I'm unusual (I see you nodding. ) in that I don't like chocolate.  I once had a mother bring me a HUGE chocolate cream pie. An entire pie!  And she said she had gotten up at 4am to make it before school so the meringue would be fluffy and beautiful when she delivered it first thing.  Wow.  I was amazed.  And I didn't eat a bite.

This year the teacher next door to me got 5 big bags of Reese's peanut butter cups.  Wow.

You may not be able to handle the following true statement:

Don't give anything APPLE,  or School Bus,  or little Red School House.  I do not know one teacher who likes it.  Not one.    You are welcome.

All gifts are appreciated.   But don't stress out about it.  Honestly, the simpler the better.   The last few years our school has distributed a favorites list among the teachers.   I filled the blanks with my favorite color, monogram, restaurant, hobby, store, etc.   It was a little like registering for gifts but I decided to submit my favorites as a favor to the mothers.  It'll make it so much easier for anyone who would like to buy a little thank you gift.

So, take a look:

 The flowers were beautiful.  I left them in the classroom all week.  They are obviously at the end of their lovely bloom.  I had several bouquets this week.  We all enjoyed them.
You see that multi colored vase?  Do you think I could paint it all one color? I'm going to try . I like the shape.
Funny little trivia about the candle.  I mentioned to a parent at work that scented candles are not my favorite.  The only smell I want to enjoy in my house is either supper cooking or cascade/409/squeaky clean.  Well, this white candle?  Smells like cascade.  Dancer Girl says it smells like ivory soap.  Either way I like it!
And WOW on the gift cards.  WOW WOW WOW

Thank you to all.

Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So......who cares? Wednesday

Welcome to "So Who Cares? Wednesday".  Glad you stopped by.

Last Wednesday it was "It's Okay Wednesday"  but this week my attitude is showing.  So, who cares?

Who cares if I ate a Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Raisin Cookie today. I haven't had one in years.  And a parent of a child in my class brought me a little container of them.  They are so brown sugary and buttery and those raisins are chewy and sweet.  Perfection.  One day oatmeal raisin will get as much respect as chocolate chip.

Who cares if I left for work late this morning because I was stalking this bird.    For the last few mornings we've heard this loud clapping sound outside our front door.  Almost as if someone was throwing rocks at our house.  This morning  I was on the case.    Well, guess what it was.

Poor little guy  was  flying from the tree in our yard straight into the window over and over and over again.  I didn't know if I managed to get a photo of him/her.  I finally just sat there with my camera ready.  Took the photo as quickly as I could.  

I wasn't late for work.

So, who cares if I don't answer the phone until I check caller i.d.  And then I only answer if it's 1 -  my child or 2 - my husband.  Anybody else can leave a message.

So, who cares if I'm intimidated by tiny boutiques.  Those little stores you step into where there's no sound.  And you are the only customer.  I feel as if I must buy something.

So, who cares if I drink diet coke.  I know it's not the best for you.  But I don't drink the hard stuff, smoke, chew or tattoo.  I have to have a vice, people.

Wow.  I feel better.  Just had to get a few things off my chest.

Let's see how that bird is feeling.

Blessings to all.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still Deciding.............and a surprise!

I'm still changing the blog this way and that.  I just can't decide.  Plus I'm limited on my tecky aptitude.  I do have I.T. girl who could build a space shuttle if she had a computer and the directions.

I have so much to talk about tonight.  Where do I begin?  I guess at the beginning.
 A B  C    Do Re Mi    1 2 3    Baby you and me girl!

Oh, got carried away.  Did you notice that was a little MJ and a little Julie Andrews.  I'm tell you, people, I'm confused.

School is chaotic .  The faculty is tired.  The children are tired.  And the weather is hot.  Hot and muggy.  Yes, it's always like that here in Louisiana.  I'll never get used to it.  All that to say, our relationship with school year 2011-12 is over.  We're just suffering through the final weeks. And then we need to END IT.  Somebody, just END IT.

Then there are the after work errands.  If anything can wear me out it's Kroger at 4pm.  Or Jiffy Lube or the veterinarian or the gas station.  The only stop I don't mind - well, most of the time I don't mind - is Sonic.  Ahhh Sonic.  That Route 44 diet coke with lemon is the only thing that will calm my nerves after a day of preschool.  I don't get one that often but when I do I usually think, "why don't I get one more often?"

Last evening I watched shows recorded on my DVR.  I caught up with the adventures of Cathy on The Big C.  Do you watch that show?  It's a crazy show.  Parts of the plot are a little out there but I enjoy Laura Linney.  The storyline with her brother is ridiculous. I can zip through it.  The beauty of the recorded show.  By the way, do you watch television in real time?  Or do you record it and then watch it after 15 minutes so you can zip through the commercials.  Just so you know, we almost always record it and zip.  Record and zip.  R and Z.  

So that's what I did.  I R and Z'd most of the evening.  (Ironman wouldn't R and Z.  He watched hockey)  Here are some other shows we........ well, you know.......

Giuliana and Bill - my hairdresser and I both watch this show.  We love Giuliana.

19 Kids and Counting.  Or The Duggers.  I like to watch it with my younger daughter.

Celebrity Apprentice.  Okay, have you been watching this season?  Aubrey?  Oh My Gosh.  Somebody, please give her a big swig of reality and quick!

Now for the surprise you've been waiting for.

You may remember (or not) the long story of selling our house.  It was a saga for sure.  Complete with intrigue, mystery, disappointment and frustration.  That ordeal birthed this blog.  I just needed somewhere to vent my despair.  It took us 13 months and 10 days to sell our house.  We sold it for well UNDER what Ironman wanted but after 4 other failed contracts, I was ready.   He suggested we counter offer.  I had a little talk with him.  We accepted the offer.

We moved into our new house last summer in July.  And so this is our first new house spring.  And with spring comes surprises.


Flowers growing in the front of the house.  Like magic!  Thank you springtime.  The flowers were a welcome surprise.

Hugs and Kisses.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just A Little Help From My Friends

I finally forced sweet talked begged I.T. girl to help me with my blog.  We still have other ideas but it's a school night and there's so much more to do around here before I can go be bed.

Today was chaotic and hot.  Hot and chaotic and humid and disorganized and busy.  By the time I got home I was spent.  Just plum worn out.  This is the school year that will never end.  This year is really no different than any other year.  We are all tired.  I need a vacation.  And a nap.

I have a surprise to show you tomorrow.  This is the first spring we've lived in this house and............ oh I'm not going to tell.  I'll show you tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow so you can see my discovery!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends

With Mother's Day approaching, I decided to come clean.  Not because others are interested, but because it's cleansing to shine light into darkness.  I have a secret that I never share.  Truth is, I have shared it maybe twice  and having "it" out there has made confidantes so uncomfortable that, in one of the cases, my relationship  was never the same.

I am estranged from my mother.  The last time I talked with her was a phone conversation in September 2011.  Before that date it had been many, many months.  As long as I can remember I would count the days on a calendar and circle 60 days out.  That would be phone call day.   Our dance involved small pleasantries and a discussion of the weather.  The call lasted an average of 4 minutes.  It always seems so much longer.  After I said goodbye, the rest of the day would be filled with fits of rage, lots of tears, and more often than not, a killer migraine.

I do not remember being safe with my mother.  She was not physically or verbally  abusive, although she could cut you to the core with a single glance.  Mainly she was uninterested.   She was busy.  She was too busy to bother with me.  I never felt like a priority.  That is because I wasn't.  And I still am not.

I never trusted my mother enough to share my disappointment and concerns.  I knew better than to bother her with my needs.   I learned to make it on my own, to not cause waves, to be seen and not heard.  I learned to be invisible.

Years went by and our relationship stagnated.  She was not included in my life nor I in hers.

I graduated from college and she did not attend the ceremony.  I have never questioned her about her absence.

Another Mother's Day is here.  What do you do when your mother is not your friend?  There are no greeting cards that can put a non-relationship into  rhyme.  I will be sweating by the time I finally choose the least expensive card with a single flower on front.  "Happy Mother's Day" it will say on the inside.  I will change my mind several time before I decide to drop it in the mail.

I've never met another adult woman who has no relationship with her own mother.  Of course, that woman may be keeping "the secret" too for fear of making others uncomfortable.  I understand the awkwardness, shame, embarrassment and anger.

This Mother's Day I will allow myself to celebrate.  I will look at my children and tell them I am proud to be their mother.  I am thankful they have taught me how to be a mother.  One thing I know for sure, nothing will separate me from those three.  As the song says "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep ME from getting to YOU"

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Super Post

Okay.  Saddle up your horses,  time to hit the trail.  Lightening speed round.

A bug flew up my nose in Kroger.  They did not charge me.  (honestly, that did happen and it was, well, horrible)

I had my root colored yesterday.  You should SEE the gray.  But you won't.  Ever.  Because I get it colored every 6 - 7 weeks.  If I go 8 weeks between, it's an ugly sight.

Dancer Girl is in a school musical next week.  The director informed the girls this morning - that's right, THIS MORNING - that part of their costume did not arrive via UPS and they would need to buy a black unitard before Monday.  A black unitard.  And jazz shoes.  Easy enough.  I have nothing else to do today than scour the city.  Should be fun.

The Engineer did not respond to repeated texts from me, his mother.  I decided I'd text or call every hour on the hour. Annoy the crud out of him.  Yes, he called.  Eventually.  Promised me he was not in Mexico.  But he was on campus.  And that he'd be home Thursday.

Today is my 5th day of no animal products.  None.  No dairy, no chicken.  I saw Dr. Oz this week when he described the Hunter/Farmer body type.  I'm definitely a farmer.  Therefore I should eat mostly things that a farmer can grow.  I know farmers "grow" cattle but I don't think that's exactly............. isn't that a rancher?  I just know that he meant grains, vegetables, fruit, etc.  I switched to soy milk and let me tell you I was SHOCKED how I like it.  I thought I'd be able to tell. I thought it would have a different consistency.   I was wrong.  And the vanilla soy milk in the blender with a few frozen fruits  makes a mean smoothie.  No sweetener needed.

My nose is still itching.  And my ear on that side........... is that TMI?

I've been busy since I got out of bed.  Ironman is asleep.  Taking a nap.

I talked to I.T girl about helping me with my blog.  My family does NOT read my blog. I'm not even positive they know I have a blog. I guess they do. Ironman never mentions it.  And if I bring it up he'll look at me with this blank stare.

I've asked before but does your family or close friends read your blog?  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things only my kids do...

Don't panic.

This will not be a Kathie Lee Gifford "look at my precious angel" post.  Trust me.  I'm around kids all the time.  I mean ALL the time.  And when you are around small children ALL THE TIME (did I already say that?) let's just say......... their cuteness gets lost somewhere among the noise and the questions.  Oh, the questions.  I read somewhere the average 4 year old asks over 500 questions a day.  Yes.  I believe it.

But I digress.

I'm not talking about those kids that come to visit me every day.  I'm talking about those kids that live with me.  The ones I birthed.  

Let's talk, shall we?

My children NEVER know what time something begins.  They also never know what time something ends - which means I'm never quite sure what time to show for pick up.

Just today:

Dancer Girl is in a play at her school.  Oh gosh, hurry up and be over.  They have been rehearsing after school for weeks until 5pm.  Today I show up at 5pm and there is a long line of Moms waiting.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.   I spend so much time doing that.  10 minutes, 15 minutes, finally at 20 minutes I park and go in.  The whole cast is on stage singing and dancing and........... did I know rehearsal was going on until 6 tonight?  Nope.  Sure didn't.  My daughter didn't tell me because she says she didn't know.    Brother.

I was in a hurry to leave play rehearsal because I.T. girl was in a program at HER school.  When did it begin?  6pm.  She told me "It starts at 6".   I grab Dancer Girl, rush to the high school, zip into the parking lot and notice not too many cars.   5 minutes before it should be starting............wait a minute.  Oh no.  Do NOT tell me it starts...............

Well, you guessed it.  I walk in and the program says 6:30.

And it's not limited to my daughters.  The Engineer is the same exact way.  I fact, as the first born I guess he blazed the trail.   His Junior Year at the University will end next week.  He does have a job for the summer  (Thank you for small miracles)  But does he know where he'll live?  What he's going to do about next semester?  What his plans are for his senior year?  No. No and No.

Hence I have gray hair.

My hair appointment is tomorrow at 2:30.  I know exactly what time that starts!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey, it's okay even if it's Wednesday

Airing My Dirty Laundry has started a link party on Tuesdays.  Or any day.  Just list the things you are okay with............  give yourself a break on your quirkiness.

  It's Okay
            by Patti

 It's okay that I'm making this list on a Wednesday.  Even though it began as It's Okay Tuesday.  I'll organize all that next week on Tuesday as I don't want to wait!

  I went to bed last night with a few dirty dishes in the sink.  I am TIRED PEOPLE.

  I sometimes have a bowl of special K with vanilla soy milk after 7pm.

  I am frustrated with work.  I remind myself that most teachers are tired in May.

   (It's okay that this list is longer than I anticipated.  Obviously I have issues.)

  I have a couple of crafty projects sitting around waiting to be completed.  I will finish them.  After a nice, long nap.

  I will take a Duggar daughter over a Kardashian girl ANYDAY.  *Take her where?  I don't know..........dinner, I guess.

  the constant chatter of my two teen daughters makes me dizzy.

What is your "it's okay" list?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And so now it's Tuesday

I thought it was Monday all day long.  I played hooky yesterday. Stayed home from work because I just needed to stay home.  When I returned to work today I had to keep reminding myself the it was not Monday.  Time had skipped over Monday smack dab into Tuesday.  And to make matters even more confusing, it was no longer April.  It is now officially May.  Can you believe it?  MAY 2012.  School is almost over for another school year.  It's going to just d.r.a.g.

I'm thinking about organizing my blog a little differently.  I'm going to get I.T. girl to help me on the techno side.  She is occupied now with end of the year projects.  She has 20 more school days left that are filled with projects, papers and tests.

Tonight I went alone to a meeting.  I took a deep breath and stepped out of my comfort zone knowing I would be walking into a room of strangers.  And I did it.  But it was so awkward.  Word of the day:  AWKWARD.  The first woman I met at the registration desk actually stared at me.  I introduced myself.  Announced that we had never met before - trying to help her relax in case she was racing in her mind to find my name.  Instead she just stared at me and said, "No................. I don't think we have."  No, we haven't.  I just told you that.  Ugh.  Thanks for the welcome.

I won't get into every AWKWARD detail.  There were plenty.  I just have to ask you if you know the last time you met someone new, introduced yourself, made polite conversation and THEN took it another step and introduced that new person to another.  And another.  And included the whole "group" in a topic.  

I tell you what - I'll make SURE I'm the party starter at the next event.

I'm glad I went to the meeting.  It was awkward and I felt self conscious.  But I did it.  And the next time it'll be easier.

Enough of that.

I thought today was Monday. And I had an awesome photo I took this morning.

Title:  Pretty Good for a Monday.

But today is not Monday.  It is Tuesday.  Hmmmmmm

Oh why not.  I'm going to show the photo anyway.

This morning I opened a brand new jar of peanut butter.  Ahhhh.  Nothing like a brand new jar with that smooth untouched surface.  You know what we used to call that when I was little?  Anytime we opened up a fresh jar of peanut butter, or jelly, or mayonnaise, or butter in a tub you had to say out loud:  LIVING ROOM'S CLEAN.

No, I don't know why.

That's not normal?  Doesn't everybody have a saying when they open a new jar of spread?

Oh come on.  Tell me what you say in your family.  I can't wait to hear.