Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still Deciding.............and a surprise!

I'm still changing the blog this way and that.  I just can't decide.  Plus I'm limited on my tecky aptitude.  I do have I.T. girl who could build a space shuttle if she had a computer and the directions.

I have so much to talk about tonight.  Where do I begin?  I guess at the beginning.
 A B  C    Do Re Mi    1 2 3    Baby you and me girl!

Oh, got carried away.  Did you notice that was a little MJ and a little Julie Andrews.  I'm tell you, people, I'm confused.

School is chaotic .  The faculty is tired.  The children are tired.  And the weather is hot.  Hot and muggy.  Yes, it's always like that here in Louisiana.  I'll never get used to it.  All that to say, our relationship with school year 2011-12 is over.  We're just suffering through the final weeks. And then we need to END IT.  Somebody, just END IT.

Then there are the after work errands.  If anything can wear me out it's Kroger at 4pm.  Or Jiffy Lube or the veterinarian or the gas station.  The only stop I don't mind - well, most of the time I don't mind - is Sonic.  Ahhh Sonic.  That Route 44 diet coke with lemon is the only thing that will calm my nerves after a day of preschool.  I don't get one that often but when I do I usually think, "why don't I get one more often?"

Last evening I watched shows recorded on my DVR.  I caught up with the adventures of Cathy on The Big C.  Do you watch that show?  It's a crazy show.  Parts of the plot are a little out there but I enjoy Laura Linney.  The storyline with her brother is ridiculous. I can zip through it.  The beauty of the recorded show.  By the way, do you watch television in real time?  Or do you record it and then watch it after 15 minutes so you can zip through the commercials.  Just so you know, we almost always record it and zip.  Record and zip.  R and Z.  

So that's what I did.  I R and Z'd most of the evening.  (Ironman wouldn't R and Z.  He watched hockey)  Here are some other shows we........ well, you know.......

Giuliana and Bill - my hairdresser and I both watch this show.  We love Giuliana.

19 Kids and Counting.  Or The Duggers.  I like to watch it with my younger daughter.

Celebrity Apprentice.  Okay, have you been watching this season?  Aubrey?  Oh My Gosh.  Somebody, please give her a big swig of reality and quick!

Now for the surprise you've been waiting for.

You may remember (or not) the long story of selling our house.  It was a saga for sure.  Complete with intrigue, mystery, disappointment and frustration.  That ordeal birthed this blog.  I just needed somewhere to vent my despair.  It took us 13 months and 10 days to sell our house.  We sold it for well UNDER what Ironman wanted but after 4 other failed contracts, I was ready.   He suggested we counter offer.  I had a little talk with him.  We accepted the offer.

We moved into our new house last summer in July.  And so this is our first new house spring.  And with spring comes surprises.


Flowers growing in the front of the house.  Like magic!  Thank you springtime.  The flowers were a welcome surprise.

Hugs and Kisses.


  1. lol The first year we moved into this house, I was DELIGHTED in the spring to have these little purple flowers bloom early in the season. I don't even know what they are (gardening idiot), but they were gorgeous and I was SO SO HAPPY. COLOR!!!

    Two days later, the bunnies ate them.


    In Which We Start Anew

    1. Bad Bunnies!! I do have to admit I snickered a bit when I read your comment. But still........... bad bunnies! :) I guess they thought your flowers looked good enough to eat!

  2. Yay for flowers!

    I experienced that kind of weather when I lived in Nebraska. Yuck. Stay cool. :)

    1. Humid Humid Humid And warm. That's our weather

  3. What lovely flowers. As far as the weather is concerned I don't think I could cope with your climate. Since the UK have now imposed a hosepipe ban (because we are suffering a drought, apparently) it has rained every day since then - ho hum. My lilac bush, which is usually so lovely, is bowed down with the weight of water and will lose all the flowers soon.

    1. Hi Sally. Yes, our climate is cold/hot. We really have 2 seasons Hot summers and cold winters. I do love lilacs. I'm sure they are beautiful. Take lots of photos.