Friday, May 11, 2012


I made it.  Whew.  This was a long, long week.   It began busy and ended busier.  But I made it.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week.   End of the year teacher gift ideas are popping up everywhere.  Many of them make me cringe.  Listen, somebody has GOT to tell the truth.

So I compiled a list of things teachers enjoy and appreciate.  And added a few things that............ honestly, save your money.
  #1 gift of all time:  A thank you note.  To make it even more special write from the parent's point of view.  Thank you notes are priceless.  Teachers save them.  They hang them up.  They REMEMBER them.  And oh,  how they are appreciated. I have cried over a thank you note.  

But if you MUST buy a gift here are a few do's and don'ts:

Gift cards to Target.  Always welcome.
Gift cards to Amazon.  Yes, please.
Restaurant Gift Cards are very nice ONLY if you are positively sure Mrs. Educator eats there.  For instance, Ironman is a vegetarian and quickly becoming vegan.  I don't want to eat alone.  So a gift card to Billy Bob's Meat-O-Rama will go unused.  (I'll never tell you, though.  Because I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  And because I have manners)

Don'ts (or The One type of gift card I've received and never used or gave away):

Gift certificates to salons.  I don't want to go to a new salon.  I'm very loyal to "my girl"  So if you pay for my girl to color my roots, wow.  Thanks.  Otherwise........... I'm going to give it away.  Same for manicures and pedicures.

If you want to buy something "personal" them make it as neutral as possible.  Don't choose to give a large bright orange and green striped vase unless  you are positively sure orange and green stripes would be a good fit.  You know what I mean.

Food. Now, here's a tricky one.  I so appreciate the time and effort it takes to bake.  I'm unusual (I see you nodding. ) in that I don't like chocolate.  I once had a mother bring me a HUGE chocolate cream pie. An entire pie!  And she said she had gotten up at 4am to make it before school so the meringue would be fluffy and beautiful when she delivered it first thing.  Wow.  I was amazed.  And I didn't eat a bite.

This year the teacher next door to me got 5 big bags of Reese's peanut butter cups.  Wow.

You may not be able to handle the following true statement:

Don't give anything APPLE,  or School Bus,  or little Red School House.  I do not know one teacher who likes it.  Not one.    You are welcome.

All gifts are appreciated.   But don't stress out about it.  Honestly, the simpler the better.   The last few years our school has distributed a favorites list among the teachers.   I filled the blanks with my favorite color, monogram, restaurant, hobby, store, etc.   It was a little like registering for gifts but I decided to submit my favorites as a favor to the mothers.  It'll make it so much easier for anyone who would like to buy a little thank you gift.

So, take a look:

 The flowers were beautiful.  I left them in the classroom all week.  They are obviously at the end of their lovely bloom.  I had several bouquets this week.  We all enjoyed them.
You see that multi colored vase?  Do you think I could paint it all one color? I'm going to try . I like the shape.
Funny little trivia about the candle.  I mentioned to a parent at work that scented candles are not my favorite.  The only smell I want to enjoy in my house is either supper cooking or cascade/409/squeaky clean.  Well, this white candle?  Smells like cascade.  Dancer Girl says it smells like ivory soap.  Either way I like it!
And WOW on the gift cards.  WOW WOW WOW

Thank you to all.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Maybe my daddy had a great idea back when I went to school. When his garden started coming in good, he'd pick everything he could, make up gift sacks with say a mess of snap beans, new potatoes, squash, etc. and come up to the school and pass them out to each of my teachers in his coveralls and straw cowboy hat...and thanking them for teaching his daughter. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Wow! What a nice thing to do. I would LOVE fresh vegetables. Very sweet and I'm sure very appreciated. Yes, he had a great idea.

  2. Thanks for this! My son only has a month left of preschool, and I've been wondering what to get his teachers. You've given me some great ideas!

    1. Summer is right around the corner and I am looking forward to it. Enjoy the rest of the school year.

  3. How wonderful to hear that all teachers really want is a 'thank you' to show appreciation of what they've been able to teach the children. I know my grandson is under an awful lot of peer pressure about what to 'give' his teacher(s) which also includes gifts for the teaching assistants, playground supervisors and even the Lollipop person (road crossing patrol person). As his mother is single and on a very tight budget I will show her your thoughts and she can utilise them for the end of this summer.

    1. I sat at another teacher's computer yesterday to retrieve some information quickly and she had several thank you cards pinned next to her desk. They are definitely the most treasured gift.

  4. Oh no no... Speaking as a teacher's child, I would recommend food as a gift if your teacher is my mom. Merely because I get to eat whatever she doesn't like. So please, bring on the chocolate. I like pecan turtles. Give lots of those.


    In Which We Start Anew

  5. LOL JO. I'm very sure that is exactly what my own children would say. And that is exactly what they do!! They can't wait to see what I bring home. Okay, okay. You are right. Bring on the food if the teacher is a Mom.

    That made me laugh. Thanks for correcting me!!


    Sending lots of turtles your way!!