Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Super Post

Okay.  Saddle up your horses,  time to hit the trail.  Lightening speed round.

A bug flew up my nose in Kroger.  They did not charge me.  (honestly, that did happen and it was, well, horrible)

I had my root colored yesterday.  You should SEE the gray.  But you won't.  Ever.  Because I get it colored every 6 - 7 weeks.  If I go 8 weeks between, it's an ugly sight.

Dancer Girl is in a school musical next week.  The director informed the girls this morning - that's right, THIS MORNING - that part of their costume did not arrive via UPS and they would need to buy a black unitard before Monday.  A black unitard.  And jazz shoes.  Easy enough.  I have nothing else to do today than scour the city.  Should be fun.

The Engineer did not respond to repeated texts from me, his mother.  I decided I'd text or call every hour on the hour. Annoy the crud out of him.  Yes, he called.  Eventually.  Promised me he was not in Mexico.  But he was on campus.  And that he'd be home Thursday.

Today is my 5th day of no animal products.  None.  No dairy, no chicken.  I saw Dr. Oz this week when he described the Hunter/Farmer body type.  I'm definitely a farmer.  Therefore I should eat mostly things that a farmer can grow.  I know farmers "grow" cattle but I don't think that's exactly............. isn't that a rancher?  I just know that he meant grains, vegetables, fruit, etc.  I switched to soy milk and let me tell you I was SHOCKED how I like it.  I thought I'd be able to tell. I thought it would have a different consistency.   I was wrong.  And the vanilla soy milk in the blender with a few frozen fruits  makes a mean smoothie.  No sweetener needed.

My nose is still itching.  And my ear on that side........... is that TMI?

I've been busy since I got out of bed.  Ironman is asleep.  Taking a nap.

I talked to I.T girl about helping me with my blog.  My family does NOT read my blog. I'm not even positive they know I have a blog. I guess they do. Ironman never mentions it.  And if I bring it up he'll look at me with this blank stare.

I've asked before but does your family or close friends read your blog?  


  1. What a day! Did you find the unitard and shoes?

    My husband knows I blog, but he's never asked to read it. Other than that, I keep it pretty quiet. I like to have a place of my own, a place where I can be myself without worrying about who's reading. I find that I rarely post on Facebook because all my in-laws are on my friends list. How can I post about being annoyed with my husband if all his relatives are going to read it, you know? :)

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. My blog TITLE is a little different than the web address. I"m sure husband knows the title.......... but he couldn't find it if he wanted to. I don't care if he knows I have a blog. I don't even care if he reads it. He just doesn't.

    I don't tell anybody at work I have a blog. For the reason you state - how can I vent if they are all going to read it? It's my little place.

    BTW, yes we found a unitard. At a dance shop. But they were sold out of her size jazz shoes. Went all over town looking for them. Not even Target had them. (we did find some super cute things at Gap. Kind of a off track shopping spree)

    I think I was hit by a bus last night while I slept. everything hurt.

    Have a nice day

    1. Glad you found the unitard. Hope you're feeling better today. :)

  3. My whole family reads my blog and I'm sure since I didn't post anything yesterday (too tired) my Mom will call today to make sure I am okay!