Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday. The Best Day of the Week

I made it through another week.  It was like climbing a mountain  or maybe running a marathon.    And so many last minute details thrown on my desk.   But then the halls were quiet.  The school tends to clear quicker on Fridays.  I'm glad.  Do I even have to tell you why?

I stopped by Barnes and Noble on the way home.  I.T. girl told me a month ago she wants a Nook Simple with Glowlight.  (Simple Nook?  Nook Simple?  Which is it?  I'm too tired to google it)  Ironman had gone by earlier in the week and they were sold out.  The Engineer checked several places in Dallas. All sold out.  So today I returned and reserved one.  The assistant told me they were expecting a shipment on Tuesday.  Let's hope they do and there are enough to fulfill all requests.  Because her birthday is Thursday and that's what she's getting!

While I was there realized I was not ready to go home.  As tired as I am and as frazzled as I've felt this week, I just wanted some quiet time.  Fifteen minutes alone.  Is that asking too much people?  So I wandered around the store.   Before too long I found myself looking at Home Decor books.  I'd pull one out, flip through the pages, return it to the shelf.  They were all filled with beautiful photography but none of them caught my fancy until I saw this one.

 The photography is beautiful.  The details are perfect.  This was probably the 10th book I pulled from the shelf and I stood in the store and looked at every page.
 Something about the photos and the "soft and easy" stories about each room made me feel right at home.  I don't know Mary Carol, but thank you.  I needed something pretty to enjoy today.

And then I wandered over to the cookbooks.  I had heard about this book several times through different avenues and so I flipped through it in the store.
   This is the first recipe I opened to as I held the book:  SOLD!

Makes me hungry just looking at the picture.

I checked the prices on both books and quickly remembered I have gift cards.  In fact, I have three gift cards.  I can get BOTH BOOKS.  This must be how Oprah feels when she's shopping!!

I have a three day weekend to enjoy.  I'm going to read and sleep and cook a new recipe from my new cookbook.  Maybe I'll even try these waffles.  I'm hungry enough right now to make waffles.

What are you cooking this weekend?

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  1. Yay for gift cards! I have a couple burning a hole in my pocket, too. :)

    Hubby is cooking this weekend, so we're having hot dogs and the fixings. I think I'll make strawberry shortcake for dessert.

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy your books. :)