Friday, May 27, 2011


Wednesday night as I.T. girl and I lounged around watching the American Idol final results show, Ironman called.

"Are you sitting down?"

"well, sorta lounging down"

"you are about to get an offer on the house.  "AS IS"

I was stunned.  But waiting for the other foot to fall.  (Is that the expression)


Wow.  It's been months since we've had an offer that high.  Our asking price is $365K.  But we know it won't sell for that.  Our lowest /bottom line is $340K.  Or $339,999.  We have to pay off the existing mortgage.  And have enough $$ left over for closing, commissions and to buy us a new bigger super nice house.

And so the realtor emailed a copy of the contract.  Sure enough, it does say "AS IS" which is so exciting and such a relief.  Obviously Ironman wants to counter.  Ugh.  I sure wanted to say SOLD!  But I know we need more money.

This morning we countered at $349,999.  And 50 cents.  No, j/k.  Although we did think about that doing just that.  Adding the 50 cents.

This is our 5th offer.  I'm tired.  I'm ready to sell.  I want these buyers to come back and say "Okay" or "How about $340K?" Either way we'd say SOLD.

We came down $15K.  So they should come up 15K.  Don't you think?  That would put us at $335K.  From there I'm sure we could get them up to $340K.  SURELY!!

Ironman does not think we will ever find a seller around here who will work with us on a price.  When the tables are turned and we are the buyers, he just doesn't think we will ever find a pretty big ass house for the money we'll have.  What is up with that?  I just know we will.

This offer expires at 5pm on May 31.  I.T. girl's birthday.
Their requested closing date is June 30   Dancer Girl's birthday.

I will not be sleeping until Tuesday at 5pm.

I've missed a few days

I just haven't felt like talking to this blog.  Work was anxiety filled.  And the fact that my house has been on the market for ONE SOLID YEAR wasn't a subject I wanted to address. And so I just let the blog sit for a few days.

Things I know for sure:
When it comes to work I am becoming almost intolerant of untidiness.  I can't stand it when I can't find something or when things are scattered around the room.  And being in another woman's "kitchen" for 6 weeks was so stressful for me.  I did tidy up a few things.  But I didn't feel free to arrange the room's furniture properly.  That environment would never pass an inspection.  And that bothered me every single day.

I had an anxiety attack over the memory books when I realized the classroom teacher had NOT kept up with important memories.  There were no birthday photos, no holiday photos, no anecdotal photos.  Nothing.    I didn't know what to do.  I made a file for each student and began sorting through the few things she had gathered.  And even those things were pitiful.  I told myself repeatedly that I was only responsible for activities after spring break.  But it was embarrassing to send home these pitiful scrapbooks.   I wanted to apologize to each parent and I handed them the binders.  Not a good day for me.

I was happy to leave on my last day.  I will always be sure the whole program could be so much better.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never Skip a Pill

I was so worn out last night that by the time I remembered about my pill, I was asleep.  So I missed a dosage of the miracle medicine and wowzer, what a difference it made today.  I was weepy and anxious and foggy headed.......... horrible.  I wasn't really sure what to do when I miss a dose.  Should I take one in the morning?  Should I wait until the next evening?  It says "Take one at bedtime"  I went online and read the PDR and it says to just take the pill as soon as you can when you realize you've missed a dose.  But don't double up.  If I ever miss it again, I'll just take one the next morning.  Because I must have the drug.

My house is.......... still for sale.  Realtor is supposedly having an Open House Sunday.  Well, we'll see if anybody visits.  Maybe somebody would like to come see without the hassle of a realtor appointment.  Maybe.  I don't know.

I have 5 more days of this substitute job I undertook.  It's been a chore.  One of the 5 days is our end of the year water party.  Now, today the temperature outside was in the 50s.  The party is a week away.  I'm sure it'll warm right back up by then but I've done the water party in 50 degree weather and it is not a pretty sight.  Or feeling.  Okay, it was a miserable day.  So I hope that if it is a chilly day, the mothers will CANCEL.  Yes, let's just cancel.

Thinking about this job, there were many things I would have liked to do but because of the way the class was organized and the history of the curriculum, I chose not to attempt anything new or out of the ordinary.  I'm sure they didn't expect it from me.  I just kept the children busy and the mothers happy.   Good night everybody

Maybe one day I'll have a super nice fantastic camera.  When my house sells.
Here is what I will buy on that glorious day.  I will go straight from the closing to buy the following:
1. NIkon DSLR
2. New bedding for FIVE bedrooms
3.  New towels and rugs
4. New dishes
5. New red shoes

My house has been on the market for 359 days.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Words of Advice

Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.

I've been thinking of that advice lately.  When do you SAY it and when do you just let the moment pass and bite your tongue.  If you choose to SAY it then you risk sounding arrogant or witchy or even stupid.  If you don't say anything and manage to keep quiet those few tempting moments, you risk seeming aloof or ineffective or STUPID.  You just can't win.

I just can't win.

I prefer to not say anything unless it's of sound judgment and beneficial.  And so many times I keep my fat mouth shut.  I would never say something to make someone feel embarrassed or ineffective on purpose.  And those few times when I have done that I was either so sick of her or just feeling like a bully that day.

And women can be the worst people to work with.  Yes, today I wanted to be a smart elic.  I wanted to say  "Who died and left you the Queen"  But I didn't.  I managed to heed the advice and not miss the opportunity to keep my mouth shut.   I don't care what the other woman thinks.  About me or anything else, for that matter.  I do not appreciate her.  I do not think she's marvelous or spectacular or "one to be envied"  I just want her to go away.  I had to wonder what it is that makes people act like that.  People who are so sarcastic and witchy about any subject under the sun.  I have my witchy moments but I know I can manage a kind word more often.        

I have 7 more days of this substituting job I took.  It's going to be a long 7 days.  Someone started to ask me today, "Are you so relieve........" but then she caught herself.  I did not respond.  But YES I am SO RELIEVED.  I'll be even more relieved in 7 days.

House check in time:  My house has been on the market for  338 days and no buyer in site.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have several blogs that I read daily.

The Pioneer Woman
I Heart Organizing
tatertots and jello
a bowl full of lemons

One of the things all these blogs have in common is pretty photos. So I need to save my money for a new camera.  What money?
I had an anxiety attack Sunday night while listening to Suze Orman on TV.  I'm 50 years old.  I do not have an 8 month emergency fund.   We had a little money until our house decided to NOT sell for 11 months.   I have consumer debt.  I do not have a student loan anymore.  Realized my son is going to graduate with a balance on his student loan.  Ironman told me that most adults our age are empty nesters.  They've already paid for their kids' college expenses and we are just starting.  I know we're just starting but the word "most" bothered me.

Women usually think I'm younger than I am, not because of my youthful skin, but because of the age of my children.  I guess they don't think a 50 year old woman would be the parent of a 6th grader.  What you think about that JHB?  Did you laugh?

Money is similar to the number on the scale.  If it changes, it absolutely affects your entire day.  Money also gives you freedom and choices.  So right now we have little freedom and very few choices.  I take it personally when the scale goes up or when the bank account goes down.  But b/c of that freedom and choice thing, our money situation is going to change.  We don't have a choice in the house selling.  It's not.  Nothing we can do about that.  I don't have the freedom to get a higher paid job because I still have young children.  I absolutely HATED coming home from school to an empty house.  HATED IT.  But I didn't complain because I didn't rock the boat.  So I don't want Dancer Girl to come home to an empty house.  

Photo of the day: