Friday, May 27, 2011

I've missed a few days

I just haven't felt like talking to this blog.  Work was anxiety filled.  And the fact that my house has been on the market for ONE SOLID YEAR wasn't a subject I wanted to address. And so I just let the blog sit for a few days.

Things I know for sure:
When it comes to work I am becoming almost intolerant of untidiness.  I can't stand it when I can't find something or when things are scattered around the room.  And being in another woman's "kitchen" for 6 weeks was so stressful for me.  I did tidy up a few things.  But I didn't feel free to arrange the room's furniture properly.  That environment would never pass an inspection.  And that bothered me every single day.

I had an anxiety attack over the memory books when I realized the classroom teacher had NOT kept up with important memories.  There were no birthday photos, no holiday photos, no anecdotal photos.  Nothing.    I didn't know what to do.  I made a file for each student and began sorting through the few things she had gathered.  And even those things were pitiful.  I told myself repeatedly that I was only responsible for activities after spring break.  But it was embarrassing to send home these pitiful scrapbooks.   I wanted to apologize to each parent and I handed them the binders.  Not a good day for me.

I was happy to leave on my last day.  I will always be sure the whole program could be so much better.

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