Friday, May 27, 2011


Wednesday night as I.T. girl and I lounged around watching the American Idol final results show, Ironman called.

"Are you sitting down?"

"well, sorta lounging down"

"you are about to get an offer on the house.  "AS IS"

I was stunned.  But waiting for the other foot to fall.  (Is that the expression)


Wow.  It's been months since we've had an offer that high.  Our asking price is $365K.  But we know it won't sell for that.  Our lowest /bottom line is $340K.  Or $339,999.  We have to pay off the existing mortgage.  And have enough $$ left over for closing, commissions and to buy us a new bigger super nice house.

And so the realtor emailed a copy of the contract.  Sure enough, it does say "AS IS" which is so exciting and such a relief.  Obviously Ironman wants to counter.  Ugh.  I sure wanted to say SOLD!  But I know we need more money.

This morning we countered at $349,999.  And 50 cents.  No, j/k.  Although we did think about that doing just that.  Adding the 50 cents.

This is our 5th offer.  I'm tired.  I'm ready to sell.  I want these buyers to come back and say "Okay" or "How about $340K?" Either way we'd say SOLD.

We came down $15K.  So they should come up 15K.  Don't you think?  That would put us at $335K.  From there I'm sure we could get them up to $340K.  SURELY!!

Ironman does not think we will ever find a seller around here who will work with us on a price.  When the tables are turned and we are the buyers, he just doesn't think we will ever find a pretty big ass house for the money we'll have.  What is up with that?  I just know we will.

This offer expires at 5pm on May 31.  I.T. girl's birthday.
Their requested closing date is June 30   Dancer Girl's birthday.

I will not be sleeping until Tuesday at 5pm.

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