Friday, June 3, 2011

Blog? What blog....

Has it been that long since I've had time to post something?

Things have been busy.  And oh, so hot.  Dang, it's so so hot.  Yesterday my car temperature thingie read 103.

I don't have many photos, because as usual I don't have a good camera.  I need to work on that.

School is over for the summer.  We haven't received the final report cards yet.  We can check I.T. girl's grades online.  Dancer Girl's grades are still in transit.  I have no idea what to expect.  The Engineer got his grades several weeks ago.  He is officially a third year student.

Update on our house for sale:  we are still under contract.  Closing Date is set for June 30.  That is 27 days away.  So so so many things could go wrong.  

The home inspector came yesterday.  That guy talked and talked and talked.  And he was slow and slow and slow.  He was most definitely thorough.  And more than once he'd comment how hot it was outside and how cool it was inside.  That's good, right?  He only told Ironman and I two things:  our garage door is broken (we knew that.  Called a repairman.  He did not show. Yet.  Wanted it repaired before the inspection.  What happened to him?  The motor works, it just isn't "catching the chain".  )  Also, our fireplace needs cleaning.  Are those things dealbreakers?  No.  But that's what I thought about the other inspection we had.

This home inspector - heretofor referred to as "Jibber Jabber" - he said the other buyers were probably just looking for any reason to back out.  And so they took the yellow belly way out and sighted the inspection report.  But truth be told, they just got cold feet and maybe jumped in too soon.  Who knows.  That was a bad day.

And so Jibber Jabber arrived at 8:30am and left just before 2pm.  I told you he was thorough.  And slow.  Oh, so slow.

We are waiting for the inspection report.  He'll give it to the buyer's agent.  Who will give it to the buyers.  And a copy to our agent.  Who will email it to us.  I hope it's today.

We have 27 more days to go until closing.  Holding my breath.

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