Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Storage Unit

I rented a temperature controlled storage room on Monday.  It is 10X25.  The lady said "Do you need one that large?" Yes!  I want one that large.  I made a list of all the heavy large furniture that we will be forced to place in storage until we buy a new large house.
Here's the photo.  I hope I can load it.

Good, the upload technique I used worked.  You just never know.  Anyway, this is the empty storage unit.  I will post another photo when it's filled.  Wow it felt nice in that building.  Constant temperature of 72 degrees.  It had to be 172 outside
Here's my list of things we are putting in our cool room:

3 armoires
2 queen size beds  and one is a pottery barn bed that I will watch like a hawk
2 queen size mattress sets
1 futon
1 sofa
2 china cabinets
1 breakfront
1 large pottery barn table that I guard with my life.  I will be nervous about moving it.
1 wooden bench
2 rocking chairs
1 treadmill
1 overstuffed chair with ottoman
2 wingback chairs
patio furniture set (rod iron)
3or 4 bicycles.  Honestly, I don't even know how many we have.
boxes and boxes and boxes of holiday decorations
boxes and boxes and boxes of classroom materials - and I've sorted and organized all these materials.  Still have SO much.
1 large open front bookcase.  I guarantee you Ironman will want to just leave it.

I may be missing a few things, but you see the conundrum.  All this has stayed at our House for Sale.  We just have nowhere to put it.  Because the Engineer is home from college, we're going to move this stuff into storage while we can use his strength and work horse muscles.  

When we find a new house, we are hiring a professional moving company to move us in. 

I'll take some photos of moving day.  It's going to be hot and sweaty but exciting.

I.T. girl told me twice yesterday that she did not want to move back.  Just out of the blue she said, "I just can't go back".   

In other news:  got my roots done yesterday.  Asked Katie to please color over the blond highlights.  I do not like being a blond.  I feel much better now.  It was wild in that salon yesterday.  Crowded and noisy.  I've never seen it that crowded.

Today I plan on packing more and more boxes.  Yesterday I packed up the sewing/craft/homework room.  Seemed like it took a couple of hours.  I ran out of bubble wrap.  Dancer Girl packed up several boxes worth of her things.  I think she's the one who used most of the bubble wrap.  

I need to run by PetSmart and get my free dog food. (yes, I still coupon)

I want to make the poppy seed chicken salad today.  I need chinese noodles.  And I'll check on the Minute Maid lemonade The Engineer enjoys.  Kroger has been selling it for $1.  

Yesterday I was in Brookshires and in their meat case they had armadillo eggs rolled in bacon.  YUCK.  I wanted to badly to take a photo even though I only had my phone but it was crowded.  I won't miss an opportunity like that again. Even if people are watching!

House Update:  20 days until closing.  

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