Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zat

Zit, Zat, Zun

This blog challenge has been fun.

And now it's D.O.N.E.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today is Sunday

Today is a day of rest from the A to Z challenge.  We have one letter left.  That letter will have to wait until tomorrow.  For today I am going to rant and complain.

I know, I know, this blog can be crazy and silly.  But that's okay.  Life is that way.  Today I am not feeling it.  I don't feel like being on.  I feel like complaining.  So I'm going to do it.  Get it off my chest.  I'll be able to move on and probably see the humor if I just type it all out.  So here goes.

To my coworkers:

!.  Please quit talking about yourself.  Endlessly.  To the exclusion of others.  It's annoying and selfish.  I've come to not even mention happenings in my own life for feat I'll be stuck listening to you talk about yourself for 5 minutes straight.
Me:  I'd like to see that movie.
Her:  That is the best movie. We went twice already.  Son #1 loved it.  He came home and built a life-size model of the car from that movie in the backyard.  He is amazing with the stuff he can do.  I think he's the most marvelous kid in the world.  Do you know another kid who could see a movie and return home to replicate it?  I remember once................ blah blah blah.

Sorry I mentioned it.

2.  Please stop gossiping about the parents at school.  It hurts my feelings.

3.  Please clean up after yourself.  The mess and clutter is driving me insane.

4.  Listen more.  Talk less.

To my Neighbors:

Your yards are beautiful.  Thank you for the flowers.  Seriously, they make my day.
See?  My rant isn't all about complaining!

To Television Networks:

Why do you take off the shows I enjoy?  I know many shows rotate.  They are on for 6 or 7 weeks, take a hiatus, return with new episodes.  How I miss them when they are gone.  

I guess I answered my own question/rant with that one.  Oh well.

All in all I don't have a lot to complain about.   My children are polite, responsible and make good grades.  My husband works hard and makes a good living.  He always refers to the money as "our money".   We are not mean to each other.  We go to church every Sunday.  We clean up our own messes.

I hope today's weather is as beautiful as yesterday's.

Tomorrow:  I have the day off!  WOOP WOOP

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I had such a nice Saturday.

I.T. girl got up early.  Well, 9am.  That's early for her.   Her study group from school came over to work on a history project.   They had a good time and finished the assignment.  Then she tye dyed a few T shirts for an assignment from another class.  She was in a productive mood today.  YAY!

Dancer Girl returned home tired but happy from her school trip.  She also got up early for musical practice.  We are getting closer and closer to opening night and I am so ready.  YAY!

The Engineer called.  He is wrapping up his junior year in college.  I'm ready for him to be home.  YAY!

Ironman helped me sort, purge and organize the garage.  WOW!!  YIPPIE YI YAY!  That was the best of all.  I should take a photo.  Yes, I will take a photo and post it as a celebration.

The weather was sunny.

I have Monday off.
That's right, a nice long 3 day weekend for me.  YIPPIE............ well, you know.

What did you enjoy today?

Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for XOXOXO

Okay, so that's not a word.  Have you ever googled "words that begin with X"?   I'm pretty sure you have.  

All I could think of was X-ray and xylophone.  I guess from Hop on Pop.  Constantinople and Timbuktu.

This was a hard letter to blog.  I even went to Pinterest and just searched "X".  Found a lot of Xmas and Xtra.  Stuff like that.  And one or two X-rated photos.  Whoops.  I had no idea........

Today at preschool I had a girl list all the letters she knows.   She would draw them in the sky for me to guess.   Because I was sitting across from her, the imaginary sky writing was backwards just adding to the fun!


She formed a S in the air.  An A and a O.  She asked me how to make a V.  Then she ran out of ideas.

I told her "You know how to print  X"

"Oh yes, I know X.  Like in 'I Love You'.  X.  And O is for the hugs."

So XOXOXO to all my new followers.

And listen, throw me something for this post.  It's Friday.  I've had a long week.  And X is just plain hard people!!

Tomorrow:  Y.

2 more letters and we will be crossing the finish line.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Women

I will never figure out women.  And I'm one of them!

Working with adult women is the most challenging and difficult part of my job:
so many personalities, so many opinions, so many women.

And I see it even in preschool with the boys and girls.

Boys have a conflict, they punch or hit, fuss at each other and in a few minutes it's all over.  They are once again buddies.

Girls have a conflict - they tend to pair up.  This group vs. that group.  They tattle.  And they say unkind things to each other.  Even in preschool.

Sometimes grown women act like preschool girls.

Women should encourage one another.  Women should be kind and thoughtful, ambitious and persistent.  We should hold each other up.  We should be helpful and inspiring.

Competition is fine but not at the expense of someone else's esteem.

I want to put on my Dr. Phil hat and say, "How's that working for ya?"

Crazy, crazy.

So I took the afternoon off.  I called a substitute. Yes, another WOMAN.  She was free and willing so I left at noon.

WWWWEEEEEEE!  I have the afternoon off!

For my finale, I found this on the web:

There is always a line at the women's room.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Values

Letter V.  That's a tough one.  I thought of many V words that I could use for today's post.

Vacation?  No, I'm too tired to even think about it.  Too tired to pack and plan.

Vivacious?  I did think about that one.  But I don't feel vivacious.  And neither does anyone I saw today.  It's getting hot, people.  Humid and hot.

Victory?  No..........

And then I was standing with a coworker today when a friend walked up and asked about "THE BOOK"  You know the one......... the one I discussed yesterday.  Seems coworker had mentioned to friend that THE BOOK was hidden in her room if she'd like to take it home to read.  Friend searched the room.  Book was hidden, well hidden.

Now, if you have to HIDE the crazy thing........... does that give you pause?  

What are your values?

And that's where it hit me.  V is for Values.

Nope.  Not a prude am I.  But there are some things that just cross the line for me.  Listen, there are plenty of shades of gray (more than 50) but when it comes to certain things the word is a stark black and white.

Even when no one is looking, I will still do my assigned work.
Even when I know no one will  check the portfolio assessments, I work to kept them accurate and up to date
Even when I'm not expecting company, I have a clean house.
**Speaking of that, did you see Hoarders Sunday night?   It was a shocker.


Treat other with kindness.
Be gentle with other's feelings.
Tell the truth.
Remember that silence is golden.  (never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.  Works 95% of the time.  )
Do your best.
Listen more, talk less.
Be helpful.
Encourage others.

CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS.  Sorry, got carried away.  Just had to let it out.

I'm tired today.  We are all tired.  And cranky!  Wow.  So cranky.

Maybe I do need a vacation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Uninterested Am I

Before I began weaving this post, I actually had to make sure that the word "uninterested" fit.  Disinterested?  Uninterested?  Is uninterested even a word?  No wonder they say the English language is the most difficult to learn.

Googled it.
Disinterested - lack of bias
Uninterested - lack of interest

Okay, good.  Uninterested  definitely describes how I feel about this book:

Before  you decide to comment on this post and educate me on this work of fiction I'm going to be straight up with you and say that I have not read any part of it and furthermore have no interest whatsoever in reading it.    But everybody at work seems to be reading it.  Devouring it is more like it.  They have all shared the books, downloaded the trilogy to their nooks and kindles.  I overheard one coworker today say that she had it on her iPhone.  And because she has the cloud she is concerned her teenage daughter will be able to get her hands on it.

I've only heard bits and pieces of the plot.  But I've heard enough.

Because I needed a "U" word for today's blog post I began to think of other popular things I'm uninterested in.

Hmmmmm, let me think.

Uninterested Am I:

I am uninterested in ancestry. Hey,  I heard you gasp.  Some people enjoy it immensely.   But............. will have to do without me.

I am uninterested in Antique Roadshow.  Ironman watched that often.  Anytime it's on.

And the last one (because I'm supposed to keep it short)

I am uninterested in roughing it as in camping,  or hiking,  or sleeping in an R.V.    I have no desire to have aching feet and an aching back and a sunburn at the end of the day!!

Let me hear.  What popular thing are you uninterested in?

Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Turn Around

Dancer Girl is leaving on an overnight school trip this week.   So we are down to the wire on the "what to bring" list.

Yes, of course I've known about this trip for weeks.  Sheesh

For most of the day today I tried to arrange my afternoon in my head.  I wanted to figure out the most efficient way to get everything done that needs to be done and still make it home with my sanity in time for Dancing with the Stars.  Truth be told, I haven't watched Dancing With the Stars since the season Donny Osmond was on.  The only season that truly matters.

I got off the subject.  Back to today:

Because D.G. stays after school every day for middle school musical rehearsal (please, let this musical be over soon) she cannot go with me until after 5pm.

I could take a chance and grab the few things she needs for the trip without her.
But that would be a BIG chance as she's 13 and quite particular.

I also need to visit my vacation home  for those little things you can't wait for such as toilet tissue, milk and dog food.

Also on my list was my weekly weight watchers meeting.  How can I squeeze that in?

So much to do and not enough time.  But I finally figured out a schedule in my mind and was ready for the challenge.

Right when I thought I had it all figured out - Ironman comes home from work. And he is in a most unpleasant mood.  He sits down and asks me how my day was tells me immediately that he has to be out of town tomorrow.  And the meeting is early.  Which means he'll have to leave home early.  Not a happy camper is he.

My plans make a big TURN AROUND.  

I was thinking of asking Ironman to pick up the groceries.   Now I don't think I'll be doing that.  I think I'll just do it all.

My turn around plan:

I'll weigh in early.  Before the meeting begins. And not stay for the meeting.  I've decided Monday is not a good day for me to have a 6pm meeting.  I need to check the website. Thursday could work.  I'll let you know.  So for today, no meeting.

Then I'll pick up D.G.

Then we'll go run the errands.  I'll grab something quick for supper.  Like fish.  Fish is quick.  I can make a big salad.  Throw the fish under the broiler.  Something like that.  Everyone will be happy.

Don't you hate it when your plans get turned around?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today is a day off from the A to Z challenge.  


We are almost finished with the alphabet.

I am almost finished with the school year.

I like challenges that have a definite beginning and a definite ending.

 Deadlines are good.

The clock is not a suggestion it is a deadline.

I do not like to be late.  And by late I mean....... I need to be 15 - 20 minutes early.  True story.

I can not STOP until I am finished.  Yes, I've always been that way.

Therefore I will finish the A to Z challenge.

Onward Ho!

Cross your fingers and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye.  Remember that?
Crazy things I remember.  That has nothing to do with anything.  I just thought I'd share.

See you tomorrow for letter T.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Secrets

Sounds ominous, doesn't it?

Here we go:      Secrets I  Rarely Tell, and one or two I NEVER TELL

In no particular order:

10.  I strongly dislike chocolate.
9.  I'd rather be at home than anywhere else
8.  My dog sometimes drives me crazy.
7.  I rarely sleep through the night.
6.  I get up early, early and clean my house.  Usually 4:30 - 5:30 am.
5.  I know how to fix the Wii, I just pretend like I don't.
4.  I also know how to change motor oil and flat tires
3.  I have family members that I've completely lost touch with
2.  I love to thrift shop

and the top secret about me:


What's your secret?  I won't tell

R is for Rain, Rain, Rain

It rained today.  It rained for the whole day.

Rain can be relaxing, comforting and pleasant.  But not when you have errands.  Lots of errands.  

The day started out fine like being pulled from the mud.  I was so TIRED.  If I had a dollar for every time I said that I'd take all of us to Walt Disney World.  

When you are a lower school teacher, rain sends chills down your spine.  NO PLAYGROUND!   So the day was extra busy and extra loud.  But we made it through with no problems.  

The errands began after the final bell.  Post office and bank, the usual stops.  What was that "ding" I just heard?  Are you kidding me?  I NEED GAS?  Just great.   If there's one thing I cannot stand to do is fill the tank.   The smell and the crowd and the $ - I avoid it if I can.  I sweet talk Ironman into filling my tank every chance I get.  Years ago I told my friends the man I marry only has to do 2 things:  take out the trash and FILL UP MY CAR.  And I meant it.  Sorta.  But this time there was no procrastinating.  I had to get gas in the rain.  Why do gas stations have so many puddles?  I had to actually roll up my pant legs.  I didn't get soaking wet but close.

The big news:  Dancer Girl and I stopped off and purchased a new phone for her.  She already had a cell phone but it's time for an upgrade and I wanted her to have a reliable phone for her school trip next week.    She didn't really need a new phone, I just wanted her to have one.

My friends at work had told me more than once to purchase the phone at Best Buy because they replace broken phones for free.  Well, that's where we went.  The protection plan is $14.99 a month.  Pay that and they'll replace your phone for free.  You do the math

It was still raining as we drove home from the restaurant.  Oh yes, we stopped off for barbecue, too.  Mainly because the restaurant had an empty parking lot.   I needed to eat in peace and quiet.

If all the raindrops were lollipops and lemon drops, oh what a rain it would be!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quagmire

Quagmire = Predicament

I had many a quagmire today.

In case you are wondering, there was no quagmire about the picnic pants.  The answer is no!

Here's one.  Just one of those little things that come up in daily life that make me tired. And hungry.

I posted my treadmill on Craig's List.  So sad.  I used that treadmill daily  when I felt like it.
And actually I did feel like it most of the time.  But now we have moved to a different house in a different neighborhood and there is just no room for the monstrosity equipment.

I first listed it for $50.  No takers.  I was shocked and surprised.  No interest?  At all?  Maybe I didn't post it in the right category.  Nope.  It's there.  I guess nobody is in the market for a perfectly good treadmill.

That was a month ago.  It stayed listed on Craig's List for 30 whole days.

Ironman was losing patience.  He has hated disliked that thing since we got it.  Getting rid of a treadmill is not a quagmire you say?  Oh, yes it is.  For me it is.  You don' know the discussions we have had about that thing.

Yesterday driving to work I began to think about what to do with the treadmill and this idea of just posting it as FREE came to me.  Well, may as well.  I'd like to get money for it but at this point I just want somebody to take it out of my garage.

The quagmire began when I got no less than 30 responses for the free of charge torture instrument.  Which one do I choose?  Obviously I went by the time.  The first person who responded got the call.  COME GET IT, I said.    He says he'll be here at 4:30.

I hope he does show up.  I want him to take it.  I want him to use and enjoy it.

And I don't want him to be an ax murderer.  I'll let you know.  Or not.

I can't wait to give an update.  Stay tuned


Dennis arrived, loaded the treadmill and happily drove away.  He told me he has a disabled son who really is in the need of a treadmill to just walk a few steps every day.  Wow.  I guess the treadmill would be easier?  I don't know.

Bless him.

Now for the next quagmire:  Do I tell Ironman I gave it away?  Or do I avoid the issue when he asks?  Or do I ........ you know, spin a tall tale?  Hmmm  He doesn't read this blog.  I don't think.  Maybe he does.    I don't tell people I have a blog.  Do you?  Oh wait, that's a topic for another letter.  Maybe letter T.  "Telling secrets"  Can't wait for that one.

I'll let you know.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Picnic Pants

I have nothing to say.  This photo says it all!

O is for Oops, I did it again!

Organization is my hobby.  So how in the world have I fallen behind a letter on this alphabet challenge?  I don't know if it's lack of organization or if I'm just so busy.   Yes, I'm busy.  Which makes me tired.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

See this pile?

Is this a pile or a mountain?

Either way, these are my coupons that need to be sorted and filed.  I've just stuffed them in the back of the binder or in the little zipper compartment and now nothing else will fit.  And I need to go to my vacation home - Chez Kroger - after work today so I tackled the challenge.  Or attempted to tackle.

I sorted food/nonfood/household.  Yes, those categories make sense to me!

I only had enough energy to divide the food coupons into their appropriate categories. The rest of the paper slips went back in to the pocket.  They'll be there waiting for me later.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Noooooooo ):

I missed a blog post.

So sad.

But listen, there was just no way.  The day I had?  No way.

It was Monday, after all, and that always brings a sluggish start.  I managed to get to work on time and made it through the morning.  By mid day I had a pounding headache.
After school I found Dancer Girl in musical rehearsal and told the director she just had to go to the doctor.  She's had a cough and a sore throat for several days.  So she was excused.

Made it to the doctor.  Did the usual tests.  Conclusion?  STREP THROAT.  Well, how's that for mother of the year?

There is a cupcake bakery next door and after she got a big ole shot in the hip I offered to go by and pick her out a treat.  She didn't feel like it.  Now, that's how you know you are sick.

Made it by Walgreens, got the Rx, made it home close to 7pm.  Ironman had made some tacos.  By then I was so hungry and tired I could have eaten .......... well, anything!  But I was thankful I had real food to eat.

As I was falling in the bed at 9pm the thought of this blog and the letter "N" did enter my mind.  A crow bar could have pried me out of the bed.  I was wiped out.

I'll catch back up later today.

It's definitely going to be take out night around here.  O will be for "O, I'm not cooking"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mom is Home Alone

Today was the day.  I've been excited about it for a week.  I've been looking forward to it, plotting and planning, and holding my breath. Bad weather could have blocked it.  A sore throat and missed day of school almost derailed it.  

 It doesn't happen very often.  And I was looking forward to it.

 I was going to be home alone for a couple of hours!  

Does that sound boring to you?  or lonely?  Well let me tell you, it's neither of those things for me.  I relished the thought.  

And it happened.  Ironman left the house early.   I.T. Girl left about 8am.  And Dancer Girl left about 10am.  And so from 10am until 1pm I was HOME ALONE!!  

Ahhhh the house was so quiet.  Peaceful and quiet.  

Love, love, love having time alone at home.

What did I do?  

I cleaned up my house!!!!   It's actually quiet enjoyable to me.  I started upstairs and worked my way down.  Laundry, bathrooms, changed linens, vacuumed every single room, shined every single mirror.  

Yes, I could have painted my toenails.  I could have watched a movie.  I could have taken a nap!  

I like to keep house.  And it's so much easier to clean when you are alone.  When things are clean and tidy and sparkling I am more relaxed and peaceful.

I guess I'm officially............... settled.  Did you think I was going to say "over the hill?"


What do you like to do when you have a few hours alone at home?

Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lies

Big and fat ones, harmless and insignificant ones, even small and white - we have all told a lie sometime or the other.

So L is for liar, liar pants on fire.

I tried to really think today - which was brutal since it's Friday.  The week I thought would never end........... finally Friday.  Thinking was exhausting.  But I managed.

I thought about my lies.

Lies I consider "ordinary"  (Hey, don't judge!)  I lied at the DMV about my weight.

Daily Lies - Things I say such as "Oh, what a good idea!"  when it's not. Or "you did a nice job."  when it's a mess.  Things like that.  Because my "lie" will do much more good than the truth.

Lie of omission:  I have a good story about this one.   It's one of those epic, classic stories.  I'll make it short.

Picture this:  I'm in the 8th grade.  Earth Science Lab. UGH  DOUBLE UGH.  Right after lunch, no less.  I sat in the back every day along with 3 or 4 other girls.  Did we listen?  NOPE.  Did we write notes and draw pictures and pass them around?  What do you think?

Report Card Day with a twist.  I remember I had a B in the class.  Honestly don't know how I pulled out a B.  But under the comment section there was a "9"  Looking at the legend I see a "9" means "Teacher requests conference with parent"
Obviously I knew what that was all about.

In the '70s they distributed computer printed report cards at school to the students.  They were not mailed to parent's address.  It was well before computer grade books  parents can access  24/7.

Was I going to let Mom see that "9"?

 I folded the report card into 8ths.  Maybe even 16ths.  Stuffed it into my jeans pocket.  WASHED THE JEANS.  Threw them in the dryer.  Then WASHED THE JEANS A SECOND TIME.  Threw them in the dryer.

And then I gently pulled out the paper, unfolded it and gave it to my mother explaining that I "accidentally" washed my report card.  The paper was so distressed and the ink illegible.  But you could see the grades enough to figure them out.

Did I mention the "9"?  NO WAY

Have I ever mentioned the "9" to her?  NO WAY

Should I call her right now............ 38 years later .......... and tell her?  NO WAY

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for the Krazy Coupon Lady

Remember S&H Green Stamps?  Even if you don't remember them from your childhood, you must remember them from The Brady Bunch.  Remember the time the family saved up all those stamps and then the girls wanted a sewing machine and the boys wanted a boat (?)  and the 2 sides could not agree how to "spend" the trading stamps.

They ended up buying a television set for the family room.  The kind that had rabbit ears and probably had 3 channels.

I do not know if they even have S&H Green Stamps anymore.

Thank goodness for the Krazy Coupon Ladies.

In recent years I've really started using coupons.  My biggest challenge was not clipping them but remembering to take them with me to the store.  And once I got to the store, being organized enough to match them to the product and present them to the cashier.  It was enough to make me sweat!

I could plug in the fan just thinking about it.

But then I discovered

That krazy lady will show you everything you need to begin.  Don't be overwhelmed.  Just take it one step at a time.

Nope.  I don't hoard.  I don't clear shelves.  I don't buy items we do not need.  That's why I'm not on those extreme coupling shows.  It's not interesting enough for television when I have $50 in coupons.  But it's interesting to me!

Here's my coupon binder.  I clip coupons on Sunday from the newspaper.

Slip them in the page protector.  I use those baseball trading card pocket protector sheets.  It looks daunting but honestly it's not.

I can never find coupons for fresh produce or fish.  But if I can save enough money each month to pay for the cell phone bill I"m happy.

So check out their website.  

Tell them I sent you.

And they'll say "WHO?"  They don't know me from Adam.  Or Marcia.  Or Greg.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jobs

It's 10pm and I'm FINALLY sitting down.  It has been a long, long day.

So, now to today's blog letter.  This is going to be short.  It's late.

J is for Jobs.

I had Diane Sawyer on as I was chopping vegetables for supper.  (I don't know what channel anybody comes on.  So I just call it by their name.  I just don't have the energy to figure it all out.)  Anyway the last story of the night was about jobs -  not job security or joblessness statistics but other job trivia.  I went to the website to find out some trivia for tonight.

#1 job:  Software Engineer

Happiest Job:  Software Quality Assurance Engineer.

Do we see a trend?

The #2 happiest job is Executive Chef.

Now for the bad news:

The worst job:  Lumberjack

The unhappiest job:  #1  Security Officer
 #2  Registered Nurse
#3  Classroom Teacher

I'm still thinking about changing jobs.  And now that my job is the third most unhappy one in America I think I should get busy on that.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for......

This was a tough one.  Letter  i.  Letter i.  What can I blog about that begins with letter i.
I actually thought about instructions for building an igloo. But that's not practical.  Unless you're an eskimo.  Is that politically incorrect?  Sorry if it is.

I thought about it off and on all day.  I looked around the classroom.  Hmmm what do we have in here that is interesting?  Hey, interesting!  That begins with an i.

Nah.  Too predictable.

Indictment?  Too serious

Injury?  Too much to worry about.

Itch?  Too ordinary.

I purposely did NOT read any A to Z blogs today.  At least not so far.  I did not want to be influenced.  Hey, INFLUENCED!!  I sure can think of a lot of words that begin with i. Trouble is, I don't have much to say about those words.

What do you do when you don't know the answer?  You google it, of course.

So I googled i... and let the google genie predict a word.

Scrolling down I saw the most interesting search.

"Illegal Baby Names"  Oh yes, that is IT.

I is for Illegal Baby Names.  HA  I bet nobody else in this challenge chose that.  (Somebody text me if someone else actually chose this subject. )

So it seems in New Zealand there is a list of 102 names parents are not allowed by order of law to name their babies.


All these are too similar to royal titles.


For obvious reason, not allowed.

Any names containing only numbers.
Any names spelled with only one letter.  Such as "O".

It got me to wondering.  The USA doesn't have a ban on any baby names.  Obviously there are names in bad taste that hopefully adults have more sense than to choose.

So I googled again.  The most interesting baby names.

Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu-Morrow.
Alisa Silverstone's baby boy is named Bear Blu.

You can also spell your baby's name anyway you want.

Over the years I've taught Kayleah, Kalee, Kaylee, Kaelee, Kailee, Khailee........... the list goes on and on.

Signing off now for letter i.

Patti.  With an i.  Not a y.  And not an ie.  Just a plain i at the end.  :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for How To Fold Towels Like A Professional

Maybe I'm grasping at straws to find 26 blog posts.

I thought of several topics.  Let's see, letter H.  Hungry?  Hosting?  Honesty?  Horror?
None of them seemed just right.

Then I decided I wouldn't try to wow anybody with my wit.  I'd just show something practical.  Yes, that will be my theme.  Practical stuff.

And so here we go.  How to fold a towel like a professional.

 Lay towel flat on a flat surface.  My towel has a few wrinkles.  Do as I say, not as I do.
 You are going to fold the towel into fourths.  Eyeball the center.  Fold the bottom up to the center line.
 Fold the top down to the center line so that the ends meet but do not overlap.  (just a note here.  Those big beach towels I have?  I only fold them into thirds.  )
 Then fold together on the center line.
 Fold the ends to the middle without overlapping.
 Fold one side on top of the other.  And there you go.  Nice and neat.
They stack very nice and orderly under the sink.


Yes, those are my real towels.  I thought about scouring the house for a complete matching set but why do that?  This is real life.  And besides, I'm busy!!

Now I need to think of something practical for letter i.  How to build an igloo?

I'll have to think about this one.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for God's Beautiful World

 God's beautiful world.....
 God's beautiful world..........
 I love God's beautiful world..........
 He made it for you........
 He made it for me.......
 I love God's beautiful world.
 Easter Memories
 Enjoy your weekend.
Happy Easter Day

Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friday!

Friday, Friday.

I couldn't think of anything better to add to the alphabet, than to show what I did today on Friday!

 I added a few yellow flowers to mason jars I painted yellow.

 Whipped up some rice krispie treats.

 Shopped the house for this Easter Table Centerpiece.  Yes, I used those plastic eggs.  Why not?  I've had them for years and now they are sentimental plastic eggs.

Went to Krogers.  Did you know they are having a big sale on bbq sauce and ketchup?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Especially

I love to organize and sort and purge and clean and rearrange.  Especially today.  My teacher workday was spend cleaning up my classroom and it smells and looks neat and tidy.

I love to come home after work.  Especially today when I got off an hour early.

I love the evening before a long weekend begins.  Especially today when all my chicks will be sleeping under the same room.

I love tulips.  Especially when Ironman brings some home unexpectedly.  Just because.

I love my label maker.  Especially when I discovered colored tape that fits!

I love this A to Z challenge.  Especially the rules that says "make it short."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty.  Yes, today is the day I'm going to get a few things off my chest.  It's been building up for a while and I just need to let it all out.  So if you are easily offended, please don't read this.  Or at least don't TELL me how offended you are.  I am in no mood, people.

Up first:  Annoying Coworkers.  OH MY GOSH my school is infested with them.

To: Miss "I'm the only woman who has ever been pregnant so feel free to gaze"  Your smug expression does not make you likable.  Do you even try to be pleasant?  Don't correct me on one more thing or I'm going to blow.  I'm old enough to be your  mother, have 15 years more experience than you, and I've known dozens of pregnant ladies.  Shoot, I've been pregnant!  Get some rest, have a healthy baby, and stay away from me.

To:  Miss "I'm Good At It All"  Honey..........  let's face reality.  Where should I begin?  Your marriage?  Your children?  Your finances?  Your home keeping skills?  YOUR CLASSROOM?  Ugh woman.  Someone told me "she's a train wreck, and we all just take care of her"  Well, thank goodness you do have good friends to take care of you.  I am so tired of having to politely listen to your tales of mountains climbed when I know that you are tripping over painted lines.  I will help but I will not enable.

To:  The two women who make little jabbing comments to me about my Christianity.  What is up with that?  Yes, I'm a Christian.  I have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have a enjoyable and inspirational church family.  I am a church goer and have been since I was a child.  I fall short every day, but I do strive to do it all for the glory of the One who made me.  What I don't do is preach.  I don't pontificate or even talk about my faith, really.  But wowza.  Once it became known that I'm Christian, the comments from others were undeserved and unexpected.  I know you would never, ever make a comment about a Muslim or a Hindu.  We have all religions represented by the families in our school.   Please do not make any more stupid remarks about "church".  I had 2 ladies talking about their Easter Sunday Menu and one turned to me and said, "Oh, you'll be a church" with a snide sound.  I simply smiled and said "Yes"  Do they think we won't eat on Sunday?  I really felt insulted.  So, the attitude needs to stop now.

Along those same lines, there are certain personal decisions I have made about my behavior that are for me and me alone.  I just decided.  And that was that. You are free to make your own decisions.  And your choices are none of my business.  As mine are none of yours, thank you very much.  Case in point:   I do not drink alcohol.  Now, do I care if you drink?  Uh, nope.  Not unless you're driving!  It was a struggle back in high school to be the one who abstained.  I thought I was past it.  Suddenly I'm facing that discrimination again.  What in the world is up with that?  And frankly, if you're drinking and drinking every single night maybe you need to taper off a bit.  And don't talk to me about it every day. I'm not interested.

I know these blog posts are supposed to be short.  But I have a couple more.

What is text etiquette?  When you text someone............... should you expect a reply?  Or at the very least, an acknowledgement that the text was received?  I realize it won't be immediate and may, in fact, be several hours.  But I know eventually Miss Important will notice she has a text.

Same with emails.  Personal emails I'm talking about

I am SICK of being ignored.  At least send me a short comment in return.  When you have time.  Idiot.

The last down and dirty gripe I have is to all the stupid women I know.  My mother used to say there is nothing worse than a stupid woman.

Here is an exchange that happened just today.  First, a little background.  I am a teacher.  I have a student who brings his lunch from home.  I usually open his lunch, takeout the soy milk or the water and place it in the classroom refrigerator.   It's just a little thing I can do in the name of thoughtfulness and it's not a burden whatsoever.

The first time I did that, I put a big (and I mean BIG) note on the outside of his lunchbox. "My Soy Milk is in the class refrigerator"

The woman who comes to my room to supervise lunch found me to ask if "Bill" had a milk.  Didn't you see the note?  OH!  I didn't even see that!

So from then on, when I removed his beverage I placed a note INSIDE "Bill's" lunch box. And I also would remind "Bill" that his drink was in the refrigerator.  And he would need to help MIss Lunch Helper find it.

You got the background now?  Long story but it's my DOWN AND DIRTY day.  I warned you .

Today "Bill" did not have a beverage of any kind in his lunch box from home.
Lunch Relief Lady was in the classroom.   I say to her "Bill" does not have a drink today"  Lunch Relief Lady walks to the refrigerator, opens the door and says "It's always in here.  It's in here very day.  Where is it? "  I said, "He doesn't have one today"  Lunch Relief Lady, "It should be in the refrigerator"  She is almost arguing with me.
Finally another teacher standing there says, "Well, the milk doesn't fly into the refrigerator by itself every day.  Patti puts in in there. "
And the Lunch Lady actually said, "Oh........ really?   I guess I never thought about that"  And she wasn't kidding.  Trust me, she was not kidding.

Here's your sign.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Curiosity

I was watching the small children in my class today as they played.  They play without care.  They have no hesitation to try something new.  Curiosity is abundant.  

I am curious what will happen if I stack all these blocks?
I am curious what is inside that box?
I am curious how fast this train will move around the track?
I am curious what this will taste like if I put it in my mouth??

Children are curious.  They don't have enough life experience to know what will happen if....

As an adult I have lost the childlike curiosity.  My curiosity now involves more mundane things.

I'm curious what I'll make for supper.
I'm curious how much that bill is going to be.  (!)

Albert Einstein once said that curiosity is the hallmark of a genius.  Or something like that.

Oh to be a genius!

I'd return to curiosity about the animals in the zoo and what they think about all those cameras?
I'd return to curiosity about the blue sky and the rainbow at the end of a storm.

Have you lost your curiosity?  Or are you a genius!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bravery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bravery.  Or being brave.  Being a hero.

Is it a fire fighter rushing in the 2 story flames to rescue a resident trapped?

Is it the innocent bystander that jumps into the lake to save a drowning stranger?

Yes, it could be those things.  And it is.

But in my every day, run of the mill, routine life, being brave doesn't follow those kind of extraordinary events.   Today I was thinking about bravery.  Thinking about times that I've had to step outside my comfort zone and put forth some effort.  It takes bravery because there's a real chance of disapproval.  Or worse yet, rejection.   I realize that lately I've missed opportunities to be brave because it was easier to remain still.

And so I challenged myself.  Step up to the plate.  Walk in that room full of strangers.  Volunteer.  Introduce yourself.  Ask questions.  Be an attentive listener.  Join the party.

For me that takes bravery.  I'm usually not bold.  I'm usually aloof.

But every day I'm getting braver.  And with practice, bravery becomes easier.

What little thing have you done that took a lot of bravery?

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I've decided to challenge myself and sign up for the A to Z blogging challenge.  Am I crazy?  What am I thinking?  Good Grief I don't have time for this, people!

But here goes.

 A is for ALWAYS.

I'm always on time.  (most of the time I'm early)

I'm always organized.   Unapologetically and disturbingly organized.  Always.

I'm always nice.  bahahahaha  Just thought I'd throw that one in for the fun of it.

I always have a new book on my Nook.

I always have a craft project drying.

I always listen for Ironman's car to pull into the garage.

I always follow the rules.

I always look forward to Friday.

I always have 10 pounds to lose.  (Ugh)

I always check and see what's on TLC and HGTV when I turn the television on.

I always think Will Ferrell is silly.  Which is the opposite of funny.  Silly = boring

I always love Donny Osmond.

I always think "what would MaryBeth Chapman do?" in awkward situations.

I always eat breakfast.

What do you always do?