Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quagmire

Quagmire = Predicament

I had many a quagmire today.

In case you are wondering, there was no quagmire about the picnic pants.  The answer is no!

Here's one.  Just one of those little things that come up in daily life that make me tired. And hungry.

I posted my treadmill on Craig's List.  So sad.  I used that treadmill daily  when I felt like it.
And actually I did feel like it most of the time.  But now we have moved to a different house in a different neighborhood and there is just no room for the monstrosity equipment.

I first listed it for $50.  No takers.  I was shocked and surprised.  No interest?  At all?  Maybe I didn't post it in the right category.  Nope.  It's there.  I guess nobody is in the market for a perfectly good treadmill.

That was a month ago.  It stayed listed on Craig's List for 30 whole days.

Ironman was losing patience.  He has hated disliked that thing since we got it.  Getting rid of a treadmill is not a quagmire you say?  Oh, yes it is.  For me it is.  You don' know the discussions we have had about that thing.

Yesterday driving to work I began to think about what to do with the treadmill and this idea of just posting it as FREE came to me.  Well, may as well.  I'd like to get money for it but at this point I just want somebody to take it out of my garage.

The quagmire began when I got no less than 30 responses for the free of charge torture instrument.  Which one do I choose?  Obviously I went by the time.  The first person who responded got the call.  COME GET IT, I said.    He says he'll be here at 4:30.

I hope he does show up.  I want him to take it.  I want him to use and enjoy it.

And I don't want him to be an ax murderer.  I'll let you know.  Or not.

I can't wait to give an update.  Stay tuned


Dennis arrived, loaded the treadmill and happily drove away.  He told me he has a disabled son who really is in the need of a treadmill to just walk a few steps every day.  Wow.  I guess the treadmill would be easier?  I don't know.

Bless him.

Now for the next quagmire:  Do I tell Ironman I gave it away?  Or do I avoid the issue when he asks?  Or do I ........ you know, spin a tall tale?  Hmmm  He doesn't read this blog.  I don't think.  Maybe he does.    I don't tell people I have a blog.  Do you?  Oh wait, that's a topic for another letter.  Maybe letter T.  "Telling secrets"  Can't wait for that one.

I'll let you know.


  1. Good luck telling Ironman--or not. ;)

  2. Decided to avoid the answer. He asked. I said "Why do you always ask about the money part" Kinda joking around. He said, "Because I'm poor and needy" and then I just changed the subject. I might tell him. Or not!

  3. You donated it to a man who has many, many other expenses when dealing with a disabled family member, and he paid you in warm fuzzies. 'Nuff said. :)