Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Curiosity

I was watching the small children in my class today as they played.  They play without care.  They have no hesitation to try something new.  Curiosity is abundant.  

I am curious what will happen if I stack all these blocks?
I am curious what is inside that box?
I am curious how fast this train will move around the track?
I am curious what this will taste like if I put it in my mouth??

Children are curious.  They don't have enough life experience to know what will happen if....

As an adult I have lost the childlike curiosity.  My curiosity now involves more mundane things.

I'm curious what I'll make for supper.
I'm curious how much that bill is going to be.  (!)

Albert Einstein once said that curiosity is the hallmark of a genius.  Or something like that.

Oh to be a genius!

I'd return to curiosity about the animals in the zoo and what they think about all those cameras?
I'd return to curiosity about the blue sky and the rainbow at the end of a storm.

Have you lost your curiosity?  Or are you a genius!!


  1. I suppose my curiosity is in how I work things in knitting... What happens if I put this stitch behind this one? Will this color work with this one, or make it look tacky? What colors can I put together to make my "unmatched socks" pairs?


  2. I used to be curious - - now I'm just cautious. I liked curious better!

  3. I am always saying, "Well, now I have a need-to-know." It may be the only thing I have in common with cats. And we know how it worked out for at least one of them.