Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for XOXOXO

Okay, so that's not a word.  Have you ever googled "words that begin with X"?   I'm pretty sure you have.  

All I could think of was X-ray and xylophone.  I guess from Hop on Pop.  Constantinople and Timbuktu.

This was a hard letter to blog.  I even went to Pinterest and just searched "X".  Found a lot of Xmas and Xtra.  Stuff like that.  And one or two X-rated photos.  Whoops.  I had no idea........

Today at preschool I had a girl list all the letters she knows.   She would draw them in the sky for me to guess.   Because I was sitting across from her, the imaginary sky writing was backwards just adding to the fun!


She formed a S in the air.  An A and a O.  She asked me how to make a V.  Then she ran out of ideas.

I told her "You know how to print  X"

"Oh yes, I know X.  Like in 'I Love You'.  X.  And O is for the hugs."

So XOXOXO to all my new followers.

And listen, throw me something for this post.  It's Friday.  I've had a long week.  And X is just plain hard people!!

Tomorrow:  Y.

2 more letters and we will be crossing the finish line.


  1. I think that X is the hardest of all the letters. Nice post!

    I also wrote about XOXO. :)

  2. It is a hard word...I finished my challenge today and did X, Y and Z...happy A to Z-ing

  3. xxx's and ooo's are fabulous! Nothing at all wrong with this post. Reminded me of playing the imaginary air letter game with Bug when she was younger. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. HA! fun post. I think X and Q are the worst letters. We should skip them next year. I like your ranting post too. Made me laugh. It does feel good to just get it all out once in awhile.