Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for......

This was a tough one.  Letter  i.  Letter i.  What can I blog about that begins with letter i.
I actually thought about instructions for building an igloo. But that's not practical.  Unless you're an eskimo.  Is that politically incorrect?  Sorry if it is.

I thought about it off and on all day.  I looked around the classroom.  Hmmm what do we have in here that is interesting?  Hey, interesting!  That begins with an i.

Nah.  Too predictable.

Indictment?  Too serious

Injury?  Too much to worry about.

Itch?  Too ordinary.

I purposely did NOT read any A to Z blogs today.  At least not so far.  I did not want to be influenced.  Hey, INFLUENCED!!  I sure can think of a lot of words that begin with i. Trouble is, I don't have much to say about those words.

What do you do when you don't know the answer?  You google it, of course.

So I googled i... and let the google genie predict a word.

Scrolling down I saw the most interesting search.

"Illegal Baby Names"  Oh yes, that is IT.

I is for Illegal Baby Names.  HA  I bet nobody else in this challenge chose that.  (Somebody text me if someone else actually chose this subject. )

So it seems in New Zealand there is a list of 102 names parents are not allowed by order of law to name their babies.


All these are too similar to royal titles.


For obvious reason, not allowed.

Any names containing only numbers.
Any names spelled with only one letter.  Such as "O".

It got me to wondering.  The USA doesn't have a ban on any baby names.  Obviously there are names in bad taste that hopefully adults have more sense than to choose.

So I googled again.  The most interesting baby names.

Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu-Morrow.
Alisa Silverstone's baby boy is named Bear Blu.

You can also spell your baby's name anyway you want.

Over the years I've taught Kayleah, Kalee, Kaylee, Kaelee, Kailee, Khailee........... the list goes on and on.

Signing off now for letter i.

Patti.  With an i.  Not a y.  And not an ie.  Just a plain i at the end.  :)


  1. Since I know a Knight, and a Duke, have heard of someone naming the kid "5", and have an acquaintance by the name of "T", I guess none of them can go to New Zealand... Meh.

    Cute idea for your blog!

  2. My kids were just saying they'd name future sons Sherlock and Michelle (after me!) and I said sounds fine as long as nick names are allowed. I'd call them Shirley and Shell and that set off an uproar over children and names that aren't even real, I just had to laugh!