Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just because I wanted to...

I read lots of blogs.  Frugal Girl posted photos of a project she did repainted an end table.  So I decided to work on this MONSTROSITY.  I've hated this chest of drawers for centuries.  It's so old I'm pretty sure cavemen built it.  I had nothing to lose, really.  This top photo is after I took off the awful handles.  Just plain forgot to take a photo of it.  So it's handle-less

 Who knew we had a screwdriver with a light?  Nobody ever told me.
 Here's the top drawer in all it's glory.  First step:  remove all that paint
 Sander.  Started with 100 grade.  Then went to 60 grade. Finally went to 50 grade and that was like magic.  I had 3 coats of paint to grind off.  This part alone took 2 days.
 Naked cabinet.  Looks better already.
 As I look through the catalogs I never see handles anymore.  So I needed to putty holes and drill new holds to add knobs.  Let the putty dry.
 Sand.  Sand.  Sand.  
 Went to Lowes and bought a drill.  I don't know where our drill is.  This drill will be named Luke Skywalker.
 Sanding the wood filler smooth.  
                                       Ready to prime
 Rust-oleum ultra primer.  Gray.  It comes in gray for dark colors and white for lighter colors.  I used gray.  
 First coat.  Super light spray.  Let it dry an hour or so.
 Second coat of primer.  Sand.  Prime.  Wait.  Sand. Prime. Wait.
 Now the fun part.  Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Semi Gloss.  Black
 Now I skipped a few photos.  Painted the cabinet.  Meanwhile I lined up the drawers on the floor so I could position holes for the knobs.  Measured, marked with a sharpie.  Went to Kroger.  My vacation home.  While I was gone, Ironman and Dancer Girl drilled the holes.  WOW.  All that was left to do was paint the drawer fronts.  2 coats.  Screw on the knobs.
Finished!  Yes, this is a bad photos.  It looks better in real life.  When it finds a home in our new house I'll add a new photos.

One more day until we move out of this rent house.  We will not miss you rent house.
and I will see if I can link up with Frugal Girl.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our New House part 2

I don't know why I had to struggle so with the iphoto upload.  I had to figure out a completely different way of uploading the images.  Crazy.  I'll pretty much forget using my phone to take photos for this blog.  Ever again!  
This is another photo of the entrance to our new neighborhood.

                                                       Front of our new house.
                                                        Another pix of the entrance.
We are moving out of this rent house July 23rd!!!   Gave our landlord 30 day notice.
Paid for one more month to keep our furniture in storage.  It's been a HOT summer.

Our New House

I have argued and struggled with this crazy computer for an hour and I finally got ONE photo uploaded.  I have to take a break.  Back away from the computer for a while.  Then maybe I can get the other photos on this blog.  Anyway, this is the front of our new neighborhood.

Part of the problem:  used the crazy iPhone to take photos.  I should never do that.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I called and booked movers today.  Yippee!  That means we are getting close to moving day.

David the mover said we would need 2 trucks.  Approximately $600 each.  This will be the best $1200 we ever spent.  I think Ironman was stunned when I first gave him the price but after thinking about it for probably 15 seconds he knew it was worth it.  I did not book the packing service.  Most of our stuff is already packed.  And I don't really need professional packers to pack what's left.  Just to drive 20 minutes.  Besides I like to pack.  I know, weird.  I like to organize, pack, make lists........ all that good clean fun.

The Engineer left Friday for his job in Texas.  He's going to have a hot July.  He will also miss moving day.  How did he wrangle that?

Dancer Girl is going to the beach with her youth group in one week.  We still don't have a modest swim suit for her to wear.  I'll be hitting the mall this week.

I.T. girl is going to spend a week at a music camp in Nasvhille.

So here is our July:

July 4th - eat too much
July 5th - start the vacation diet
July 10 - send Dancer Girl off to camp for a week
July 14 - move enough stuff ourselves to our new house.  So we can MOVE IN!  Why stay in the rent house when we have a gorgeous mansion with our name on it?
July 15 - Dancer Girl returns from camp late that evening
July 16 - Dancer Girl will sleep.  I.T. girl and I will organize stuff in the new house.  And Pack
July 17 - Leave for Nashville
July 22 - Return from Nasvhille
July 23 - Movers arrive at rent house 9am to move the big stuff.  They are also going to unload and load and then unload again the stuff we have in storage.  And there's A LOT of STUFF
July 24 - Unpack boxes.
July 25 - Take a nap

School begins August 18 so I'll have a good solid 3 weeks to settle into the new house.  I'm pretty sure it won't take us long.

Gave my 30 day notice to our landlord.  Actually I told her the very day we sealed the deal on the new house that we were moving out.  She told me "just give me a 30 day notice when you know for sure"  So I did!  Felt SO GOOD.  I do have to pay rent for July. Bluh.  We are pretty sure we'll get our full deposit back.

And when we do?

I'm BUYING NEW FURNITURE!  It'll "only" be $1500 but I can make that buy some good stuff at Pottery Barn.

Photos to come........... stay tuned