Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just because I wanted to...

I read lots of blogs.  Frugal Girl posted photos of a project she did repainted an end table.  So I decided to work on this MONSTROSITY.  I've hated this chest of drawers for centuries.  It's so old I'm pretty sure cavemen built it.  I had nothing to lose, really.  This top photo is after I took off the awful handles.  Just plain forgot to take a photo of it.  So it's handle-less

 Who knew we had a screwdriver with a light?  Nobody ever told me.
 Here's the top drawer in all it's glory.  First step:  remove all that paint
 Sander.  Started with 100 grade.  Then went to 60 grade. Finally went to 50 grade and that was like magic.  I had 3 coats of paint to grind off.  This part alone took 2 days.
 Naked cabinet.  Looks better already.
 As I look through the catalogs I never see handles anymore.  So I needed to putty holes and drill new holds to add knobs.  Let the putty dry.
 Sand.  Sand.  Sand.  
 Went to Lowes and bought a drill.  I don't know where our drill is.  This drill will be named Luke Skywalker.
 Sanding the wood filler smooth.  
                                       Ready to prime
 Rust-oleum ultra primer.  Gray.  It comes in gray for dark colors and white for lighter colors.  I used gray.  
 First coat.  Super light spray.  Let it dry an hour or so.
 Second coat of primer.  Sand.  Prime.  Wait.  Sand. Prime. Wait.
 Now the fun part.  Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Semi Gloss.  Black
 Now I skipped a few photos.  Painted the cabinet.  Meanwhile I lined up the drawers on the floor so I could position holes for the knobs.  Measured, marked with a sharpie.  Went to Kroger.  My vacation home.  While I was gone, Ironman and Dancer Girl drilled the holes.  WOW.  All that was left to do was paint the drawer fronts.  2 coats.  Screw on the knobs.
Finished!  Yes, this is a bad photos.  It looks better in real life.  When it finds a home in our new house I'll add a new photos.

One more day until we move out of this rent house.  We will not miss you rent house.
and I will see if I can link up with Frugal Girl.

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