Monday, August 1, 2011

Wow.  We moved to our new house.  It was so much WORK!  One week later we only have a few boxes left to unpack, some furniture in our garage that will get a fresh coat of paint, and no camera chargers. That's right. Can't charge up our little cameras.

So I went online last night.  Did a search for the Canon DSLR I really, really want.  I mean, I REALLY want.  (Along with the electrical shock case that will keep little fingers away from it)

I will be saving my money to get this camera.  And guess what else?  I'm not going to tell anybody!

I return to work August 10th.
Dancer girl returns to school August 15
I.T. girl returns to school August 18.
The Engineer returns to school Sunday.  August 7.  I'm going to meet him on campus with a van load of his dorm essentials.  Since he has a student leader meeting at 1pm that will leave me alone in his dorm room to unpack.  And yes, I will be unpacking, organizing, sorting, cleaning.  He can let it go to pot after I leave.

Then I'm going to have to do some shopping for myself.  I like to shop for anything except clothes.  So I hope there are some good deals out there to soften the anxiety level.

I have many blog ideas on the calendar.  So now that the moving stress has subsided I'm going to get right on them

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