Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since we've moved into our new house we have
painted the porch rockers to match the shutters. Check
painted a small dresser from Pier One to use as a TV stand in Engineer's bedroom.  Check
Sanded a large armoire to use to hold board games and electronics in the game room.  Check.  (not primed and painted yet.  It's so hot I have to cut my work day into "before 10" and "after 7pm" outside painting time. Can't use the paint above 90 degrees.  Besides, it's too hot for humans)
Hung curtains.

Unpacked boxes and boxes and boxes.

I still have not found camera equipment.  I have no idea ............. I'll keep looking.

Parent meeting tonight at the high school. It's too hot, people.  Too hot.

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