Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foot in Mouth Disease

What should you do when someone speaking to you puts their foot in their mouth?
Do you just stand there and watch them squirm?
Do you help them out a little by pretending you didn't hear or by making a little joke?

I had a lady come by my new house today.  She immediately told me she had driven past this neighborhood many times but had never pulled in.  And "Wow, it's different............ It's kinda odd.............. I mean, what am I trying to say........... it's a lot like............. you know what I"m trying to say?"

I just stood there quietly and let her dig herself out of the hole.

Once the shampoo girl commented, when I mentioned I.T. girl was home working on her imovie, that when she was "a teenager I sure didn't stay home.  I sure was running the street and hanging out with friends.  No way I sat at home.  That's crazy"  I just let it slide.

Once years ago I introduced myself to a woman who knew my husband.  I thought she knew who I was............ that I was Ironman's wife....... and so to be standing in the same room and not say anything would be awkward.  So I took the mature road and introduced myself to her.  I just happened to be 8 months pregnant.
"Hello, my name is Red Shoes.  I'm Ironman's Wife"

To which she replied with wide eyed shock:  "You are Ironman's Wife?"

Who did you expect, Princess Diana?

People are idiots.

Oh, just remembered this one.  From MIL.  She once gave me a comforter and several pillows saying, "these are so ugly.  I thought they were pretty in the store but when I got them home I just hated them they are so ugly.  So here, RedShoes, you can have them.  I sure don't like them"

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