Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello Blog

It was a dark and stormy night.......

or maybe I should begin with something like "Once Upon a Time a Girl had a Blog"

I don't know how to begin so I'll just start.

I abandoned this blog.  I didn't forget about it, I just neglected it.  I'd think about it occasionally and then I'd get sidetracked and never find the time.

I apologize.  I should have kept it up.

I'm back with a new resolve.  I'm going to keep his blog up and running.  I have a lot of self talking to do and this typing away in the early morning helps me sort things out in my dusty brain.

I'm sure there will be plenty of bloggers thinking back on their 2014.  And so will I.  So here goes.

#1 - I kept my new years resolution!!  Can you believe it?  I DID IT.  My New Year's resolution of 2014 was to give up SODA.  All of it,  Diet or "real".  It didn't matter.  I was going to give it ALL UP.  And on January 14th, 2014 I drank a coke zero and that was the very last time I had anything with carbonation.  (technically I haven't made it a year but I'm sure I will - I have completely overcome the addiction)  Was it easy?  Not at first.  I craved the stuff.  Liquid Poison.  That's what I call it now.  That 4pm slump - I "needed" the drug.  That was difficult.  The day I didn't feel exactly 100%?  I needed the stuff.  The few times I did go through a drive thru - it was tempting.  But I never cheated.  I decided I was worth it.  Give up the crap.  Freedom!

Benefits?  Do I feel any different?  The first thing is I feel free.  I don't have to HAVE it.  It doesn't control me.  The other thing:  my skin.  Now you may think this has nothing to do with anything but my skin is clear and even toned.  I'd gotten used to the dark circles under my eyes and the red blotchiness around my nose and forehead.  And just the dull appearance.  ALL of that is g.o.n.e.  GONE.  It may be because I substituted the coke with water.  I drink water now.  Not excessive amounts.  I don't make sure I had 8 glasses a day.  I just drink it when I...... well, when I'm thirsty.

#2 - I've actually learned that I can say my opinion and not care what people think.  Amazing.  I used to be a people pleaser and it was exhausting.  Now I speak up.  Yep, took me this long.  At first it felt awkward like I was being demanding.  But now I just don't care.

And now for the weekly (okay probably not weekly) the occasional feature:  Things I'm Wondering About

1.  I'm wonder why people still cook with processed food.  Are you really too lazy to chop some vegetables?  I have a niece whom earned a reputation for being a decent cook.  I was happy to hear that.  But now she has a blog and .... everything is "can of this" or "bag of that" .  Nothing fresh.  I expected her to be more........ oh well.  She cooks like a junior high boy.

2.  I wonder why some people are rude at church.

3.  I wonder why women will talk to me at any store, standing in line anywhere,  waiting in a room at the mammography facility.......... anywhere, anytime.  I was with my daughter at the DMV getting her driver's license and the woman in front of us - OUT OF THE BLUE - just turned and started talking to me.  And not just a little comment or a quick question - a full out long conversation about her daughter's school.  Yesterday I was shopping at DSW.  I walked back to the clearance section.  There I met a woman who was also shopping.  I say I met her.  Because we dug through the clearance shoes together for 20-25 minutes.  ( I found some cute naturalizer sandals for $3.99) We just talked and talked and had a big old time.  You'd think we knew each other.  Nope.  Just met.  I don't know her name.  I don't know anything about her except her shoe size.  People talk to me.  I don't know why.  I didn't even notice it until my family made it an inside joke.  "Let's count how long it takes for Mom to get in a conversation with someone"  Listen, I don't usually start it.

I read online recently that Michelle Obama went in disguise to shop at Target.  And how she felt it was racist when a woman asked for her help reaching an item on the top shelf.  HELLO MICHELLE.  That's not racist.  That's how women shop, okay?  GET OVER YOURSELF.   Shoot, if I were offended every single time somebody in a store spoke to me or asked for a little favor.......... curd.  I'd be miserable!  And yes, I've been asked "do you work here"?   Did not offend me.

And so I will keep this blog going.  Sometimes it'll be pretty stuff.  Sometimes it'll just be a rant.

Merry Christmas.