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July, 2012
My children are assigned summer reading by the school they attend. And every year I read the selections.  Why?  To make SURE they read them.  I read, they read, we discuss the plot, theme, characters.......... too much?  If I didn't do it, the books would not be read.  Maybe they'd be scanned.  This way we can share the experience.

First book of the summer:

by Paul Zindel

I  had never EVER heard of this book, this author, nada, nothing.
First thing we always check:  how many pages!??  166.  Whew.  That's the good news.

I read the first few chapters, then Dancer Girl read them.  Then I read the rest of the book and waited for D.G. to finish the book before we talked about it.

This is the story of 2 young teens:  Lorraine and John.  They both have dysfunctional families.  They meet and become friends on the school bus.  Through a series of crazy stunts, they are introduced to an older gentleman, Mr. Pignati.  He invites the teens to his house - yes, that made me a little uneasy - but it turns out he's lonely and just wants companionship.  Being with an adult that doesn't abuse them is a new experience for both Lorraine and John.

Since I'm pretty sure you're not going to be reading this one I'll go ahead and finish the story.

Mr. Pignati becomes "Pigman" because he has a collection of pigs.  Not real pigs, ceramic ones.  In fact he has an entire room in his house covered ceramic pigs.  Pigman also has a familial "relationship" with an ape at the zoo whom he visits and feeds daily. 
Very sad indeed.  Heartbreaking, really.

Pigman enjoys treating Lorraine and John to various things from cotton candy at the zoo to toys at the store.  On one shopping trip he buys all of them roller skates. Later that evening while roller-skate racing through the house, Mr Pigman has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.  Lorraine and John stay at his house and attempt to take care of it.  After a few days they begin quarreling like old married folk.  (That part was funny to me.  Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry got a discount on dry cleaning and his girlfriend announced they were married so they would both get the discount............but I digress)

The night Pigman returns to his house, Lorraine and John have a houseful of unruly teens.  They are horrified that the party got out of control so quickly.  One of their more rowdy friends destroys many of the ceramic pigs.  Upon seeing that Pigman has a heart attack and dies.

Yes, he dies.

And that is just about the book.

I give it **
D.G. gives it ***

I can't wait to hear why the english department chose this book for the incoming 8th graders.  I can think of many more memorable ones that will serve them well in the future.

On to the next book

May 28  Memorial Day

I read a book review online and just HAD to have it immediately.  When I went to download it on my nook I saw that it wasn't available until May 30.  Boo.  I reordered it.  Then, of course, my fairy bookseller who lives inside my Nook showed me other books by this same author.  So I clicked on each one until I found one that sounded interesting and read through the free preview.

I could not purchase this book quickly enough!  Here it is:

I'm only on page 60 but I have laughed out loud 10 times.  I've also tried to put it down, turn off the nook because it's well past my bedtime but I just can't seem to stop reading it.   I'm hoping it doesn't have a sloppy ending.  I'll let you know.

May 27, 2012

Well, I finished the book.  It was like doing homework.  What a disappointment.  Honestly.  I've read three other Liza Palmer novels and enjoyed them all.  This book had the strangest plot, a ridiculous love story and a silly group of friends.

Save your money, people.  If you want to read a funny, easy chick novel, don't buy this one.  Sorry Liza.  Maybe your next book will be better.

Grade:  0 shoes

May 1, 2012
I just started the newest Liza Palmer novel.  I've read the other three.

More Like Her by Liza Palmer is just what you would expect a few things you wouldn't.  The protagonist is a faculty member at a hoity toity private school.  She has friends at work, regular friends (as we like to call people who don't spend every working minute with children), love lost and secret crushes.

I'm only on page 128.  I'll let you know everything when I finish.  Well, not everything.  That would ruin the story for you!

This is my third Liza Palmer novel.  I am a big fan.

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