Sunday, September 30, 2012

How do you find the TIME?

This is the last day of September?  You must be kidding.

Nope.  It's the last day of September alright.  Wow.  Where did this month go?  Crazy.

Let's catch up.

School began.  I have a very young class.  We have a long way to go.  I'm tired.  This year our schedules have been "updated" and I leave a noon 2 days a week.
It's a mental necessity.  A health break.  I'm so glad the school offered this new schedule and we are all much happier.  Still, Monday is Monday.  But I know Friday is coming.  And it'll be here before you know it.

Ironman has been traveling alot lately.  
We have date night on Sunday nights.  Restaurants are typically quiet and empty then.  Less traffic, less hub bub.  So it's a good night for us.  One Sunday night we went to Jason's Deli.  Neither one of us were particularly hungry, so we decided to just get soup and salad in a quiet empty establishment.  Yep,  Jason's is empty on a Sunday night at 7:30.  We sat in the back section.  Alone.  In fact, we were the ONLY humans in the back.  It was peaceful.

We had not been sitting there for 10 minutes when a couple arrives with 2 small children.  Two small children who were active and hungry.  And a mother who was unhappy with her order.  And a father who decided he needed to leave the table umpteen times.  How did I notice all this?  Because they sat at the VERY NEXT BOOTH!   Really?  There's nowhere else to sit?  In the whole section?  I looked around.  Yep.  The place is empty.  I looked at the mother.  She caught my eye.  Then she immediately looked down at her pitiful baked potato that did not have enough cheese and told her husband to take it back.  Then I looked at Ironman.  "Let's just go"  So we did.

Speaking of being invisible, which I believe I am, Dancer Girl and I went to her orthodontist appointment this week.  The waiting room was crowded as it always is with after school appointments. As D.G. went to the window to sign it, I found a seat in the back.  I like to sit in the back.  (everywhere but church.  I don't like to sit in the back at church) 
There really is no reason to sit right by the door.  I mean they will wait for you to walk additional steps when they call your name.  I picked up a magazine and decided to sit and rest a few minutes.  It had been a long day. I sat near the window.  The entire row of chairs were empty.  (what do people have with the back row?)  I had not been sitting there 3 minutes when a woman comes in and....... where does she sit?  RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! She didn't skip a seat.  She didn't ask "Is this seat taken?"  She just sat down.  I was like REALLY?  I turned and caught D.G.'s eye as she turned from the sign in computer.  I picked up my magazine and purse and moved.   In fact, I moved over to another  seat on the same row so we could sit together.  The woman never moved.  She never apologized.  She never made polite comments like "Oh gosh, I didn't realize y'all were together."  "I didn't meant to sit so close'  "I didn't even see you"  Really?

Once I was in line at a bookstore.  It was a slow moving loonnngg line.  I would have returned my books to the shelf and left but it had taken me a half an hour to locate the books I had to purchase and besides, The Engineer needed them for school on Monday.  So I took a deep breath and decided to wait it out.  Soon enough another cashier came and opened a second register.  As I stepped forward to get in her line, the couple behind me pushed right past and plopped their candy and popcorn down on the counter.  (Isn't this a bookstore?)  The cashier noticed what happened but laughed and checked them out anyway.  I returned to the original line.  When it was finally my turn I was so frustrated and angry I actually asked the lady "Can you see me"

"Ma'am?" she said a little uneasy.

"Can you see me?  Because that checker over there can not.  I just want to make sure I'm not a vapor"

Yes, I was angry.  The cashier seemed embarrassed and ready to check me out as fast as possible which was fine with me.  I never returned.

I have so many stories of my invisibility-itis.  So many.  You would be shocked.  

I'm pretty much not surprised anymore.  Oh it still bothers me.

All that being said, I'm here.  I'm not invisible.

I need to fix my school/work schedule.  I need to take a sharpie and mark out "BLOG TIME"

I will do that today.

Hugs and Kisses

Monday, September 17, 2012

What has been happening?

I haven't had any alone computer time!  When Ironman travels he takes both the iMac and the laptop.  So we have one computer to share.  Homework gets priority.

Speaking of the computer, I.T. girl had to pay several school class fees.  It's all done online now which you would THINK would be easier.  And I guess in the long run it is easier.  LONG - that's the operative word.  It takes a LONG time to figure out the website.  She loaded up all the classes and the required fees then told me she needed to pay them.

"Okay.  Take my debit card and go ahead and enter the information"

No answer.

I did not think about it again until this morning when I sat down in front of the computer and saw that she had left the webpage up for me to finish the transaction.  But it had timed out.  Ugh.  Why didn't she just finish it last night?  I had to start over.
 I didn't know the password.  Had to retrieve that.  Then the first method of payment would not go through.  I have no idea why not.  Just one of those things.  

Anyway after much frustration I finally paid her school fees online.  Let the party begin!

But it's those things that put me behind on my blog updates.

In other news real quick

I got a new phone.  WOOP!  It's speedy quick.  Who knew I had a dinosaur for so long?  I had no idea!

My rash is better.

My buddy and I discovered a new app for our "get in shape by graduation" play.  It's called "Lose It".  It has a scanner (which I enjoy)  It's quick and easy to add your calories.  You set a goal and it tells you exactly how many calories to eat daily and your weekly exercise goal.  It even told me that if I follow this plan to the best of my ability I could possibly reach my goal by March!  WOOP!

Here's hoping I have more alone computer time tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today I...........

 Today I was was tired. 

I'm sure it was the medicine I am on.  I felt like I was running in sand.  The feeling never faded.  Even when I drank a diet coke and got the day got busy, I was still feeling groggy.  I don't think I'm going to take this medicine before work anymore.  

Today was a "regular" day.

No flat tires, no forgotten choir dress, but oh yes,

left my phone at home

I hate when I do that.  I don't do it often, but yes, I've done it before and I'll probably do it again.  Mornings can be so hectic.  And I just zip out the door without my phone.  It's impossible for me to leave school just to go home and get it.   I don't ever talk on the phone at work or even use the phone for work but I have it for a connection with the outside world.

Have you ever forgotten your phone at home?  And had to spend the entire day phone-less?  How did we make it all those years without a cell phone?

By the way, my rash is better!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've had this rash..........

Don't you just cringe upon merely hearing the word rash.

 Red, prickly, itchy, miserable RASH.  

I know.  I hate it, too.  I'd rather hear about your diarrhea or your ear infection or even your .......... well, you get the picture.

Today I finally went to the doctor about my ............. rash.  I have grown SICK of it.  It itches.  All the time, it itches.  So I called, made an appointment, and went in to see the doctor.

He said it was "neuro......... something, something, dermatitis"  Basically it started out as one condition and then morphed into something else.  So I left with rx for a lotion and an oral medication.  Good.  Maybe it'll go away now.  I'm ready to break up with it.

I also asked for a refill Rx for my migraine medication.   I don't get migraines that often, maybe two or three times a year.  But when I do get them, I need drugs.

So I took my Rx to CVS pharmacy.

Lotion - check

Oral antibiotic - check

Migraine medication - hold it ma'am.  Your insurance refuses to pay for this item.  WHAT?
Are you kidding me?
Well, I asked the young pharmacist, how much is it?
You want to just pay cash?
Well, not exactly.  I'd like my insurance to pay.  Still, I'd like to know how much it would be out of pocket.

The answer?  $289.  For 9 pills.


The pharmacist then told me that this medicine is a combination of two other medicines.  And if I could get 2 individual prescriptions for those two, they would both be covered by my insurance.  Yes, it would be 2 pills to take but it sure would be cheaper.
 "In fact, I've already checked.  And it would bring the cost down to $10 for both"  

Is insurance the craziest thing you have ever encountered?  This is covered.  This is not.  It's ridiculous.

So tomorrow I will call the doctor's office and ask for their help.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Very Best In The Whole Wide World

You can find learn anything on the internet.

I once logged onto YouTube and searched for instructions to remove a store security tag from a dress I.T. girl was going to wear.  We had 15 minutes.  No time to run back to the store and have the sales associate remove it.  Thank you, YouTube.  I watched the video twice, followed the instructions and bam the security tag removed with no damage to the dress.  I paid for the dress.  So I did not feel guilty removing it "illegally".

Just this past weekend I googled a problem I was having "My dishwasher makes a loud grinding sound during the drying cycle".  Yes, I put all those words in the search and yes, I found the information to repair the appliance.  Easy Peasy.   Ironman had called a repairman to come take a look.  A few hours before he was expected, I got a call that he was canceling.  Well, take that Mr. Repairman.  I'll fix it myself!  And I did.

But the information I searched for most is recipes.  I have an entire binder filled with internet recipes.  Search, read, print, try it out, family rates it.  If the recipe is a keeper, it slides in a page protector and into the binder.

I'm sure you've done the very same thing.  I have, however, found a little secret.  Like adding a dash of cinnamon to your brownies, or a spoonful of sour cream to your cake batter........ this little secret produces marvelous results.

Anytime you are searching for something add these little words "best in the world"  "Fabulous"  "marvelous"  Which every you prefer.

Don't just search for broccoli recipes.  Search for "THE BEST BISCUITS IN THE WORLD"

Don't search for "carrot cake".  Search for FABULOUS CARROT CAKE"

Go ahead,  Try it.

And just so you know, tonight we had The BEST BROCCOLI AND SHRIMP IN THE WORLD

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello Again

Hello Computer!

Hello Blog!

Hello quiet time!

I've missed you.  Now I'm back.  We will catch up soon.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ahhh, it's September

Here in Louisiana Labor Day is not the end of summer.  Summer ended August 8th when I returned to work.  As for the summer heat, it'll still be around until Thanksgiving.  Maybe even Christmas.  Last "winter" we never dropped below freezing.


 Not once.  

Labor Day does signify a few things for me, however.

A.  No more white shoes/handbags/pants.  Yep.  We follow this fashion rule.  However we do NOT wait until Memorial Day to pull them out again.  Easter Sunday it's shiny white shoes for us.

B.  My true nesting tendencies rears it's head.  Not an ugly head.  All summer I am off schedule.  Even a rushed summer like I just experience is still very much unplanned.  I don't think "what's for supper" or "do all the bathrooms have tp?"  I just let it go.  But when Labor Day comes for some reason I snap back into the planner.  The figure it outter.  And the dieter.

C.  Oh, the diet.  Some people begin on January 1st.  Some people begin the day after their birthday.  For me it's Labor Day.  This year I started a few days ago so I got a jump start.  You see I have 3 graduations in May.  The Engineer will hopefully be graduating from SMU.  I.T. girl will be graduating from high school.  And Dancer Girl will be "graduating" from middle school - it's a big deal to graduate 8th grade at her school as it is the highest grade.  Next year she will change schools.  Because she attends a private school, the students in 8th grade are free to go to any high school in the parish:  private, parochial or public.  Enough about that.

Let's talk about me

I saw a photo. 

 You know the photo you see of yourself and you think WOW!  Who is that fat girl?  Oh, that's me.  And you shiver.  And you quake.  And you think THAT'S HOW I LOOK???

So the quest begins.  L.T. is doing it with me.  Here is our plan:

  No junk food or fast food which is the same thing sorta

 Lots of water and walking.  Walk, walk, walk

 Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner

  No carb after 3pm.

  No eating at all after 6pm

  Walking.  Lots of walking.  Oh, I already mentioned that

  Lean protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies, easy on the fats.  Normal food.  (I've learned how to cook and am surprised that I actually enjoy it.  So many times diets are almost too plain.  With the glorious internet I can find all kinds of recipes to spice up my meals without turning them to heart attacks on a plate)  So yes, we share recipes.  I made a delicious recipe yesterday.  The whole time I kept thinking "I should be photographing this.  It's a masterpiece"

We took out measurements:  Chest, waist, hips, upper arm, upper thigh (WOWZA)

We will weigh in every Friday.

 We will record our measurements the first day of the month.

 So, October 1 - I'll be ready.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just a few little things....

This week I had 2 unexpected days off of work.  Our parish closed schools on Wednesday after for the duration of Hurricane Isaac.  I had that "feeling" that the school may close on Thursday, but closing BOTH days was a surprise.  A delightful surprise.  Yes, there was much dancing and rejoicing in the halls when teachers were alone.  The beginning of a new school year is grueling.  We were all looking forward to having Monday off for Labor Day so to have this unexpected time off  was exciting.  Plus we knew we would get bad weather, but being so far from the Gulf we had no real threat of danger.

What did I do with my time?

Wednesday after school I met I.T. girl at the photographer studio for her senior yearbook photo.  I don't know why they take photos this way.  Usually the photographer comes to the school.  But here, students go to the photographer.  It didn't take long and the wind was picking up.  You can feel the anxiety/excitement in the air when a hurricane is approaching.  Yes, excitement.  That may be a strange way to feel, but it happens nonetheless.  Everyone was talking about it.  Everyone.  Yes, EVERYONE.

As usual when bad weather is approaching, your attendance is required at Kroger.  So I sent the daughters on home, I gathered my courage and headed to the grocery store.  What did they have left on the shelves?  Water, ice, gatorade, pop tarts, plenty of junk food, batteries, and a few peaches.  Most of the produce area was filled with empty crates.  Water bottles on pallets were by the doors piled high next to Duracell and Energizer.  It didn't take me long to grab the few things I came for and head on home.

Once home I slept.  I was so tired.  And not having anything to prepare for the next day all I could do was sleep.  I felt much better by Thursday.

As for the hurricane, it turned to the east right before it reached my area.  We got wind and a few sprinkles.  Not enough weather to even force my dog into his doghouse.   I felt a little bit guilty spending 2 days off work for the storm that never developed here, but que sara sara.

Here are a few things I've learned while home alone with the internet:

1.  Separate bananas.  When you bring bananas home from the store, pull them apart.  They will last longer.

2.  Wrap opened cheese in aluminum foil.  It will not mold.

3.  Rubbing a bounce dryer sheet on your baseboards will prevent dust and grime from gathering there.

I also read that Guiliana and Bill Ransic welcomed a baby boy.

OH, and one last thing:  I actually watched the reality show Married To Jonas on the E! channel.  WOW!!  I don't know much about the Jonas Brothers........... except there are 3 performing brothers and one younger brother who was/is on another show?  HE doesn't sing?  Anyway what I really didn't know is that Mrs. Jonas is............... how can I put this........... DEMANDING and STUBBORN and the MIL from down under.  WOW  I had no idea.  I'm hooked!

Tomorrow I'm cooking chicken and salad.  Monday we are grilling.  Tuesday is back to school day.