Monday, September 3, 2012

Ahhh, it's September

Here in Louisiana Labor Day is not the end of summer.  Summer ended August 8th when I returned to work.  As for the summer heat, it'll still be around until Thanksgiving.  Maybe even Christmas.  Last "winter" we never dropped below freezing.


 Not once.  

Labor Day does signify a few things for me, however.

A.  No more white shoes/handbags/pants.  Yep.  We follow this fashion rule.  However we do NOT wait until Memorial Day to pull them out again.  Easter Sunday it's shiny white shoes for us.

B.  My true nesting tendencies rears it's head.  Not an ugly head.  All summer I am off schedule.  Even a rushed summer like I just experience is still very much unplanned.  I don't think "what's for supper" or "do all the bathrooms have tp?"  I just let it go.  But when Labor Day comes for some reason I snap back into the planner.  The figure it outter.  And the dieter.

C.  Oh, the diet.  Some people begin on January 1st.  Some people begin the day after their birthday.  For me it's Labor Day.  This year I started a few days ago so I got a jump start.  You see I have 3 graduations in May.  The Engineer will hopefully be graduating from SMU.  I.T. girl will be graduating from high school.  And Dancer Girl will be "graduating" from middle school - it's a big deal to graduate 8th grade at her school as it is the highest grade.  Next year she will change schools.  Because she attends a private school, the students in 8th grade are free to go to any high school in the parish:  private, parochial or public.  Enough about that.

Let's talk about me

I saw a photo. 

 You know the photo you see of yourself and you think WOW!  Who is that fat girl?  Oh, that's me.  And you shiver.  And you quake.  And you think THAT'S HOW I LOOK???

So the quest begins.  L.T. is doing it with me.  Here is our plan:

  No junk food or fast food which is the same thing sorta

 Lots of water and walking.  Walk, walk, walk

 Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner

  No carb after 3pm.

  No eating at all after 6pm

  Walking.  Lots of walking.  Oh, I already mentioned that

  Lean protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies, easy on the fats.  Normal food.  (I've learned how to cook and am surprised that I actually enjoy it.  So many times diets are almost too plain.  With the glorious internet I can find all kinds of recipes to spice up my meals without turning them to heart attacks on a plate)  So yes, we share recipes.  I made a delicious recipe yesterday.  The whole time I kept thinking "I should be photographing this.  It's a masterpiece"

We took out measurements:  Chest, waist, hips, upper arm, upper thigh (WOWZA)

We will weigh in every Friday.

 We will record our measurements the first day of the month.

 So, October 1 - I'll be ready.



  1. Good luck with the diet. I'm (reluctantly) starting one now, too.