Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just a few little things....

This week I had 2 unexpected days off of work.  Our parish closed schools on Wednesday after for the duration of Hurricane Isaac.  I had that "feeling" that the school may close on Thursday, but closing BOTH days was a surprise.  A delightful surprise.  Yes, there was much dancing and rejoicing in the halls when teachers were alone.  The beginning of a new school year is grueling.  We were all looking forward to having Monday off for Labor Day so to have this unexpected time off  was exciting.  Plus we knew we would get bad weather, but being so far from the Gulf we had no real threat of danger.

What did I do with my time?

Wednesday after school I met I.T. girl at the photographer studio for her senior yearbook photo.  I don't know why they take photos this way.  Usually the photographer comes to the school.  But here, students go to the photographer.  It didn't take long and the wind was picking up.  You can feel the anxiety/excitement in the air when a hurricane is approaching.  Yes, excitement.  That may be a strange way to feel, but it happens nonetheless.  Everyone was talking about it.  Everyone.  Yes, EVERYONE.

As usual when bad weather is approaching, your attendance is required at Kroger.  So I sent the daughters on home, I gathered my courage and headed to the grocery store.  What did they have left on the shelves?  Water, ice, gatorade, pop tarts, plenty of junk food, batteries, and a few peaches.  Most of the produce area was filled with empty crates.  Water bottles on pallets were by the doors piled high next to Duracell and Energizer.  It didn't take me long to grab the few things I came for and head on home.

Once home I slept.  I was so tired.  And not having anything to prepare for the next day all I could do was sleep.  I felt much better by Thursday.

As for the hurricane, it turned to the east right before it reached my area.  We got wind and a few sprinkles.  Not enough weather to even force my dog into his doghouse.   I felt a little bit guilty spending 2 days off work for the storm that never developed here, but que sara sara.

Here are a few things I've learned while home alone with the internet:

1.  Separate bananas.  When you bring bananas home from the store, pull them apart.  They will last longer.

2.  Wrap opened cheese in aluminum foil.  It will not mold.

3.  Rubbing a bounce dryer sheet on your baseboards will prevent dust and grime from gathering there.

I also read that Guiliana and Bill Ransic welcomed a baby boy.

OH, and one last thing:  I actually watched the reality show Married To Jonas on the E! channel.  WOW!!  I don't know much about the Jonas Brothers........... except there are 3 performing brothers and one younger brother who was/is on another show?  HE doesn't sing?  Anyway what I really didn't know is that Mrs. Jonas is............... how can I put this........... DEMANDING and STUBBORN and the MIL from down under.  WOW  I had no idea.  I'm hooked!

Tomorrow I'm cooking chicken and salad.  Monday we are grilling.  Tuesday is back to school day.

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