Sunday, September 30, 2012

How do you find the TIME?

This is the last day of September?  You must be kidding.

Nope.  It's the last day of September alright.  Wow.  Where did this month go?  Crazy.

Let's catch up.

School began.  I have a very young class.  We have a long way to go.  I'm tired.  This year our schedules have been "updated" and I leave a noon 2 days a week.
It's a mental necessity.  A health break.  I'm so glad the school offered this new schedule and we are all much happier.  Still, Monday is Monday.  But I know Friday is coming.  And it'll be here before you know it.

Ironman has been traveling alot lately.  
We have date night on Sunday nights.  Restaurants are typically quiet and empty then.  Less traffic, less hub bub.  So it's a good night for us.  One Sunday night we went to Jason's Deli.  Neither one of us were particularly hungry, so we decided to just get soup and salad in a quiet empty establishment.  Yep,  Jason's is empty on a Sunday night at 7:30.  We sat in the back section.  Alone.  In fact, we were the ONLY humans in the back.  It was peaceful.

We had not been sitting there for 10 minutes when a couple arrives with 2 small children.  Two small children who were active and hungry.  And a mother who was unhappy with her order.  And a father who decided he needed to leave the table umpteen times.  How did I notice all this?  Because they sat at the VERY NEXT BOOTH!   Really?  There's nowhere else to sit?  In the whole section?  I looked around.  Yep.  The place is empty.  I looked at the mother.  She caught my eye.  Then she immediately looked down at her pitiful baked potato that did not have enough cheese and told her husband to take it back.  Then I looked at Ironman.  "Let's just go"  So we did.

Speaking of being invisible, which I believe I am, Dancer Girl and I went to her orthodontist appointment this week.  The waiting room was crowded as it always is with after school appointments. As D.G. went to the window to sign it, I found a seat in the back.  I like to sit in the back.  (everywhere but church.  I don't like to sit in the back at church) 
There really is no reason to sit right by the door.  I mean they will wait for you to walk additional steps when they call your name.  I picked up a magazine and decided to sit and rest a few minutes.  It had been a long day. I sat near the window.  The entire row of chairs were empty.  (what do people have with the back row?)  I had not been sitting there 3 minutes when a woman comes in and....... where does she sit?  RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! She didn't skip a seat.  She didn't ask "Is this seat taken?"  She just sat down.  I was like REALLY?  I turned and caught D.G.'s eye as she turned from the sign in computer.  I picked up my magazine and purse and moved.   In fact, I moved over to another  seat on the same row so we could sit together.  The woman never moved.  She never apologized.  She never made polite comments like "Oh gosh, I didn't realize y'all were together."  "I didn't meant to sit so close'  "I didn't even see you"  Really?

Once I was in line at a bookstore.  It was a slow moving loonnngg line.  I would have returned my books to the shelf and left but it had taken me a half an hour to locate the books I had to purchase and besides, The Engineer needed them for school on Monday.  So I took a deep breath and decided to wait it out.  Soon enough another cashier came and opened a second register.  As I stepped forward to get in her line, the couple behind me pushed right past and plopped their candy and popcorn down on the counter.  (Isn't this a bookstore?)  The cashier noticed what happened but laughed and checked them out anyway.  I returned to the original line.  When it was finally my turn I was so frustrated and angry I actually asked the lady "Can you see me"

"Ma'am?" she said a little uneasy.

"Can you see me?  Because that checker over there can not.  I just want to make sure I'm not a vapor"

Yes, I was angry.  The cashier seemed embarrassed and ready to check me out as fast as possible which was fine with me.  I never returned.

I have so many stories of my invisibility-itis.  So many.  You would be shocked.  

I'm pretty much not surprised anymore.  Oh it still bothers me.

All that being said, I'm here.  I'm not invisible.

I need to fix my school/work schedule.  I need to take a sharpie and mark out "BLOG TIME"

I will do that today.

Hugs and Kisses

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