Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've had this rash..........

Don't you just cringe upon merely hearing the word rash.

 Red, prickly, itchy, miserable RASH.  

I know.  I hate it, too.  I'd rather hear about your diarrhea or your ear infection or even your .......... well, you get the picture.

Today I finally went to the doctor about my ............. rash.  I have grown SICK of it.  It itches.  All the time, it itches.  So I called, made an appointment, and went in to see the doctor.

He said it was "neuro......... something, something, dermatitis"  Basically it started out as one condition and then morphed into something else.  So I left with rx for a lotion and an oral medication.  Good.  Maybe it'll go away now.  I'm ready to break up with it.

I also asked for a refill Rx for my migraine medication.   I don't get migraines that often, maybe two or three times a year.  But when I do get them, I need drugs.

So I took my Rx to CVS pharmacy.

Lotion - check

Oral antibiotic - check

Migraine medication - hold it ma'am.  Your insurance refuses to pay for this item.  WHAT?
Are you kidding me?
Well, I asked the young pharmacist, how much is it?
You want to just pay cash?
Well, not exactly.  I'd like my insurance to pay.  Still, I'd like to know how much it would be out of pocket.

The answer?  $289.  For 9 pills.


The pharmacist then told me that this medicine is a combination of two other medicines.  And if I could get 2 individual prescriptions for those two, they would both be covered by my insurance.  Yes, it would be 2 pills to take but it sure would be cheaper.
 "In fact, I've already checked.  And it would bring the cost down to $10 for both"  

Is insurance the craziest thing you have ever encountered?  This is covered.  This is not.  It's ridiculous.

So tomorrow I will call the doctor's office and ask for their help.  


  1. Insurance is a scam - there are some insurances we can't do without and so we have to have them, no choice. Hope your rash gets better soon.

  2. That's crazy! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. That's terrible! I hope your doctor's office can help.

  4. What?! Are they for real? That's totally confusing. Hope your doctor's office can help you with that. Get well soon.
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