Monday, September 10, 2012

The Very Best In The Whole Wide World

You can find learn anything on the internet.

I once logged onto YouTube and searched for instructions to remove a store security tag from a dress I.T. girl was going to wear.  We had 15 minutes.  No time to run back to the store and have the sales associate remove it.  Thank you, YouTube.  I watched the video twice, followed the instructions and bam the security tag removed with no damage to the dress.  I paid for the dress.  So I did not feel guilty removing it "illegally".

Just this past weekend I googled a problem I was having "My dishwasher makes a loud grinding sound during the drying cycle".  Yes, I put all those words in the search and yes, I found the information to repair the appliance.  Easy Peasy.   Ironman had called a repairman to come take a look.  A few hours before he was expected, I got a call that he was canceling.  Well, take that Mr. Repairman.  I'll fix it myself!  And I did.

But the information I searched for most is recipes.  I have an entire binder filled with internet recipes.  Search, read, print, try it out, family rates it.  If the recipe is a keeper, it slides in a page protector and into the binder.

I'm sure you've done the very same thing.  I have, however, found a little secret.  Like adding a dash of cinnamon to your brownies, or a spoonful of sour cream to your cake batter........ this little secret produces marvelous results.

Anytime you are searching for something add these little words "best in the world"  "Fabulous"  "marvelous"  Which every you prefer.

Don't just search for broccoli recipes.  Search for "THE BEST BISCUITS IN THE WORLD"

Don't search for "carrot cake".  Search for FABULOUS CARROT CAKE"

Go ahead,  Try it.

And just so you know, tonight we had The BEST BROCCOLI AND SHRIMP IN THE WORLD


  1. I love the internet! I'm going to see how adding the 'worlds best' to my next recipe search turns out. Thanks for the tip!