Monday, September 17, 2012

What has been happening?

I haven't had any alone computer time!  When Ironman travels he takes both the iMac and the laptop.  So we have one computer to share.  Homework gets priority.

Speaking of the computer, I.T. girl had to pay several school class fees.  It's all done online now which you would THINK would be easier.  And I guess in the long run it is easier.  LONG - that's the operative word.  It takes a LONG time to figure out the website.  She loaded up all the classes and the required fees then told me she needed to pay them.

"Okay.  Take my debit card and go ahead and enter the information"

No answer.

I did not think about it again until this morning when I sat down in front of the computer and saw that she had left the webpage up for me to finish the transaction.  But it had timed out.  Ugh.  Why didn't she just finish it last night?  I had to start over.
 I didn't know the password.  Had to retrieve that.  Then the first method of payment would not go through.  I have no idea why not.  Just one of those things.  

Anyway after much frustration I finally paid her school fees online.  Let the party begin!

But it's those things that put me behind on my blog updates.

In other news real quick

I got a new phone.  WOOP!  It's speedy quick.  Who knew I had a dinosaur for so long?  I had no idea!

My rash is better.

My buddy and I discovered a new app for our "get in shape by graduation" play.  It's called "Lose It".  It has a scanner (which I enjoy)  It's quick and easy to add your calories.  You set a goal and it tells you exactly how many calories to eat daily and your weekly exercise goal.  It even told me that if I follow this plan to the best of my ability I could possibly reach my goal by March!  WOOP!

Here's hoping I have more alone computer time tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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