Sunday, February 8, 2015

Whole30 update

January flew by.  And I mean FLEW!  I can not believe it's already over.  I just put my Christmas decor up!  Not really.  I put that up the day after Christmas.  Yep, December 26th my house was Christmas Decor free.  Tree and all.  Down and packed away.  I told you that already, remember?

I've been called to substitute teach a LOT lately.  And by a lot I mean 4 out of 5 weekdays.  Which is good.  Very good.  We need the extra money.  I was so unhappy with my previous job at that school - this school is night and day.  I'm a rule follower so I appreciate order and planning and procedures.  I get my fill at this school.

But because I've been working so much, things around this house have fallen apart.  Okay not completely apart.  I'm exaggerating.  But gosh oh gosh….. the laundry!  It never ends now.  And the kitchen floor - when do you think was the last time it was mopped?  I told Ironman that IF I go back to work full-time next year I am MOST DEFINITELY going to hire someone to help me clean the house.  I'll pay them big time money.

Now on to my Whole30.  I'm on day 27.  Woo too! Almost done.  (I've already decided I want to continue another 30 days)

First, I feel TERRIFIC.  Tiger Blood!!

I've lost a whole pant size.  (I hate it when people say "dress size' because basically that doesn't mean a thing to me.  Dresses vary so…….)  BUt yep, it's official.  Dropped a pant size.

You are advised to not weigh or measure until your 30 days are up.  I have NOT weighed.  And I may not weigh even on day 31.  That number has such a hold on me.  Why give it so much power?  Measuring, however, doesn't seem to bother me as much.  Maybe because I don't have anything to compare it to except myself.  My before measurements to my "now" measurements.  So I grabbed that tape measure and measured.  I've lost 3 inches around my tummy.  The fat part of my tummy.  WOOP! I've lost an inch in each of my thighs, my calves and my upper arms.  I've lost 1/2 inch in my bust but that's fine.  I don't need to lose too much of the girls.  Very exciting.

Every tried Whole30?  You just gotta do it.  Commit to the entire month.  All 30 days.  Because two weeks isn't long enough.  I didn't notice any changes until about day 20.  Really!  Not kidding!  So you gotta hang in there.

Whole30 is so simple:  Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, meat and healthy fats.  That's it.  No measuring.  No portion sizes.  (it'll happen naturally  Trust me)

You do NOT eat:  processed food, grains, dairy, junk food, or artificial sweetener.  Or sugar, obviously.

I went through withdrawal symptoms for a week.   In 2014 I gave up colas for my new year's resolution.  I haven't had a coke or diet coke or any of the cousins since January 15, 2014.  I thought maybe my withdrawal symptoms would be less because I'd already eliminated a few things from my diet, but they were still significant.

Sunday night is my burger night.  Tonight:  Bacon Burger with strawberry jam .  Yep.  HAHA

Are you going to try it?  What do you have to lose?