Friday, September 27, 2013

Since I've turned 50

Yep.  I'm the big 5 - 0.  And to tell you the truth, I'm the big 5-2!!  And since I've "grown up" there are specific changes I've noticed about myself that have shocked me.  Yes, I shocked myself!

1.  I need glasses to read billboards.  I mean, it's awful.  I used to hate it when my mother would say, "Wait, let me find my glasses so I can see".  And now I'm that old lady.

2.  I can not handle the giddy silliness of morning talk shows.  Good Morning America?  Who's happy about it.  The Today Show?  Ugh, too much silliness.  I'm not in the mood.  Today I actually saw Al Roker twerking with some tall actress.  AL ROKER??!!  Ugh.  Too early in the morning for that.
Thankfully and surprisingly, I totally enjoy CBS Morning News.  They don't go outside.  They aren't loud and obnoxious.  Charlie Rose,  Gayle King and the woman with the perfect white teeth who is absolutely gorgeous (sorry can't remember your name)  I thoroughly enjoy you.  Thank you for being grown ups in the morning.  Much easier to take with my first cup of Jo.  And Gayle King?  I turn on the TV just to see what you're wearing.  Gorgeous every single day.

3.  I can't stay up much past 9:30.

4.  I'm not interested in keeping up with the Joneses.  In fact, I don't even know the Joneses.

5.  I was in Old Navy with my youngest daughter this week.  Wow.  That was a shock.  I"m just too old for Old Navy.  And Gap?  You're almost behind me, too.  Sad, sad.  I still like some things at JCrew but I can feel time running out on that.

6.  I know a dozen recipes by heart.  May seem strange to notice that.  But even 5 years ago I was always looking up in cookbooks.  Cookbooks?  That's something else.  I never use them.  They are decoration.

7.  Daytime Talk Shows - snoozers  I"m not interested in who slept with who.  In fact, I think that's pretty slutty.

8.   I get tired.  Really tired.  Much quicker.

9.  I go to the doctor.  For years I only went when I was ill.  Now I go when I'm well.

10.  The last thing I've noticed since I arrived into 50-dom, I'm very sure of what I like.  And that's a good thing.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Fitness Pal

Hey MFP - thank you SO MUCH for helping me this week.  I literally could not have made it without you.  I've tried all kinds of eating plans:  vegan, all veggies, paleo, wheat belly, weight watchers, low fat, low carb, high protein, ........... the list could go on and on.

I stuck with them alf  For a week.  Or maybe just a few days.  The problem was consistency.  I just couldn't survive.  I couldn't hang in there.  I gave up.  I felt deprived and it was hard to eat what the fam was eating.  It was almost impossible to eat out at a restaurant.

The hunger made it impossible to function.  I was literally hungry all the time.  ALL.THE.TIME!  Nobody got time for that!

Then like a star from Neverland, here came My Fitness Pal.  Balanced, reasonable, and most importantly, doable.  Yes, I've made it six days.  Six whole days which included a 3 day weekend trip out of town!

The app assigns calories for the day broken down into protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugars (a little redundant but I still reference it.)  Vitamins and other nutrients are also calculated for you.  All you have to do is enter the name of what you are eating.  Or you can scan the barcode with your smart phone.

Last week I entered my stats:  height, weight, age
I measured my neck, waist and hips and entered the results.
It just takes a second to enter what I'm eating.

Nope.  My new pal is not paying me.  I'm just excited that I found something that is easy and doable.

I set my goal to lose 1.5 pounds a week.

Today was the end of week 1.  Do you want to know the results?

Okay...... drum roll......

beginning weight:  223.8

Today:  222.2

Do you know how long it's been since I've lost a pound?  EVEN ONE POUND?  a long, long time.

Oh one more thing before I leave:  Dr. Oz Show today.  Did you watch?
He worked out a "deal" with fast food lovers.  Go ahead and go a couple times a week.  HOWEVER the food you choose must add up to 500 calories or less.

Go here to see what to eat where:  Dr Oz's 500 Calorie Fast Food Meals

My first benchmark goal is to be 215 by Halloween.
My second benchmark goal is to be 199 on January 1 2014


Monday, September 23, 2013

First Things First

Way back in December 2012 I declared it would be "THE YEAR OF ME!"  I've put myself last on the list for too, too long.  With all 3 children graduating their respective schools, I made the decision that it was time for ME to pay some attention to ME.

And so it began with P90.  Power 90 by Tony Horton.  NOT the P90X.  Wasn't sure Totally sure I wasn't ready for the XTREME so I did a search on amazon and found his first workout series online.  Ordered it.  Pushed play.  In fact, I pushed play every day for 90 days.  (I think I missed only twice and even those days I made up later)  By May 15 I had lost one size.  I felt stronger and leaner.  I had lost 8 pounds.  Pretty sure I wouldn't make the cut for the infomercial, but I was still satisfied glad I managed even this much.

After the whirlwind graduation month and the summer trips and then moving my middle child into a university dorm 5 hours away, I was tired.  T.I.R.E.D.  Those 8 pounds I lost back in the spring?  I found them.  Plus a few more.  Dang.  Frustrating.

With school back in session and my life settling into a normal frenzy, I once again decided it was time for me.  And this time I also decided I'd do things opposite.  It's going to be OPPOSITE DAY as they say on NickJr.

First things first:  Medical Checkup.
Did I tell you about my gynecologist appointment?  Total frustrating and disappointment.  I had my brave face, my determination, my questions.  I was ready.  I did not get a question in.  Well, maybe one.  I asked him if my medication could be causing the struggle to lose even a pound.  The answer?  "It takes a lot of effort to lose weight"  And that was it.  Wow.  I felt shell shocked when leaving.

Dr. Oz says if you don't get the answers you want from the first doctor, find a new one.  So that's what I did.

The next Friday morning I found myself in the office of a new doctor.  I had made an appointment for a full physical (minus the pap smear which I did manage to have done at the disappointing GYN office)
I was to show up starving fasting.

I received the results of my bloodwork yesterday.
Thankfully everything was normal.  EXCEPT my blood sugar.  138.  Normal is under 100.  So I need to return in 4 months for a recheck.

Secondly:  I found  Entered my health info and statistics.  And the program gave me a free chart that calculates calories, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals.  For the next 30 days I'm staying within the default limits.  I may decide to add more protein and lower the carb allowance but for now I'm sticking with the recommendations.

Other opposite things I will be doing:

weighing and measuring.  (I used to eye ball it)
weigh daily (I know, they say weigh weekly.  But that's what I've done in the past.  And this time I'm doing the opposite)
eat less fruit (Weight Watchers got me in the habit of eating fruit for a snack for zero points.  But wow, the sugar in fruit may be a problem for me.  I'll see how it is in 4 months)
Think about ME when I'm at Kroger - true story.  I usually buy for everybody else and then try to eat around them.  Yep.  True.

Current Weight:  223  (I KNOW!!!!!!)
Goal for Oct 31 Halloween:  210
Goal for Jan 1 New Year:  199

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kick in the Pants

They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can start to climb back up.

Friday morning I went to the doctor for a complete physical.  Hearing the information was helpful and welcome.  I asked for help and I got many answers.  But it wasn't until today - when the email arrived - that I hit rock bottom.

"Please log into your medical account to see a new message from your physician."

I logged in.

Name, address, email

Then I saw it.  OBESE.  What?  I know I'm pudgy.  I know I've ignored it for a long time.  But my jeans still fit.  And I'm always up and down 15 pounds.  I feel fine.  My blood pressure is normal now.

But there it was.  


What was that thump?  That was me hitting rock bottom.  Wow.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I have ignored it long enough.  Seeing that word next to my BMI sent electrical shocks through my body.  Wow.  

After the initial shock, I googled "measuring my BMI".  Anything above 30 is obese.  And I'm well above that.  I've never seen it in print.

Okay.  Well.  Whew.  Now what.  I can't just look at that word and go on like nothing happened.  

Besides, I like a well thought out plan.  

I was standing in the grocery store line waiting to check out and read over the magazine headlines.
Lose 10 pounds in a week with no hunger
Lose 2 size by Halloween
How she dropped 50 pounds eating chocolate cake for breakfast!

So, that last one - I made it up.  But it'll probably be a headline next week.  

Finally I whispered a sincere, private prayer.  

My Heavenly Father,

You formed me.  You created me.  You know me.
I need your help.
I know that You always give the best to those who leave the choice to You.
So, I'm leaving the choice to you.
Guide me to the steps toward health.
Push me there!  
I'm leaving the choice to You.  


I managed to check out and drive home.  I couldn't wait to start.

What am I doing?

I searched online and found 
I entered my information.
The program automatically keeps track of calories, protein, fat, sugar, sodium.  
The program sets goals in each category.

Onward to health.  I'll let you know.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

D Day

Doctor's appointment in the morning.  8:15.  Thank goodness it's early because I can't eat or drink beforehand.  I'll be caffeine deficient for sure.

Decision Day.  After blood work results return, I'll have some decisions to make.

Doughnuts will not be considered.  (just had to put another D word)

My workout this morning - Core Cardio for those who have P90X - almost killed me.  I survived.  Barely.

Hurry up tomorrow.  Let's get this over with.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Begin Again...

I'm fine with the planning.  I can use excel and create a spreadsheet on any topic, print it, distribute it and delegate.

Planning:  check

Getting started - beginning - that's the part I struggle with.  I have been known to procrastinate.  Other things take precedent.  Other thing and other people's needs seem more important than my own.

Maybe it's a female thing.  I'm sure it's a "Mom thing"  I look around at other Moms and see them taking time for themselves and I wonder how they do it.  I notice they are letting other things "go" in order to make me time.  And yes, ME TIME is important.  I get that.

I get real satisfaction out of a clean kitchen.  Weird?  Maybe.

A good day to me is sorting and organizing, purging and cleaning.  Seriously!  Why would I kid about that?

I recharge with alone time.

Honestly,  I don't have the energy to add a friend.  I have flashes of wishing I had a friend.  Then I snap back to reality and think about the time and energy it would take...... and I lose interest.

And so I tend to be friends with the one I"m with.
Love the one you're with.
I follow that philosophy.
The downsize is I never bond.  I never form a true relationship.  As soon as I leave the room, poof, I'm forgotten.

Nothing is going to change unless I MAKE IT CHANGE.

Here's my plan.  (like I said, I'm good with planning)

Health:  I went to a new doctor a few weeks ago.  Let me back up.  I had my yearly appointment with my GYN.  I got no information.  And I had questions written down to ask!  I spoke with the nurse at the beginning of the appointment and related my questions.  I saw her taking notes.  But then my appointment ended so quickly that I was caught off guard.  One minute Doc and I were chatting in his office, the next minute he called the nurse in to ask about a mammogram facility and while she was helping me set up that appointment, he went to the next patient.  Uh, huh?  WTF?   I'm finished?

I could have made  scene and demanded for him to return and answer my questions.  Yes, I could have done that.  But frankly, that exact second I gave up.  I told the nurse I was leaving.  And that's what I did.  I left.  Walking to the car I got even more angry.  Nope.  Not going back.

I walked into my house and called a doctor that I had seen several years ago.  Made an appointment.  That was the first part of my plan.

My appointment with this doctor went much better.  She answered all of my questions.   She reviews the medication I was taking and prescribed something new.  Within 3 days I felt so much better.  My headaches are gone.  My energy has returned.  It's a new day.  (I do have a followup appointment Friday so I'll let you know...)

Medical checkup:  Check

Next:  Getting in shape

I'm not working this school year.  That's a story in itself.  I'll save it for another day.
my plan is to make ME my job.  P90X - get ready.  I'm coming back.