Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cross your fingers

......because I think my computer is FIXED.

I worked on it for hours.

I won't go through what I did step by step because that, too, would take hours.

But hey, I'm typing.  And not seeing the spinning beach ball of death!  So that's good.

The true test will be if I can get into my photos.  I'm almost "scared" to try.

Meanwhile, I've missed you, blog.  I have so much to talk about:

Edward Snowden _ I'm obsessed with this story

Paula Deen - what in the world?  I still can't.............. wow

Husbands - I still have mind

Children - I survived THREE graduations this spring

Pets - My dog had surgery.  We were worried about him for about a week but now he's back to normal.

Fashion, shopping, housekeeping, vacations, eating, exercise, dust, .............. the lists goes on and on!

Happy to be back.

Come on Betsy, hang in there another year.  Then maybe I can upgrade to a newer computer


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hard to blog when.....

I'm experiencing major computer problems.

I think old betsy is suffering through her final days.

And to think I lived 25 years on this Earth without a personal computer.  Mind boggling.

The silver lining is while my computer is in the shop I will have time to design a whole new blog.  And I am ready.  It's been fun making notes and jotting down ideas.  I love a new project!


This morning Betsy seems to be feeling well.  She hasn't frozen or hesitated.  Okay maybe she's hesitated.  I'm just glad I'm online.

So Ironman and I survived the Graduations.  Remember, I had 3 graduates.  And then the following weekend my nephew was married and we drove 6 hours to the ceremony.  The following weekend we were so tired.  I haven't been that tired since I was caring for a newborn.  Now that is tired.  I think yesterday we finally agreed that we felt recovered.  Back to normal tiredness.

My new fangled blog will have a "what's new with you" day.
So for now I'm going to tell you something new.  IN fact, I haven't told anybody!  So you are the first to know.  Aren't you lucky?

Here goes:  I am in a secret email relationship with Kit Horton Caldicott.  Do you know her?  Her brother is Tony Horton of P90X fame.  She has a blog:  And her primary focus is women in their 40s and 50s.  Bingo!  I read a few blog posts and was inspired  So I commented.  And she emailed me back!  So much fun.  Do you find it's easier to ask questions of someone you can't see? And they can't see you?  She is happy to help.
Here are a few questions I asked:

Should you eat low fat or low carb?
I understand the clean eating philosophy and the real food (if it grows in your grandfather's farm...) way of eating.  How do you keep that going?
Basically, how can I lose weight and not feel deprived?  And in my 50s, with so many other things going on in my body, how do I do it?  Basically that's been my question:  HOW DO I DO IT?

And now she is going to set up a weekly phone call with me.  WOO HOO!!  For free!  I've never had a personal trainer.  EVER.   Nice to have someone willing to guide and advise.


The Engineer graduated WITH A JOB.  It was a thrilling, exciting day.  I was proud and happy and excited and relieved and giddy.  All at once.  He has already been employed fulltime as an Environmental Engineer for 2 weeks and got his first real life salaried pay check!  HE CAN PAY HIS OWN RENT!!  So exciting.

Dancer Girl got her braces off.  Had to have some cosmetic procedure on her front two teeth as they were not shaped in a way............ they were basically angled.  So she had a space that the dentist filled. Looks beautiful.

I.T. girl purged her high school belongings.  Wow!  She felt great doing it.  And she found some funny stuff.  (I forced her to save it.  File it. )


I feel like I should keep going since Betsy is cooperating.

Until next time.  Toodles