Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cross your fingers

......because I think my computer is FIXED.

I worked on it for hours.

I won't go through what I did step by step because that, too, would take hours.

But hey, I'm typing.  And not seeing the spinning beach ball of death!  So that's good.

The true test will be if I can get into my photos.  I'm almost "scared" to try.

Meanwhile, I've missed you, blog.  I have so much to talk about:

Edward Snowden _ I'm obsessed with this story

Paula Deen - what in the world?  I still can't.............. wow

Husbands - I still have mind

Children - I survived THREE graduations this spring

Pets - My dog had surgery.  We were worried about him for about a week but now he's back to normal.

Fashion, shopping, housekeeping, vacations, eating, exercise, dust, .............. the lists goes on and on!

Happy to be back.

Come on Betsy, hang in there another year.  Then maybe I can upgrade to a newer computer


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