Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things that bug me

It's Saturday morning and the house is quiet.  Finally.  Still, I'm a little cranky for some reason.
Here are a few things that are bugging me.  

My rash is back.  Yes, the doctor told me it probably will return and so he put a few refills on my medicine.  Well, unfortunately he was correct.  Nothing like chronic itching to make you cranky.

One of my brothers in law has not followed through on his end of the bargain.  It's a long complicated story, but basically he needs to make a few phone calls, pay one or two debts (which total less than $250) and the deal will be complete.  It's not the money that is involved, it's the fact that his lack of motivation is causing so much stress in the family.  And in my opinion, it's needless stress.  Why let it happen? He told Ironman that there are taxes to pay.  Ironman called and found out the taxes due are $200.  And that will be split 5 ways!  I mean, come on............... crazy stuff.

Work is frustrating.  I know it happens every October.  In October we all hit the wall.  We are tired.  The teachers are tired, the children are tired.  It's not stop go go go from Labor Day until Thanksgiving.
Many days I feel under utilized.  This is my 19th year to be a primary teacher.  But it's only my 2nd year at this school.  I"m ready for more responsibility.   I offered yesterday to do more and my offer was  - let's just say - not embraced.  It wasn't exactly shot down.  Just more like "let's just wait"  Well, how long do you want to wait to take down the summer decor and replace with some fall mums and pumpkins?  Crazy stuff.

8th grade science fair.  Oh how the word science fair sends a shiver up my spine.  We have until Friday to submit our topic.  Dancer Girl told her science teacher she had an idea to experiment which brand of potato chip had the most oil.  Science teacher's response?  "Alison!  You are in the 8th grade.  Choose something harder"  So she said, "I can measure the vividness of sunset and compare to the humidity present"  (My middle daughter won district with that project when she was in the 8th grade)  Science teacher's response, "Uh................ that sounds a little confusing and uninteresting and you have one more week.  You'll come up with something"  Ugh.

Laundry.  It never ends.

Dust.  Where does it come from?

Soap Scum.  How in the WORLD do you get if off shower doors?  I bought another product the other day.  Going to try it today with a Magic Eraser.  Maybe sand paper would work.  :)

People who do not email me back
 What is up with you?  That is RUDE.

I'll feel better when I clean the kitchen, knock out a few loads of laundry, have another cup of coffee.  Load photos onto this blog.  Take a nap.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. What on earth would we do without our virtual friends in the blogosphere. My advice take a break, unwind and recharge your batteries whether with a book, a bubble bath, a drink maybe, some good music and then get back to what you need to do (or not) it will still be there tomorrow.

  2. What is the rash? My husband has ezcema, and we keep trying different things to get it cleared up.