Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dots and Spots

Ironman hit his head.  He refused to go for medical care.  So a bandaid will have to do.  (we did get the bleeding to stop)

I.T. girl got a migraine during the school day.  She managed to stay and finish the day.  She said, "I couldn't see out of my left eye"  That is the worst part of a migraine - the aura, the blind spots, the nausea.  It's almost a relief when those symptoms disappear and the vice grips your head.  I said ALMOST because migraine pain affects you from your head to your toes.

I took Dancer Girl to the dermatologist.  We have been going once a month since May.  Hold on to your hats if you are queasy.  She had warts.  Yes, warts.  I guess she had been playing with frogs.  She started with a dozen spread out on both hands.  Today it is down to 3.  The doctor told us he was sure they'd be gone within the next 5 weeks.  So we did not schedule another follow up appointment.  I put the date 5 weeks from now in my smart phone.  On that day we will look at her fingers and decide if they need to be subjected to continued treatment.  

Speaking of Dancer Girl, at her last orthodontist appointment, Dr C. was not happy at all with her gums.  He said they were irritated, swollen and her teeth were in danger of being affected by her poor brushing skills.  I wondered secretly if she was a caveman.  In fact, when we got in the car I asked her just that.  ARE YOU A CAVEMAN?   She has an appointment with the hygenist tomorrow after school.   Her next ortho appointment is in November and I'm going to be sure her teeth and gums will be healthy.

That leaves The Engineer - he is working on a Senior Design Project.  And (drum roll) he got a job offer from Halliburton!!  He told us that he is not interested in working in the oil and gas industry.  Hey, it's a J.O.B.!  Does the boy know there are few jobs in this economy?    He doesn't have to decide right now.  He doesn't graduate until May.  But it sure was exciting when he told me about the phone call.

Then here I am.  Sitting in front of the computer.  Listening to the presidential debate.  
The kitchen is clean.
The dog is fed and happy and fat
The laundry is finished for now.
The rug in the keeping room needs vacuuming.

So is life.


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  1. Wow. Lots of windshield and waiting room time! I am so fortunant that my migranes are ocular. I don't hurt (ThankyouG*d), but I get the strangest spots and colors and flashes for a period of time. Poor doctor kept saying I must have had a concussion 'till he worked out what it actually was. And I think The Engineer should think long and hard about the job. Not saying he should or shouldn't, but like you say, it is a job, and believe me, that ain't bad right now. (Says wife of Husband just laid off...)

    And yes, life. :)