Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for Rain, Rain, Rain

It rained today.  It rained for the whole day.

Rain can be relaxing, comforting and pleasant.  But not when you have errands.  Lots of errands.  

The day started out fine like being pulled from the mud.  I was so TIRED.  If I had a dollar for every time I said that I'd take all of us to Walt Disney World.  

When you are a lower school teacher, rain sends chills down your spine.  NO PLAYGROUND!   So the day was extra busy and extra loud.  But we made it through with no problems.  

The errands began after the final bell.  Post office and bank, the usual stops.  What was that "ding" I just heard?  Are you kidding me?  I NEED GAS?  Just great.   If there's one thing I cannot stand to do is fill the tank.   The smell and the crowd and the $ - I avoid it if I can.  I sweet talk Ironman into filling my tank every chance I get.  Years ago I told my friends the man I marry only has to do 2 things:  take out the trash and FILL UP MY CAR.  And I meant it.  Sorta.  But this time there was no procrastinating.  I had to get gas in the rain.  Why do gas stations have so many puddles?  I had to actually roll up my pant legs.  I didn't get soaking wet but close.

The big news:  Dancer Girl and I stopped off and purchased a new phone for her.  She already had a cell phone but it's time for an upgrade and I wanted her to have a reliable phone for her school trip next week.    She didn't really need a new phone, I just wanted her to have one.

My friends at work had told me more than once to purchase the phone at Best Buy because they replace broken phones for free.  Well, that's where we went.  The protection plan is $14.99 a month.  Pay that and they'll replace your phone for free.  You do the math

It was still raining as we drove home from the restaurant.  Oh yes, we stopped off for barbecue, too.  Mainly because the restaurant had an empty parking lot.   I needed to eat in peace and quiet.

If all the raindrops were lollipops and lemon drops, oh what a rain it would be!


  1. Well, save for the money lost at the gas tank, it sounded like a pretty good day. I love to lay in bed and read on rainy days.

  2. I'm with Jaye: I love reading on rainy days.

    Hope you have a sunny weekend!

  3. Thanks. I've had a sunny weekend. In the '60s!! So it's been beautiful. Just what I needed. Hope your weekend is sunny, too.