Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Values

Letter V.  That's a tough one.  I thought of many V words that I could use for today's post.

Vacation?  No, I'm too tired to even think about it.  Too tired to pack and plan.

Vivacious?  I did think about that one.  But I don't feel vivacious.  And neither does anyone I saw today.  It's getting hot, people.  Humid and hot.

Victory?  No..........

And then I was standing with a coworker today when a friend walked up and asked about "THE BOOK"  You know the one......... the one I discussed yesterday.  Seems coworker had mentioned to friend that THE BOOK was hidden in her room if she'd like to take it home to read.  Friend searched the room.  Book was hidden, well hidden.

Now, if you have to HIDE the crazy thing........... does that give you pause?  

What are your values?

And that's where it hit me.  V is for Values.

Nope.  Not a prude am I.  But there are some things that just cross the line for me.  Listen, there are plenty of shades of gray (more than 50) but when it comes to certain things the word is a stark black and white.

Even when no one is looking, I will still do my assigned work.
Even when I know no one will  check the portfolio assessments, I work to kept them accurate and up to date
Even when I'm not expecting company, I have a clean house.
**Speaking of that, did you see Hoarders Sunday night?   It was a shocker.


Treat other with kindness.
Be gentle with other's feelings.
Tell the truth.
Remember that silence is golden.  (never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.  Works 95% of the time.  )
Do your best.
Listen more, talk less.
Be helpful.
Encourage others.

CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS.  Sorry, got carried away.  Just had to let it out.

I'm tired today.  We are all tired.  And cranky!  Wow.  So cranky.

Maybe I do need a vacation.


  1. Your List of Values can also be called a few Golden Rules. Hopefully we learn those young and carry them with us always...if not your emphasized one CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS becomes the most used of all. Well done. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal. I appreciate your comment....Sue

    1. Hey Sue - thanks for stopping by. From your Louisiana Neighbor!

  2. Value - a lot of values are lost in today's society and we have to fight to keep them in. Good post even though you are tired.

    1. Dog Tired! But yes, I've been frustrated with the lack of values lately. Have you seen the new State Farm ad? With the two men talking on the phone? I was stunned the first time I saw it. Values are down the drain with that one.

      Thanks for your comments. On to letter W!!

      P.S. I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off. I just need some rest!

  3. I had missed yesterday's post, so I read it. Then I had to look a plot outline. Then I went and washed my hands. Seriously, I suppose that I agree3 with you, if she is worried about who might see it, be her daughter, boss, or some stranger on the bus, why is she reading it?

    I agree with the list of values, the listen more, talk less reminds me of a bumper sticker on friend's car. She raises dogs, and it reads "Wag more, bark less."

    Words to live by, in either form...


    1. Cat - that is exactly how I feel about THE BOOK. I feel sad that the story has become so popular. I saw on the news they are calling it "Mommy porn" Well, this Mommy is not interested!

      I laughed at the bumper sticker. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for one of those!

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. This is a good V word. I agree with your list, especially "Remember that silence is golden." I think we're all probably guilty of speaking too quickly, before we have had time to really think.

    I need a vacation, too!

  5. Great list. We all need to listen more, talk less!

  6. Thanks, Jenny. I'm going to try to remember that myself.