Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mom is Home Alone

Today was the day.  I've been excited about it for a week.  I've been looking forward to it, plotting and planning, and holding my breath. Bad weather could have blocked it.  A sore throat and missed day of school almost derailed it.  

 It doesn't happen very often.  And I was looking forward to it.

 I was going to be home alone for a couple of hours!  

Does that sound boring to you?  or lonely?  Well let me tell you, it's neither of those things for me.  I relished the thought.  

And it happened.  Ironman left the house early.   I.T. Girl left about 8am.  And Dancer Girl left about 10am.  And so from 10am until 1pm I was HOME ALONE!!  

Ahhhh the house was so quiet.  Peaceful and quiet.  

Love, love, love having time alone at home.

What did I do?  

I cleaned up my house!!!!   It's actually quiet enjoyable to me.  I started upstairs and worked my way down.  Laundry, bathrooms, changed linens, vacuumed every single room, shined every single mirror.  

Yes, I could have painted my toenails.  I could have watched a movie.  I could have taken a nap!  

I like to keep house.  And it's so much easier to clean when you are alone.  When things are clean and tidy and sparkling I am more relaxed and peaceful.

I guess I'm officially............... settled.  Did you think I was going to say "over the hill?"


What do you like to do when you have a few hours alone at home?


  1. I love being home alone, but the closest I get is when the hubby is at work and the kids are napping. I love to read and write when I have the house to myself, but I usually end up doing laundry or cleaning up. Ah, the mom's life! :)

    Enjoyed your post!

  2. I clean the house too! My favorite day is a weekday I have off, kids at school, hubby at work, and I can clean the house top to bottom and still have a little time to sit and enjoy it while it's at it's freshest. A clean house calms me, and I'm totally okay with that!