Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty.  Yes, today is the day I'm going to get a few things off my chest.  It's been building up for a while and I just need to let it all out.  So if you are easily offended, please don't read this.  Or at least don't TELL me how offended you are.  I am in no mood, people.

Up first:  Annoying Coworkers.  OH MY GOSH my school is infested with them.

To: Miss "I'm the only woman who has ever been pregnant so feel free to gaze"  Your smug expression does not make you likable.  Do you even try to be pleasant?  Don't correct me on one more thing or I'm going to blow.  I'm old enough to be your  mother, have 15 years more experience than you, and I've known dozens of pregnant ladies.  Shoot, I've been pregnant!  Get some rest, have a healthy baby, and stay away from me.

To:  Miss "I'm Good At It All"  Honey..........  let's face reality.  Where should I begin?  Your marriage?  Your children?  Your finances?  Your home keeping skills?  YOUR CLASSROOM?  Ugh woman.  Someone told me "she's a train wreck, and we all just take care of her"  Well, thank goodness you do have good friends to take care of you.  I am so tired of having to politely listen to your tales of mountains climbed when I know that you are tripping over painted lines.  I will help but I will not enable.

To:  The two women who make little jabbing comments to me about my Christianity.  What is up with that?  Yes, I'm a Christian.  I have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have a enjoyable and inspirational church family.  I am a church goer and have been since I was a child.  I fall short every day, but I do strive to do it all for the glory of the One who made me.  What I don't do is preach.  I don't pontificate or even talk about my faith, really.  But wowza.  Once it became known that I'm Christian, the comments from others were undeserved and unexpected.  I know you would never, ever make a comment about a Muslim or a Hindu.  We have all religions represented by the families in our school.   Please do not make any more stupid remarks about "church".  I had 2 ladies talking about their Easter Sunday Menu and one turned to me and said, "Oh, you'll be a church" with a snide sound.  I simply smiled and said "Yes"  Do they think we won't eat on Sunday?  I really felt insulted.  So, the attitude needs to stop now.

Along those same lines, there are certain personal decisions I have made about my behavior that are for me and me alone.  I just decided.  And that was that. You are free to make your own decisions.  And your choices are none of my business.  As mine are none of yours, thank you very much.  Case in point:   I do not drink alcohol.  Now, do I care if you drink?  Uh, nope.  Not unless you're driving!  It was a struggle back in high school to be the one who abstained.  I thought I was past it.  Suddenly I'm facing that discrimination again.  What in the world is up with that?  And frankly, if you're drinking and drinking every single night maybe you need to taper off a bit.  And don't talk to me about it every day. I'm not interested.

I know these blog posts are supposed to be short.  But I have a couple more.

What is text etiquette?  When you text someone............... should you expect a reply?  Or at the very least, an acknowledgement that the text was received?  I realize it won't be immediate and may, in fact, be several hours.  But I know eventually Miss Important will notice she has a text.

Same with emails.  Personal emails I'm talking about

I am SICK of being ignored.  At least send me a short comment in return.  When you have time.  Idiot.

The last down and dirty gripe I have is to all the stupid women I know.  My mother used to say there is nothing worse than a stupid woman.

Here is an exchange that happened just today.  First, a little background.  I am a teacher.  I have a student who brings his lunch from home.  I usually open his lunch, takeout the soy milk or the water and place it in the classroom refrigerator.   It's just a little thing I can do in the name of thoughtfulness and it's not a burden whatsoever.

The first time I did that, I put a big (and I mean BIG) note on the outside of his lunchbox. "My Soy Milk is in the class refrigerator"

The woman who comes to my room to supervise lunch found me to ask if "Bill" had a milk.  Didn't you see the note?  OH!  I didn't even see that!

So from then on, when I removed his beverage I placed a note INSIDE "Bill's" lunch box. And I also would remind "Bill" that his drink was in the refrigerator.  And he would need to help MIss Lunch Helper find it.

You got the background now?  Long story but it's my DOWN AND DIRTY day.  I warned you .

Today "Bill" did not have a beverage of any kind in his lunch box from home.
Lunch Relief Lady was in the classroom.   I say to her "Bill" does not have a drink today"  Lunch Relief Lady walks to the refrigerator, opens the door and says "It's always in here.  It's in here very day.  Where is it? "  I said, "He doesn't have one today"  Lunch Relief Lady, "It should be in the refrigerator"  She is almost arguing with me.
Finally another teacher standing there says, "Well, the milk doesn't fly into the refrigerator by itself every day.  Patti puts in in there. "
And the Lunch Lady actually said, "Oh........ really?   I guess I never thought about that"  And she wasn't kidding.  Trust me, she was not kidding.

Here's your sign.



  1. D'oh! I can relate to that kind of irritation.

  2. Patti,

    I hope it gets better. :) I guess every work place is complicated like that. Sometimes you can blow it off, and sometimes it really gets to you. Rising above it can be tough. I with you a much better week, and end to the school year!

  3. Oh, my word. Now, I know where all of my co-workers went when I retired. You have my condolences. Truly.