Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Noooooooo ):

I missed a blog post.

So sad.

But listen, there was just no way.  The day I had?  No way.

It was Monday, after all, and that always brings a sluggish start.  I managed to get to work on time and made it through the morning.  By mid day I had a pounding headache.
After school I found Dancer Girl in musical rehearsal and told the director she just had to go to the doctor.  She's had a cough and a sore throat for several days.  So she was excused.

Made it to the doctor.  Did the usual tests.  Conclusion?  STREP THROAT.  Well, how's that for mother of the year?

There is a cupcake bakery next door and after she got a big ole shot in the hip I offered to go by and pick her out a treat.  She didn't feel like it.  Now, that's how you know you are sick.

Made it by Walgreens, got the Rx, made it home close to 7pm.  Ironman had made some tacos.  By then I was so hungry and tired I could have eaten .......... well, anything!  But I was thankful I had real food to eat.

As I was falling in the bed at 9pm the thought of this blog and the letter "N" did enter my mind.  A crow bar could have pried me out of the bed.  I was wiped out.

I'll catch back up later today.

It's definitely going to be take out night around here.  O will be for "O, I'm not cooking"


  1. Hope you have a better day today!

  2. I hope Dancer Girl feels better! And you know, Patti, we all have those kinds of days so can totally empthasize - - - hang in there!!

  3. I wouldn't worry about missing a day in the Challenge. Lots of people have already bailed. What's one day anyway? Hang in there.

  4. That's a rough day! Hope Tuesday has gone better.