Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bravery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bravery.  Or being brave.  Being a hero.

Is it a fire fighter rushing in the 2 story flames to rescue a resident trapped?

Is it the innocent bystander that jumps into the lake to save a drowning stranger?

Yes, it could be those things.  And it is.

But in my every day, run of the mill, routine life, being brave doesn't follow those kind of extraordinary events.   Today I was thinking about bravery.  Thinking about times that I've had to step outside my comfort zone and put forth some effort.  It takes bravery because there's a real chance of disapproval.  Or worse yet, rejection.   I realize that lately I've missed opportunities to be brave because it was easier to remain still.

And so I challenged myself.  Step up to the plate.  Walk in that room full of strangers.  Volunteer.  Introduce yourself.  Ask questions.  Be an attentive listener.  Join the party.

For me that takes bravery.  I'm usually not bold.  I'm usually aloof.

But every day I'm getting braver.  And with practice, bravery becomes easier.

What little thing have you done that took a lot of bravery?


  1. I love that, Patti. Bravery is not necessarily bold and heroic actions. It's those small steps we take every day that put us outside of our comfort zones. Thank you!

  2. My daughter recently had to do something she was afraid to do. She's in 5th grade, so it's not that this was grand scale. She had a grossly overdue writing project that the teacher was no longer giving credit for. But, we had told her that she had to finish it... and that she had to turn it in. Of course, she was sure that she was going to get yelled at by her teacher and banished to the school dungeon for all eternity or something.

    But, she eventually did it... and as we were talking it over later, I told her that I was very proud of her for being so brave.

    "I didn't feel brave, Mom. I felt afraid."

    And I told her that's what being brave IS. It's not so much the knight hero with the sword besting the dragon at the castle, but that being brave is being afraid of doing something, but making the choice to do it, anyway.

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  3. What an interesting topic! Standing up for your opinion can definitely take bravery. A few weeks ago I got into an argument with a professor (who is kind of a jerk) and later on people in the class approached me saying 'I wish I had your confidence!' Completely unexpected and flattering!
    There are many different types of bravery!

    I am visiting from the A to Z Challenge!

  4. I agree with you. Bravery if more often in the smaller details of life. Soldiers and firemen and such are trained to react and respond to situations without much thought. Even everyday folk often jump to it when harm could befall a loved one or property. It's those things and times that we have the time to talk ourselves out of. To second guess that makes us have to dig deep and find bravery. For me it is coming back from depression and making the commute I make everyday to work. Out there with so many others flying 70mph. Especially one curving on ramp I have to take each day. I still feel queezy inside every time I drive it. But I drive it anyway. Because it is the shortest route and makes the most since. But even more to prevent myself from slipping back into avoiding fear. ~ Barbara
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