Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Turn Around

Dancer Girl is leaving on an overnight school trip this week.   So we are down to the wire on the "what to bring" list.

Yes, of course I've known about this trip for weeks.  Sheesh

For most of the day today I tried to arrange my afternoon in my head.  I wanted to figure out the most efficient way to get everything done that needs to be done and still make it home with my sanity in time for Dancing with the Stars.  Truth be told, I haven't watched Dancing With the Stars since the season Donny Osmond was on.  The only season that truly matters.

I got off the subject.  Back to today:

Because D.G. stays after school every day for middle school musical rehearsal (please, let this musical be over soon) she cannot go with me until after 5pm.

I could take a chance and grab the few things she needs for the trip without her.
But that would be a BIG chance as she's 13 and quite particular.

I also need to visit my vacation home  for those little things you can't wait for such as toilet tissue, milk and dog food.

Also on my list was my weekly weight watchers meeting.  How can I squeeze that in?

So much to do and not enough time.  But I finally figured out a schedule in my mind and was ready for the challenge.

Right when I thought I had it all figured out - Ironman comes home from work. And he is in a most unpleasant mood.  He sits down and asks me how my day was tells me immediately that he has to be out of town tomorrow.  And the meeting is early.  Which means he'll have to leave home early.  Not a happy camper is he.

My plans make a big TURN AROUND.  

I was thinking of asking Ironman to pick up the groceries.   Now I don't think I'll be doing that.  I think I'll just do it all.

My turn around plan:

I'll weigh in early.  Before the meeting begins. And not stay for the meeting.  I've decided Monday is not a good day for me to have a 6pm meeting.  I need to check the website. Thursday could work.  I'll let you know.  So for today, no meeting.

Then I'll pick up D.G.

Then we'll go run the errands.  I'll grab something quick for supper.  Like fish.  Fish is quick.  I can make a big salad.  Throw the fish under the broiler.  Something like that.  Everyone will be happy.

Don't you hate it when your plans get turned around?


  1. I'm a huge planner! And it really throws me off when plans get changed. I'm getting better about it though. It's all part of life!

    New follower :)

    1. Hey Britney! Nice to meet you. So, you are a huge planner. Do you plan your meals every week? I've seen a trend in the blogs I follow toward meal planning. I need to do that. Add it to my list.

      I joined your blog, too. Crazy but I can't get a photo to upload so I"m just a shadow. I need to work on that. :)

  2. I couldn't get past the "vacation home" comment!! I want a vacation home!! Anywhere. I don't care. It could be a cave. As long as it had a bed and there weren't any bugs.

    1. Chez Kroger. Ha! No bugs, but a lot of noise and crowded aisles. I"m with you. I'd rather have a cave for a vacation home!

  3. I get irritated when someone messes up my plans. I guess I'm a compulsive planner. ;)

    1. It wasn't so much irritating (this time) as it was exhausting. Those after work errands wear me out! Why can't everybody just do things my way????!! :)

    2. That's exactly how I feel! ;)

  4. I love your sense of humor. Visiting for the A-Z Challenge. Happy blogging.

  5. Hi, Patti: Sounds like you have everything under control. You should see my crazy schedule. But to keep it from getting out of hand, I schedule my fun stuff, too. Like this afternoon I'm meeting a friend for a walk in the park and an iced latte. Afterwards we're going sandal shopping.

  6. Nice posting and these are the times that I usually forget something. When I am being rushed or a sudden change of plans.