Monday, June 13, 2011

Books that you remember

 Why is this picture blurry?  I don't know.  Maybe I'll have time to remedy it later.
Confessions of a Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
Don't let the title throw you off.  This is the story of Maggie and her best friend from childhood, Olivia.  And what happens when one of them changes.  Was she always such a witch?  Do you tend to overlook that because you have so much history?  The ending is two-fold.  The story line of Maggie and Olivia is PERFECTO.  The storyline of Maggie and Domenico ends a  little too Lifetime Movie for me.  I've told more than one person about this book.  GO BUY IT.  DOWNLOAD IT.  It's easy to read.  Toni Morrison it is NOT.  Loved it.

I loved it so much that I immediately got her next book.  (This photo is not blurry.  Weird)
Seeing me Naked by Liza Palmer.  It has nothing to do with nudity.  This is the story of
Elizabeth Page, daughter of a well known celebrity-esque author.  Think Clive Cussler or somebody like that.  Her brother, Rascal, is also a best selling author. Her mother, Ballard, is the sole heir to a candy empire.  (Think Nestle)  So where does that leave Elizabeth?  The ending is, once again, a little too lifetime movie for me.
But that won't stop me from reading Liza's third book.  I hope she only has 3 written.
Review coming in a couple of days.

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