Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yeppers.  My house SOLD.  I've been so busy and rushing these last few days that I never had time or energy to make the announcement.

ladies and gentleman:  MY HOUSE SOLD

Offer came.  We bickered about the price for a day.  Then buyers checked "BUY AS IS"  That was the clincher.  As is?  You want this house AS IS?  Well, guess what - SOLD.

Ironman and I held our breath until Monday, June 20 at 4pm.  By then the closing was over.  The papers were signed.  And we had our check.

Wow.  I was shocked.  And worn out.

Last night it poured down rain for hours.  Ironman and I laughed about the office area at our SOLD house and how the rain will seep under the door.  And flood the room.  We always had to put towels right there.  I guess the new owners found out about that on their first morning.

NOT OUR PROBLEM.  Sorry, but it's just not our problem.

Ironman, The Engineer, I.T. girl and Dancer Girl (and of course, me) packed up and loaded up all the rest of our belongings.  It took Dancer GIrl and I more than a day just to pack china and crystal!  Did you know you can learn just about anything on YouTube?

Things I have learned by watching YouTube:

1. How to remove a security tag from clothing when the store fails to remove it for you after purchase.  That story is a classic.  Watched the video.  Followed the directions.  WORKED like magic.

2.  How to pack crystal and china.  Follow the directions and you can drop the box out of an airplane and the dishes won't crack.

3.  How to pack and load a couch.

4.  How to lay tiles.

5.  How to remove an old toilet and install a new toilet.

I could go on.  But this blog has more announcements.

Ironman and I went to the attorney's office and signed the sellers documents.  We did not want to meet the buyers.  No offense.

The buyers were scheduled for the closing at 3:30.  So driving back to our new home we kept watching the clock.  And....... finally...... the closing was over.  The realtor called us.  All was well.  WOO HOO!

We SOLD that load of bricks.

Now this was on Monday.  The Friday before Ironman and I had toured 9 houses with our realtor here in our new city.  The very first house we went to........ SOLD.  I wanted it.  I even told our realtor there was no need to go see any other houses.  This was the house I wanted.  She just laughed.  And we went ahead and saw the other 8.  Nope.  None even came close.

So driving back after selling our home Ironman and I were talking about THE HOUSE.  We called the realtor.  Asked her to meet us there again on Tuesday.  Okay. 9:30am.  Meeting is set.

We arrive in the RAIN.  The bottom let out just as we were leaving to meet her.  I even slammed my finger in the door.  Happened so quick - not sure how I even did it.  But I did.  UGH

We arrive at THE HOUSE.  Realtor goes to the door, turns and tells me "It's being shown to another family right now"


Ugh.  She goes on in.  Tells them she has an appointment to show us the house at 9:30.  I didn't really pay attention to what she is telling the other realtor.  I'm just staring down the WOMEN that are touring.  DON'T YOU DARE

The children walked around the house.  Ironman walked around the house.  I didn't need to.  I just stood in the kitchen and talked to the realtor.  Then Ironman joined us.  We talked numbers.  (Hate numbers)  Settled on a number.

Realtor left to write up the contract.

We left and went to brunch.  WHO CAN EAT??

My kids can eat.  The got pancakes and eggs and sausage............ugh.

As we were leaving the realtor mentioned to me she was going to call the listing agent to make sure there wasn't a pending contract already on  the house.  WHAT?????!!
That's why I couldn't eat.

About 15 minutes into our brunch realtor texted me to say everything was clear.  She was writing the contract.  Meet us at her office in 30 minutes.

WOO HOO!!  I felt a little better.

So we met her.  She had typed out our offer.  We signed and initialed and I was so nervous.  UGH  Sellers had 24 hours to counter.

By 6pm realtor called back with their offer.  They didn't change one thing on the contract.  Specified that they were taking the television sets (?) and added 7K to our price and................... I couldn't sign that thing fast enough.

WE MADE A DEAL.  In one day!!!


I wish I had taken photos.  I was just so nervous.

We are meeting the home inspector Friday.  I'll take photos!!

Congratulations to me!!!!!!!

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