Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have several blogs that I read daily.

The Pioneer Woman
I Heart Organizing
tatertots and jello
a bowl full of lemons

One of the things all these blogs have in common is pretty photos. So I need to save my money for a new camera.  What money?
I had an anxiety attack Sunday night while listening to Suze Orman on TV.  I'm 50 years old.  I do not have an 8 month emergency fund.   We had a little money until our house decided to NOT sell for 11 months.   I have consumer debt.  I do not have a student loan anymore.  Realized my son is going to graduate with a balance on his student loan.  Ironman told me that most adults our age are empty nesters.  They've already paid for their kids' college expenses and we are just starting.  I know we're just starting but the word "most" bothered me.

Women usually think I'm younger than I am, not because of my youthful skin, but because of the age of my children.  I guess they don't think a 50 year old woman would be the parent of a 6th grader.  What you think about that JHB?  Did you laugh?

Money is similar to the number on the scale.  If it changes, it absolutely affects your entire day.  Money also gives you freedom and choices.  So right now we have little freedom and very few choices.  I take it personally when the scale goes up or when the bank account goes down.  But b/c of that freedom and choice thing, our money situation is going to change.  We don't have a choice in the house selling.  It's not.  Nothing we can do about that.  I don't have the freedom to get a higher paid job because I still have young children.  I absolutely HATED coming home from school to an empty house.  HATED IT.  But I didn't complain because I didn't rock the boat.  So I don't want Dancer Girl to come home to an empty house.  

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