Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shaggy Dog

I once had a Shaggy Dog.  It was back when the Wonderful World of Disney show came on Sunday evenings.  Kurt Russell starred as a boy who turned into a Shaggy Dog.  Years later the remake came out starring Tim Allen.  I never saw that one.
But back to my Shaggy Dog.  I remember a few things:  I remember sleeping in the same bed one night a year:  Christmas Eve.  I remember sometimes taking this dog along but more often tricking the dog to stay home.  Or go back home.  As I got older the dog became less of a companion and more of a nuisance and then an embarrassment.   Why was I embarrassed?  The way the dog made me feel as if I was less important.  I was not smart or beautiful or useful.  Over time our relationship was neglected.  We changed directions drastically.  Shaggy Dog would get out of the fence and the world would stop until we found her.  Meanwhile I would remain inside the safety of the fence and my obedience went unnoticed.  Shaggy Dog would bark and whine and bark some more.  She would get a lot of attention from this annoying behavior.  Yet I would remain quiet and wait patiently to be praised and nothing would come my way.

I don't remember that much about my Shaggy Dog.  I only remember the way I felt when  she was near.  A few times I tried to reconnect.  Throw the ball, play a game, include Shaggy Dog in the activity,  but she was always disinterested.  Those games were silly and stupid.  There were more important worthwhile interests to explore.

Once Shaggy Dog was locked up in a cage.  It took several days to get her out.  During that time I was in my own invisible cage.  The difference was my cage door was not locked.  I was just unequipped and lost for a solution to break free.

I tried to find Shaggy Dog once.  I searched and looked and had others help me.  I never found her.

Today I move onward.  The memories of Shaggy Dog have all but faded.  I have scars that are healing.  I'm sure I will never reconcile with her.  I have no desire and know that I am so much better off without her.  Two ships that passed years ago will never meet again.

I'm feeling wistful today.  My house has not sold.  Another summer is upon us.  So much left unaccomplished.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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