Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair Bows

Yes girls wear them.  Or Moms put them in their daughter's hair.  And they're cute, colorful and all.  But the girls do NOT CARE.  When you are 4 years old and this hair bow is pulling your hair, and the headphones at the computer won't stay on because of this GIGANTIC hairbow...... well, it's just not worth it.  What's the deal with the bows?  I had somebody ask me that today.  I did not answer.  Because I don't know what the deal is with the bows.  Of course, she was confronting me about the lack of a bow in her daughter's hair and the site of said bow in the take home tote.  I was thinking, why even put one in her hair when you KNOW she's going to pull it out.  Plus..... why spend $35 plus on a hair bow like that.  Trust me, you can learn how to do anything on youtube.  Go there.  Type in "how to make boutique hair bows" and you will see how super easy it is.  The right ribbon, the right wire and the right clasp and you can make 50 bows for the price of one boutique bow.  And nobody will know you made them.  And why should you care if they know?  You should make them!  And sell them!

Why do teachers quit the profession after only a few years?  It's not the students.  It's not the paper work.  It's not the responsibility of the job and many times it's not the small paychecks.  It's the UNGRATEFUL PARENTS.  People!  Get a grip!  We put up with your spoiled brat all day and all you can barely manage a "hello"?  COME ON.  Wears me out.

I recently heard a Fox News Guy say, as he pointed his finger at the screen "teachers earn extravagant......... extravagant (with emphasis the 2nd time) salaries.  And it's a part time job!  They only work 8 -2:30"  yep, I heard him say that.  I was SHOCKED and FURIOUS.

Then later that night I saw Jon Stewart play that same clip and other clips.... and they did a take off on MTV Cribs.  Toured a teacher's tiny house.  Funny but sad.

Oh wait, I get summers off.  I forgot.

BTW, my house is still for sale.  It could be months until it sells.  I'm tired of thinking about it.

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