Monday, April 4, 2011


Wowza.  It's been almost 3 weeks since I've added to my blog.  I didn't mean to abandon it.  Life just got busy and I never had the time.  So I'll put one big post to make up for those lost days.

My house is still for sale.  Sounds like a broken record, doesn't it?  We had an offer come in last week during Spring Break.  We did not even consider it.  We did not even counter.  We just rejected it.  These crazy people offered us $65K LESS than the asking price.  Now I understand offering a low ball bill to start the negotiating process.  But we're tired of the insulting bids.  This was offer #4 for us and we have no patience left.  They could walk away angry or they could come back with a reasonable offer.  They walked away mad.  Their loss.

So our house has now been on the market for 320 days.  THREE HUNDRED TWENTY DAYS.  We never dreamed it would take this long.  Nothing is selling in our price range.  I talked to a teacher at work today who told me that nothing in that price range is selling around here either.  Houses with asking prices of $200K or less are selling.  Houses with asking prices of $1 million are selling.  But all the houses in between?  They are not moving.

That did not make me feel any better.

For entertainment (mine) let me add some photos of things I've been doing.

We went to Dallas to check on The Engineer.  And, of course, we went shopping.  I wanted to take a photo of every pair of red shoes in the store but I got a weird look from the sales lady so I just snapped these real quick.  Nope.  Didn't buy them.  I was shopping with Dancer Girl.  She must have tried on 10 pair of sandals.  Every one had something wrong with them.  Finally settled on a pair.  Got to the register.
"That will be $236.00"  Uh....... WHAT?  I don't think so.  That much?  For sandals?  For a 12 year old?  I don't have shoes that cost that much.  We did not get them.  She can get flip flops at Target.
I don't know why I didn't check the price.

We had lunch at The Twisted Root.  Now, here's the funny thing about this place.  After you order they give you a card with a celebrity's name on it.  So when your order is ready......... our name was Montel Williams.  We heard Pauly Shore, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Conan O'Brien.  Crazy.

But that wasn't the craziest thing.

This is Dallas, TX.  Home of Pres. George W. Bush.  He lives nearby.

So just in case.............

We sat at the Presidential Table.

The tables on either side?

Secret Service.  ha


Our table had a chandelier.

We didn't see George.  Or Laura.

But we did eat buffalo burgers, turkey burgers, chicken fingers and french fries.
On Saturday we visited the Dallas Arboretum.  Wow.
                                                        Flowers.  Flowers.  Flowers.
 Their Dallas In Bloom Theme was Fairy Tale Castles.  Here are a few.  This was the Beauty and the Beast Castle.
                                                     The Little Mermaid Castle.
                                                    Jack and the Beanstalk Castle.

Tomorrow I am going to the dentist.


I have a tooth that maybe needs a root canal.  Or maybe needs to be pulled.
I'd rather not do either.
So I'm returning to a dentist that has spared this tooth before.  Take another x-ray.  And get his opinion.
I wish I were on twitter so I could tweet about my day tomorrow.

And I'm also picking up my dog.

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