Tuesday, March 22, 2011

February Photo Challenge

Yes, it's March and I am just completing the February challenge.  The truth be known, I'm still not completely finished with this task as I had to order some larger photo cases. But at least things are organized and pretty now.

A few years ago I spread out all out photos.  The one that predate digital.  I sorted by subject.  And most of them were put into photo display books or scrapbooks.  But I had these left over photos.  They've been in these plastic boxes forever.  We always go to these photos for any kind of school project that requires .... well, a photo.  
The challenges begins.  I pulled out ALL the loose photos.  Doesn't look like many but it was MANY.

I sorted through them one by one.  And followed the rules of the challenge and threw away *gasp*  any photos that were 1. blurry  2.  duplicates  3.  scenery that I had no idea where ironman was when he took it b/c he is always taking scenery photos and 4. any photo that made me look fatter than necessary.
Here's where I must have gotten so involved that I forgot to take a photo of the empty photo cases as I sorted.  You can kinda see them in other photos.  

Photo cases:  $1.99 each from The Container Store.  Pictures fit in so nice and tidy.
            Then the case just snaps closed!  Bob's your Uncle.  But I couldn't leave it like that.  Just plain and all.  So I dug out some scrapbook paper and traced around the box.  Made a printable insert.

And now the box looks like this.  Ran the scrapbook rectangle through the printer.  Tricked it into thinking it was photo sized.  That way I could give each case a title.

You can also purchase a case to stack all your smaller photo cases in from The Container Store but I found it bulky and ugly.  I'm waiting for Michaels to put their photo boxes on sale.  Then they'll be all pretty sitting on the shelf.
Also, I haven't completely finished this project because I ordered 2 document sized plastic boxes for the 8X10 photos and the keepsake programs, etc.

The March Challenge is organizing your household binder.  But since I don't have a HOUSE to have to organize the info I'll just wait on that challenge. A place to keep all your paint chip information, wallpaper information, fabric samples.  Things like that.

The days are longer, people, time to look for a new house.  We have a human looking through our house today with a realtor  It has been 3 long weeks without ONE VISITOR. Maybe this is a sign that buyers are returning to the market.

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